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pexels-photo-556663.jpegHi! My name is Katie Turner and I help spiritual souls feel more at home in their own power through knowing who they are at their very core so they can honor that each and every day.

I founded Know Your Vibes Astrology back in 2015 as a way to not only help others but to also share the knowledge that I had become so passionate about.

I grew up a people pleaser! So much so, that I lost all understanding of who I was. I had no self! So I thought.

In the summer of 2013 I went through some deep trauma at the hands of someone I thought I could trust.

It took me time to process this, and at first, I didn’t even acknowledge what had happened. I just blamed myself. I started journaling around this time and truth be told, I was extremely harsh on myself!

At the same time, Astrology memes took off on Tumblr. It started with Sun signs, then it moved into Moons and Risings, adding in Mercuries and Saturns and Liliths and North Nodes and so much more.

Everyone loved it.

And before I knew it my dashboard was full of long description posts explaining what all these bits and pieces mean beyond the memes.

I was amazed.

These amazing descriptions. They were so true and important to me. So I went deeper. I went to google, I found my birth chart and I started learning. Each time I would find an important description that felt right to me, I’d copy it down in my journal.

I remember copying down an entry for my Pisces Sun. It said something along the lines of “Pisces Sun’s lack boundaries. It’s just an inherent quality of who they are. As a result, not only are they super sensitive, but it’s also so easy for them to get so caught up in other people that they lose themselves and often find themselves very hurt because of it.”

It made so much sense!

Then the description went on to talk about how Pisces also has an enormous capacity to love, but because those initial walls are dissolved for them, they love straight to the soul. This means they can see the best in someone even if they aren’t acting on it.

You could say that I did that to a T.

It felt like coming home to read that information.

And you know what was even better?

The post told me what to do about it. They said, “as a result, Pisces need a lot of alone time. They pick up on other people’s energy like a sponge, and so when they are alone they can just be who they are, spread out, and work with their inherent magic. When they are alone, they have no one else to please, no one else to be besides themselves, and that is a magical and crucial place for Pisces to be to get to know who they are.”

So I took the advice and applied it. I took my alone time and I bettered myself. I journaled, but no more was I tearing myself down, instead, I was breaking down the bits and pieces of who I was, through Astrology, and clearing out what wasn’t mine.

I was letting go of the people pleasing left and right!

I was celebrating who I was!

And I was loving it!!

Time passed and I got so much happier. I learned how to read energy, use my intuition, manifest, create magic, attract and have a great relationship with the love of my life and so much more.

I began to know who I was!

I healed my self and loved myself all because of the simple act of getting to know myself.

And it was amazing.

And that is why I am so passionate about Astrology and sharing this with you. 

I know that it’s not always easy to look at yourself and see the things you’ve always been missing, to face trauma and harsh experiences head on, but I do know that we have tools in the world out there that can help.

You will never directly see your face with your own two eyes, only reflections, mirror, and snapshots.

The same may be said for our own souls and power.

Being in it, we may miss so much. But when we learn to look through these tools, we gain everything.

Astrology is way more than your Sun sign. The revelations for me didn’t stop after that one description. After a certain point, I left other people’s descriptions behind and started intuiting my own understanding and knowledge and even now, I still have personal revelations every day because of Astrology.

The power in you and in this tool is amazing, so much more than you could ever know until you give it a try. Through myself or someone else, I hope you dive in, but I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be amazing for you to let me walk this journey with you.

And that is what my work through Know Your Vibes Astrology is all about. Getting to know you, because do you realize how much magic is within you?

My intention is to only attract those meant to work with me, so if you are feeling pulled, welcome, I’ve been expecting you. Take a look around. Come check me out on Facebook or send me an email at knowyourvibes@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

I can’t wait to get to know you and your power, and I think you probably feel the same way.

Lots of love and many blessings as you enjoy each and every moment.

Thanks for joining me on this ride,


Spiritual Astrologer and Authenticity Mentor

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow Katie! I think the Universe sent me here at the right time. I started following you because I’m intrigued about astrology but never really want to own it. I’ve always been interested in it to understand myself as well. I too, am very sensitive, however try to cover it up because we live in a harsh world indeed. I think I accept a lot of people because I break it down into their different signs… and why they react that way. For my self personal, I know a few things about my personal astrology but how did you take control of your sensitivity?


    1. My sensitivity tends to be chaotic. I don’t really know what my boundaries are until someone crosses them, but what I’ve found helps is learning to embrace the sensitivity in the moment so that I can figure out what went wrong. Say someone does something that I react to in a negative manner, I’m gonna use that reaction to let me know that something isn’t right. Either it’s something from my past that’s being triggered and I need to deal with that so it doesn’t carry forward (either by me healing or me asking the other person to respect my boundaries) or the person who made me react has some abusive behavior and they don’t want to change, so it’s time to let them go. Being sensitive is a gift. Yes, you get more sad more often, but you also get more happy more often. If someone isn’t prepared to grow with you and work with your sensitivity, then they may not be the best person to have around. A lot of this can depend on your placements as well. Anything water tends to take things in deeper, especially Neptune/Pisces.

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      1. True, I have understood that many times, but I must say I feeeel it quite alot but I don’t know how to act upon it lol and it just confuses me and brings on a whole challenge in itself. Not sure of what my Neptune is but I am a gemini born June 15th. I guess sooner or later ill figure it out.


      2. I find that gemini’s often struggle to deal with emotional depth, not because they don’t have it but rather because they have an inherent desire to keep things light and happy. My best friends actually a Gemini, may 23, she’s got a Pisces moon so knows all so well about trying to balance in her sensitivities. It’s not easy. If you’re interested, I do chart readings for $20 an hour. If you know your birth time, I can pin point more of where and how to deal with your sensitivity because not every Gemini is the same, and not every Gemini is going to be sensitive about the same things. If you don’t want a reading, that’s cool too. You could still tell me your info and I could probably point you in the right direction of what to learn about on your own.


      3. Oh wow! My cousin and one of my friends are born on May 23rd but I think they are totally different to me. I have done a birth natal chart before I just really didn’t know how to interpret it, so I kinda left it alone lol if I find it would you help me interpret it?


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