Conversations with the Moon

Conversations with the Planets.. The Moon – La Luna

Katie: Good Evening Mr. Moon! What messages do you have for me to share with everyone tonight?

Moon: Good evening my beautiful daughter Katie. Venus started us off by talking about the relationship within- and I would love to continue that conversation myself tonight.

Katie: What kind of relationship within do you want to talk about?

Moon: The relationship that is most often sought outwardly through the relationship with the mother- the relationship of inner nurturance.

As you may know, I guide those who look up to my light through the inner knowing of the different phases of emotions and emotional needs.

We all have so many different phases and faces, yet they are all simple. They are all about nurturing.

From a young age, you realize that you are dependent on someone external from who you are, usually the mother, to meet your needs.

When you were hungry, you cried.
When you were tired, you cried.
When you were scared, you cried.
When you needed your diaper changed, you cried.

And each time you cried, you were tended to.

You learned that no matter what you need, the answer is only a short cry away.

Katie: But then what happened?

Moon: You grew up.

It wasn’t overnight, though to some it may have felt that way. Slowly but surely, you grew.

You were no longer dependent on the breast for the milk of life. You were no longer dependent on the parent to put you to bed or change your nappy.

You may have needed them to cook your meals for you, make sure you have a roof over your head, and help you get your education. Perhaps they still even comforted you when you were scared.

But your needs changed, and so did your voice.

You no longer had to call out and cry to have your needs met.

All you had to do was simply ask.

Katie: and then?

Moon: You grew some more, and some more, and even a little bit more.

And no longer did you need your mother or your father or your caregiver to show up for you and your needs.

You didn’t need to cry out or speak up- you simply needed to meet your needs yourself.

Katie: But?

Moon: But it didn’t always feel that simple.

You had to navigate and balance, fulfilling your needs and meeting your needs without pushing yourself to create even more needs.

Your need for rest, and your need for a roof over your head and food in your belly. A need for connection, and inward journeying.

You had to bring more discipline, focus, and planning into meeting your needs.

And then, there was the figuring out what you needed, especially on an emotional level.

You didn’t have to know what you were crying for for your parent to know you needed your bottle.

But what about what you are crying for right now?

Do you know what you are needing in this moment, this moment of feeling sad, alone, or just simply off?

There has been a disconnect created. There is a powerful need to return inward for this nurturance relationship.

By having your needs fulfilled for so long externally, you are finding yourself having to learn how to navigate meeting your needs internally.

It is new and unfamiliar territory, but it is so important to do.

And that is what I am here to do. I am here to bridge this gap. I am here to teach people how to turn inward and nurture their own inner child and mother relationship.

I am here, through your work and workshop, to teach people how to quiet down and listen to the gentle stirrings of their most basic desires and necessities.

What do you need most in this moment?

When you cry out, what do you need?

As you are crying out, pause, and ask yourself, what within me is speaking up to get my attention?

Once you know how to listen, and then find the courage to respond, everything changes. You can start giving yourself what you need, when and as you need it, with the love of self-care, with the love and empowerment of self-nourishment.

No longer dependent, because you know, all you seek is within.

Katie: And when we are afraid?

Moon: Most of all, when you are afraid, I give you the courage to find that gentle reassurance.

I remind you that you will always be under the care of spirit, you will always be under the care of my love.

You are not having to turn inward out of abandonment.

You are turning inward because you can.

We are always here, and we will always be here for you.

But now YOU have the ability to give yourself what you need.

No more need to aimlessly wonder and wander trying to find the teat that springs the nourishment of life outside of who you are.

It comes from within, and you will learn how to nurture from within.

Provide from within.
Love from within.
Hug from within.
Support from within.
Raise from within.
Hold from within.

Even if your parents weren’t there in how you needed or wanted them to be, you can now be what you have always craved for yourself.

You can hold yourself from within, and as we were reminded of by Venus, as wihthin, so without.

When we learn to nurture ourselves, the whole world learns how to nurture itself.

And what’s not to love about that?

Katie: Thank you Goddess, Moon. I have one last question? In the beginning you showed up as Mr. Moon.

Now you are Goddess Moon. In what duality do you express?

Moon: The duality of all.

With love, the Moon.
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