Twin Flame Coaching

Twin Flame separation is painful because it’s not your natural state. 

Union Is. 

My Twin Flame Coaching is centered around one main philosophy.

Your Twin Flame is your divine mirror, in which they mirror back to you what is inside of you.

So in order to shift anything about your Twin Flame relationship, you must first find what is being mirrored about your relationship with yourself, and then make the shift there.

The Twin Flame journey is thus one of self love, using the mirror of the twin as guidance back into that natural state of union within oneself.

Twin Flame Coaching supports you in that process, helping you to see the patterns that aren’t as obvious, providing you with the tools and resources to heal and shift what is necessary, and giving you a backboard for confirmation, guidance, and strength.

If you are feeling called to explore coaching as a way to reunite with your Twin Flame in complete divine union, feel free to reach out to set up a free 30 minute discovery call and we can see if the support I have is what is right for you.

Not sure if you are with your twin flame? Here’s a trick you can try!

Find a comfortable seat somewhere where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and begin breathing in and out. Direct your breath deep into your belly, and extend your inhale and exhale longer and longer with each breath.

Now, as you are breathing, call in your highest self, your SOUL self. Feel their vibration, and allow it to lift you higher.

Next, call in the higher self of your partner, their soul self. Not who they are in the 3D, but who their soul is at the highest level.

There is a cord connecting between the two of you. Notice what it looks like, where on your body it’s located, what it feels like.

At this time, call in the energy of Archangel Michael and his sword. As you do, ask him to cut this cord between you and your partner.

Notice what happens.

Did the cord cut? Or was it unable to sever?

If the cord cut, than this may not be your twin flame. That’s okay. Thank Archangel Michael, and ask this soul what their connection to you is about, and what you are meant to learn from them.

If the cord does not cut, than this may be your twin flame. Twin flames are connected in a way that can never be broken. Often times it may feel physically painful to test this connection. Thank Archangel Michael for his help, and send your Twin Flame love. Allow yourself to feel love from their highest self too.

As you start to wiggle your toes and fingers, blink open your eyes, and come back into the room around you, allow this confirmation to support you along your self love and twin flame journey.

If your cord did not cut and you want to dive in more, message me here to schedule your discovery call.