Conversations with Neptune

Katie: Hello Neptune! I tried to channel with you yesterday, and you brought up a lot of messages for me, but I also found it very hard to do. There was a lot of uncertainty, and I know I wasn’t in the best place to offer a message or guidance for others. Is it okay if we start again today?

Neptune: Of course, but we are going to revisit or build upon what happened yesterday. I do want to reassure you, and everyone for that matter, that confusion you experienced is totally normal for my realm of energy.

Let me first introduce myself so everyone has a baseline of understanding of what we are working with.

I am the planet of the subconscious. I mystify and demystify. I both make things clearer, and make them more confusing to understand. This is not without intention however, because I also manifest.

What I use to manifest is the energy from the subconscious- what is below your conscious awareness.

This happens naturally and does not need any probing or direction from you, however, I am also connection to spirit.

I help you see what could be, the most divine expression of energy. The subconscious is of human experience, and so very often, it is not in alignment with what is the most divine.

Katie: Makes sense.

Neptune: It does, and what it also does is it creates this gap between what we know is possible, or feel could be, and what currently exists in front of us.

The bigger this gap, the more discomfort one feels.

Katie: I am familiar with that discomfort.

Neptune: You are, as is everyone. It is this discomfort that fuels people to escape or run away. Through drugs, alcohol, video games, fantasies, food, work, social media, films, get rich quick schemes, relationships, or too good to be truth paths.

Not all of these things are inherently bad, but when we use them to run away, it no longer serves you.

And what I want to do is call everyone’s attention to where you feel discomfort.

Where do you feel discomfort?

And, if you are unsure of where you are feeling discomfort, where are you finding yourself turning to any of the above mentioned outlets?

When do you turn to them? What do you think triggers those moments of escapism?

I’m not calling your awareness to this energy for nothing either, I want to help you shift it. You are ready to shift it, but you can only shift it by running towards it.

Katie: Makes sense, what does this process look like?

Neptune: Well, let’s use what you have been moving through recently as an example. What signs, symbols, or messages have you been getting lately about the discomfort you have been feeling?

Katie: That there is a lot of sabotage energy, that I’m keeping myself back from the success I truly know I can have. It’s also about my inner critic, me believing I’m not good enough to do what I feel called to do. This has manifested a lot through escapism through social media, food, and my partner. When I know I can turn inward and talk to these parts of who I am, I spent hours scrolling through instagram, ‘taking care of’ my partner, or snacking when I don’t really need to.

Neptune: Perfect, and exactly. You are recognizing through the signs and symbols you are getting, what energy I need you to work through to get into alignment with divinity. Your subconscious tells you you aren’t good enough, so why not get in your own way so that you won’t be hurt when you can’t do it, yet, in all actuality, you feel hurt because you are getting in your own way.

The subconscious mind isn’t always logical.

And, you are aware of those moments where you can best rise to meet yourself and move through these patterns by the feelings of discomfort and the symptoms of running away: burning time, violating your relationship boundaries, and counteracting all the yoga and health positive thinking you’ve been working on.

Katie: Correct, all sabotaging behaviors in and of themselves, but I am getting better at it. I’ve been noticing when it happens, and when the discomfort gets strong, I have been diving in.

Neptune: Correct, and that is what I want for everyone, however, you don’t have to wait for things to get worse before they get better.

You are learning that yourself Katie, but don’t worry, it takes time.

But, as Moon, Venus, and Saturn talked about inner relationships, I want to talk about this as well.

The trick to push past the subconscious blocks and manifest a better reality, the trick to feeling better and having a better flow, is through turning inward.

It’s through taking the time alone and really confronting what you are most afraid of.

For some people, for a lot of people, being alone is hard.

You’ve experienced that too, haven’t you Katie?

Katie: Yes, I have, until I learned about how you worked through my Pisces Sun. Then, I started to run towards the discomfort.

Neptune: Exactly, and do you remember how everything changed? When everything changed? Why everything changed?

Katie: Because I had found true self love for who I was. Because I know longer needed to run from who I was, because I was proud to just stand in my own being.

Neptune: Exactly, and what did you manifest from that?

Katie: My dream career and my dream partner, two things I had been searching for for years, but haven’t been able to find, as well as a pretty healthy body that I felt confident and proud of.

Neptune: Exactly, it was when you stopped running from yourself, that all things fell into place.

However, with changes and new adventures, we often have to go deeper, much like peeling back an onion, like you guys like to say, there are layers.

You have been running from yourself again lately, and you are not alone. You have been working on it, and you’ve been doing a great job, so be proud of yourself.

However, my message for everyone is, I rule energy. If you are not satisfied with the energy you are walking around in out in the world, turn it inward.

Are you satisfied with the energy inside of yourself?

Because that is where you make the shifts and changes, just like Katie did, and just like you will do, or have done in the past. Just like she will keep doing, just like you will keep doing.

Sometimes you just have to do it more than once.

So notice, where are you running from yourself. Where are you frustrated that life isn’t all that it should be?


Slow down.

Go within.

Where do you feel called to understand yourself more? And then seek that understanding.

Katie: Exactly! That was the gift astrology gave me, it was a tool to understand myself.

Neptune: Yep, and that is what I am calling everyone to do. If you want to live a better life. If you want the dream life, job, salary, partner, house, car, family, passion, happiness, spiritual practice, body etc, stop searching outside of who you are.

It all comes from within you. It all has to come from within.

Start there, and the rest will all fall into place. As within, so without, but you don’t have power over the without. You have power over the within.

So claim your power, make the changes, and watch in gentle observation of how it all manifests differently.

Watch as things get better as you feel better.

The world becomes a better place, because you feel like a better person.

Isn’t that magical?

I sure think it is. But what do I know? I am just the planet of spirit.


Wowza!! Thank you Neptune for that beautiful message! You did indeed build upon what I journaled about yesterday with you, but with so much clarity. Thank you for your insight. You are truly a powerhouse, and your gentle reminder brings it all back to center.

I love you!

To join Me, Neptune, and the rest of the gang (Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto) on a beautiful five day journey to a deeper self awareness, just go here:

We will be taking a lot of what Neptune is talking about here and we will look at our own subconscious energy. Where are you running and how can you just stop, and be with yourself, love yourself, accept yourself, and grow yourself right where you are?

If you aren’t satisfied with something, go inward and shift it!

We start January 21st! 


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