5 Things You Need to Know About Your Twin Flame During Separation

Separation happens to almost all of Twin Flames who incarnate together and it can be a challenging time period. Not only is it full of heartache and sadness, it's also full of confusion. As you follow the path before you and do the Twin Flame work, what is your Twin Flame doing? Are they growing [...]

So a Psychic Told You They’re Not Your Twin Flame…

We’ve all done it. At this point, it’s like a rite of passage. Somewhere along your journey someone is going to tell you your Twin Flame is not your Twin Flame. And depending on how important their opinion is to you, or how much you doubt yourself, you’ll do your best to believe them. But it just won’t sit. In this article, I talk about why this is an obstacle and what you can do when you meet this obstacle on your twin flame journey to turn things around.

Different Aspects of Your Light: The Differences between the Sun and Moon in your Birth Chart Astrology

"Tell me what is more beautiful; how the moon lets the sun shine throughout the day or the way the sun lets the moon glimmer at night." -s.b. One of the easiest things to have access to in Astrology is your Sun Sign. It's roughly based on the day of the year you were born [...]

5 Steps to Get You Out of A Funk

Getting into a funk sucks. I’m sure you are no stranger to it. It’s honestly part of the ebbs and flows of being a human being. Sometimes you get stuck, feel off, or just need to shake something up. When this happens, you don’t have to accept defeat and just sit there feeling blah. You [...]

Jupiter Enters Capricorn 2019-2020: Opening the Door to a Beautiful Future

JUPITER MOVES INTO CAPRICORN, December 2nd, 2019 at 1:20 pm EST Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It represents long-distance traveling, physically, mentally, or spiritually. It’s a seeker of truth. Jupiter rules philosophy, knowledge, experience, wisdom, and religion. It is adventure and experience outside of the realm of your own backyard.  It often symbolises opportunity. [...]

Fifty-Five Questions to Help you Reflect on 2019

2020 is just around the corner, and to help close 2019 with intention, reflection, and clarity, here are 55 questions you can use to wrap up this amazing year! Keep on the look out for a round of questions to help you plan for 2020! Hit follow or come like us on facebook and turn [...]

Earth Grand Trine, Saturn Going Direct, Aligning with Trust instead of Fear

The Moon is now in Taurus!! Taurus energy is all about grounding into what makes you feel good, and letting it bloom like a thick garden.  This is highlighting an Earth Grand Trine we have too. Uranus Retrograde along side the Moon in Taurus means that you may notice what feels good is doing a [...]

Running a Spiritual Business Has Honestly Felt Like an Oxymoron…

Running a Spiritual Business has honestly felt like an oxymoron for such a long time. The goal of a business is to make money. Even if you started a business to make an impact or solve a problem, the intention is still to make money doing so. Otherwise, you would have just started a non-profit, [...]