Venus, Sun, Pluto Conjunction: Healing the Feminine

A couple of days ago I talked about the deepening and healing of the masculine. What are you doing with your action energy and how does your divine masculine (inside of you and out) need to heal?

It has been a very transformative time for you action energy, full of healing and clearing the way for you. And a lot of change to the way you do things. The way you carry yourself.

But on January 9th, it is going to be the feminine’s turn to deepen and shine light on all that she has gone through. (She being relative, we all have feminine and masculine in us no matter your gender)

In one of the first of many Capricorn powerhouse conjunctions in the next two years, we have the Sun, your light, life force, and heart conjunct, meaning blending with, Venus, the feminine, relationships, and beauty, and Pluto, transformation, healing, and deepening of your powers in Capricorn, future focused and maturing energy that encourages grounded, responsible, and ambitious energy.

Pluto has been changing your perspective of what is the right way to behave, to hold yourself. It has you looking more deeply into the kind of structure you have, the kind of structure you value. It has you looking at the future you are building towards and how you really feel about this direction.

Things may have dramatically changed directions in the past, but you are moving with it. Even if you don’t always feel so confident about this direction shift.

Pluto is heavy stuff though, so this may see you confronting more of your fears. You may not always like the future you are building- so what do you do about it?

What changes in who you are and the way you focuses can you make?

For starters, with Venus syncing up to Pluto, you can focus on creating a stronger since of balance. Have you been swinging too far in one direction? How can you go about putting both feet on the ground to help move things in the direction you want them to go?

Another way to create some positive change is to focus in on what you are attracting. What energies are you putting into the world, not necessarily through direct action, both rather your attractive force. What have you been putting out there that you want? What has your mindset been attracting ? Have you been letting the universe know your intentions? Do you take care to honor your own intentions? How can you bring more balance and intent to your energy?

Remember, Venus is more about attracting rather than doing directly. So keep this in mind in how you use it’s forces.

If you find you haven’t really been focusing on this energy, give it some focus. For many of us, it’s easy to rely too much on the action energy, the masculine, and as the previous post talked about, the masculine needs to heal from this! It needs the feminine to step up and focus on attracting more intently, and it needs the feminine to have more confidence in the work it does, which for the feminine, it means healing first.

It’s easy to discredit the work the feminine does. This is not a time for that.

This is time to reclaim all the feminine does, because truth be told you may be hurting and letting your self worth take a hit because you don’t think you’re actually doing anything.

But you are! It’s paying off, it’s just time to celebrate and trust that!

I see you and all that you do.

Do you?

There is going to be a real need to heal the feminine. Feminine is not exclusive to any gender, so we all have feminine energy in us, but how has this energy been hurt? How have you been devalued? How has your feminine been wounded?

Think back in your life, where have you felt hurt? Taken advantage of? Undervalued? Abused?

What about your parents? Grandparents? Ancestors?

What kind of hurt have you inherited that needs to be cleared out?

Tap into this and heal. It’s very much needed and probably long overdo. Journal, write, paint, express, cry, get it out.

Get it out! Feel it and when it’s ready, let it go.

And don’t be afraid to create from this energy. This is power. This healing is deepening and strengthening your feminine power. You take that hurt and you turn into something good and that is so powerful.

There is so much potency and potential in the air and energy right now. You can do so much with it, but what you do is completely up to you. So why not let it be something joyful?

Get creative. Have fun. Express what you need to.

Yes, we have all been hurt. Abused, raped, silenced, manipulated, controlled, and so much more.

And this sucks, this hurts.

This has created so much pain and hurt in our psychological and spiritual beings.

Yes we will have to heal it, you may be going through a healing process right now, and if not you might soon be.

Let it happen.

Don’t skip this step.

But when the tears have all fallen down, paint with them.

Smile through your rain, not for me or anyone else, but for you.

If not anything else, give yourself the gift of joy. The gift of love. Happiness. Even if it’s just for you, let it be for you.

Enjoy it.

Turn this hurt into something powerful.

Not vengeful. If you have anger, sure get it out, but this power isn’t about hurting and continuing the cycle of pain.

It’s about breaking free.

Channel this force to something new.

The future in front of you holds unlimited potential.

The moment right here and now will help shape that in a direction that makes you sing, by signing in this moment and by being conscious in the energy you feel right now.

What do you feel right now?

Let it out!

After sorting through all the rubble, what do YOU want?

What do you want for your life?

Have an idea? Even if it’s just a seemingly vague direction, work with this.

Set your intentions, relax into YOU.

Let it come to you, and trust that you are safe in this process.

Amazing things are happening. The worst is now behind you. It’s safe to heal. It’s safe to trust. It’s safe to go through this process and come out stronger on the other side.

When the rubble comes up again, because it will, heal it, but know that is not all there is.

There is also divine bliss. It’s not all pain and hurt. Release into this fact.

Trust yourself. You got this. You are so much wiser and more confident in who you are.

Don’t be afraid to lean into that. To feel what you feel, feelings change, so embrace this wave while it’s there.

And if you find that you are afraid of this process, find out why and seek healing.

What made you so fearful of expressing, healing, and smiling through the thunderstorms?

Great things are coming, all in time.

Keep doing you, you know what you are doing.


Want help and encouragement in this process of getting to know you?

Work with me.

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