Conversations with Saturn

Have you been enjoying these conversations with the Planets?! I know I have! Each planet has shown up in a way I haven’t expected, despite me working for them for years. How cool is that?!

And, Saturn showed himself last night, when I didn’t plan on channeling him until today. True Saturn Fashion, and as a promise to what we talked about, I will be live sometime today, so stop by and say hi! Even if you catch me on the replay!

Now to the good stuff: Conversations with Saturn


Katie: Hi Mr. Saturn! You are here earlier than expected?

Saturn: You know me- always arriving on time: early enough to be more than prepared for what’s to come.

I do love when you come prepared- and that is my gift for you tonight. Preparedness for what’s to come.

I want to help you make a  to-do list. With the Capricorn New Moon we had, it is all about self care through preparation for self.

What will best serve you for tomorrow Katie?

Katie: Well, I want to promote my workshop some more, sharing my conversation with you.

I want to maybe go live–

Saturn: Let me stop you right there. It’s about confidence, kid.

You see, Venus talked about love, Moon talked about nourishment, what I want to talk to you about is pride.

Pride in what you are doing and your accomplishments.

I really don’t care what you do as long as you do it with pride, integrity, and with what best serves you.

For those of you who don’t know, I govern over careers. If you want to know about your career path, consult with me and my energies. Whether this is figuring out your career path, or figuring out how to take things further.

A lot of what I work with is tradition- however, can I let you in on a little secret? Something I just told you?

I don’t care what you do, I don’t care if you are an artist, astrologer, tarot reader, doctor, nurse, chef, EMT, hairdresser, musician, entrepreneur, employee, boss, or whatever else sings to you.

I just care about how you feel about what you do.

Because the truth of the matter is, it’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be quick. I do not and will not promise you overnight success.

You’ll have to work at it and at times you’ll want to quit.

You know what will keep you going?

Katie: Feeling good about what you do?

Saturn: Exactly. It’s about the passion and the heart.

So, besides promoting this beautiful workshop where the five of us get to use our voices to talk to you human beings- Neptune and Pluto are next, through sharing these conversations, what else are you going to do tomorrow?

Katie: I’m going to hop on live and say hi to everyone and share why I’m so passionate about this workshop!

Saturn: and?

Katie: And I will also talk about my new Twin Flame coaching sessions AND talk about the archetype spread I’m so excited to start sharing BECAUSE I feel so excited to share them.

Saturn: But you’ve been holding back because you all felt like it was too much to offer at one time.

You were playing it small, despite the excitement you felt for it all.

That’s how it felt to you, and that’s not how I want it to feel for you. I don’t want it too feel like too much.

I want it to feel good for you, got it?

Katie: Got it!

Saturn: Good, because every single one of us planets will be talking about inner relationships where it is common to instead seek external ones. It is now time to shift this energy inward.

Katie: Maybe that’s what we are all ready for.

Saturn: You are.

And for me, and the lesson I want to teach you all, it’s all about the relationship that we have with our own life’s work.

Regardless of any external confirmation, how proud do you feel about the work you are doing?

Rather than seeking that confirmation through clients, bosses, parents, siblings, husbands, wives, customers, bottom lines, or whoever or whatever else you have to seek external confirmation from.

Are you proud of what you are doing?And if so, keep it up. Don’t quit, be easy on yourself, you aren’t a maschine, but be consistent in how you show up for you and show up where you are passionate and proud!

The seeds you sow today will provide the best shade for you thirty years down the road, and that shade will be so richly rewarding.

I will bring you so many rewards for how you show up for what you feel great about doing.

Katie: And if you are not proud of your work? Or if you don’t feel passionate about what you do?

Saturn: Shift it. Do what you are proud of and trust that you will be rewarded in this path.

Let go of the fear that you can’t do or be anything that you want to do or be. I promise you, as long as you follow the path of what you can be proud of, it will all unfold perfectly.

As within in, so without.

When you are proud, the world is proud. When you do what makes you feel good, the world does what makes it feel good.

How cool is that?

Embrace that you don’t have to see me to believe in me.

I will make sure you get your hard works worth.

I promise.

And Katie?

Katie: Yes?

Saturn: You got this. And so does everyone else reading this. My message is to each and everyone of you.

You got this.

And if you don’t know what you want to do, if you don’t know what will make you proud, have no worry.

We will figure it out.

And trust Katie, she knows what the hell she’s doing when it comes to helping you figure my energy out. However you work with her- this workshop will be especially out of this world.

You won’t want to miss it.

With love and pride, Saturn.

Katie: Thank you Mr. Saturn for this lovely conversation!


I was not expecting Saturn to come up the way he did, but I am so glad he did! This will be a vulnerable moment sharing this for me, because he goes through what I am going through, but I know he shares it for a reason. How we worked with me, he wants to work with each and every one of you.

I’d be honored if you’d let me help you work with him. To join the workshop you can go here:

And, if you are being called to have a one-on-one with me to talk even more about this Saturn purpose and pride, finding out what you are meant to do, I have so much passion helping people with this energy.

You can find my natal chart readings here:


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