Natal Chart Readings

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Are you ready to dive into the insight and knowledge that your birth chart holds for you?

Natal Chart Reading

Who are you, how do you work, what are you here for, and what are you moving through? Tap into it all and more through this reading. This reading can cover whatever you need or want to talk about, or, we can just see where the magic takes us!


*Once you submit your payment, please answer these quick questions.

I will reach out via email within 48 hours to schedule your appointment!

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you need medical, legal, or mental health help please consult a qualified professional. You are responsible for any and all choices you make. All readings are done with love and compassion. If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, refunds will be given on a case by case basis.

“Nailed it, nailed it, nailed it. I was overwhelmed (in a GOOD way) by her accuracy to the details. Highly recommended! I will be back for more!”



Do I need a birth time to book an appointment?

Yes and no. A birth time is incredibly important in providing accuracy, detail, and insight, so it is always better when you do have your birth time. However, if you are unsure or just don’t have it, the next best option is to run your chart for sunrise. The accuracy won’t be the same, but the insight of solar houses can easily make up for that in information to help you know yourself.

How does a birth chart reading with you work?

After you book the reading, I take your birth information and draw up your birth chart. From there, I’ll look for anything related to what you wanted to dive into as well as anything else that stands out that you may need to know more of. I make my notes and then at the time of your appointment I will call you over phone or video chat. We talk for an hour where I pass on any and every message that comes up, answer any question you have, and let the magic of intuition take us where we need to go. Once the reading is over, I check back in with you to see how your feeling, to answer any other questions, and to summarize the main messages up. Once we get off the phone, if you have any questions afterwords when you are reflecting on what came up, I am available through email or facebook messenger to answer them.

What timezone are you in?

I am in Eastern Standard Time Zone, but I have a lot of international clients. If you need a time that is a bit awkward, don’t worry about asking! We’ll make it work!

Do you do readings that are not just natal chart readings?

Yes! Natal Charts are just my standard, but we can talk relationships, progressed charts, moves, business astrology, and so much more! Just book a natal chart reading like normal, and then in your email, let me know what you’d like to talk about. All readings also incorporate current transits that you are going through.

Does my natal chart ever change

Yes and no. Your natal chart never changes, the day you were born and the way the stars looked at the time of your birth doesn’t change. However, you do have what is known as a progressed chart. For your progressed chart, every year you are alive you move your birth date up 24 hours and it shows how you have progressed through life. If you feel like you’ve got a good basic understanding of who you are, your progressed chart can be a great avenue to take that even farther!

I’m not in the US or local to you, can you still read my chart? 

Yes! I love my clients who are around the world! Just let me know where you are from and we’ll do a facebook or Skype phone call instead of standard phone services.

Can I get a written reading or a recorded reading that isn’t done live?

Yes! I only do them by special request so if you are interested, please send me a message and let me know!

“Katie is an extremely blessed and gifted individual. Her messages for me were bang on without a doubt. She was open, clear, patient and kind. I am so glad we were brought together. Thank you so much Katie.”


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