Thriving Mercury Retrograde

YES, she really said that about Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde starts June 18th, 2020!

STOP! DON’T PANIC! Mercury Retrograde is back again and with it, you may be feeling anxious and worried about what’s to come.

And I get it, Mercury Retrograde has a BAD reputation!

Missed appointments, miscommunication, and technology problems, schedule delays…

Make sure you backup your laptop 18 times, don’t sign any contracts, don’t leave your home, and whatever you do, don’t do anything important!

BUT Mercury Retrograde is about MUCH more than that!

The way I see it, each planet that is moving around above us is trying to help us out.

They aren’t mean, omnipotent, beings that only exist to wreak chaos.

They are TOOLS for our growth and life.

But what kind of tool is Mercury and how do you use it?

Come join ME and an amazing group of others in an Awesome, Insightful, Helpful, Calming, and Supportive Thriving Mercury Retrograde support group.

In this private group, there will be tons of information around WHY Mercury Retrograde is a good thing and what you can do to not only Survive this transit, but THRIVE!

There will be reflection questions to help you think things through and work things out, there will be LIVE readings to help you gain clarity, insight, and guidance on what you are moving through and how you should do it, tasks you can do to help you avoid the more surface level symptoms, and Q&A’s throughout the transit so you can ask all you need to ask and receive the answers you need.

Can’t wait to join?

Want to hear the best part?

It’s only $35!

Join down below, I’ll add you to the group, and get THRIVING!

If you have any questions, you can email me at or message me at

Thriving Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Support Group, don’t just survive Mercury Retrograde. THRIVE.


Mercury Retrograde gets a bad wrap. We all think it causes chaos or that it’s utter BS. Doesn’t matter which one you think it is, this group provided support from Katie and the community during that time. It helped me slow down and focus on inner work so that I can move forward in life with more conviction. Did the communication bugs happen (which is what it’s known for)? Yes. But this helped me laugh through what may have been frustrating in the past surrounding them and so much more. Thank you Katie!”