Venus, Sun, Pluto Conjunction: Healing the Feminine

A couple of days ago I talked about the deepening and healing of the masculine. What are you doing with your action energy and how does your divine masculine (inside of you and out) need to heal? It has been a very transformative time for you action energy, full of healing and clearing the way [...]

Jupiter Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – The Expanding and Deepening of the Masculine

Jupiter and Mars join forces January 6th in the lovely and intense sign of Scorpio! Scorpio energy is the depths. It's intense. It's raw. It is something you feel to the bone. It's also transformative. It's walking through a door into something completely new. It burns the bullshit to the core, and leaves you with [...]

Uranus Goes Direct- Getting Clear on Your Path

Uranus turns direct today! Uranus represents awakening. It's like an earthquake, shaking things up so you can move forward in huge ways from just one small push. It's like a well timed epiphany. It's sudden, unexpected, and exactly what you need to know to get you where you want to go. For the past seven [...]

An Object in Motion – Mars square Saturn

Mars and Saturn square off today. Mars is action packed energy. It's new beginnings, it's bravery, and it's our force for putting our heart into the world. Right now it is in Virgo, which is detailed oriented. Virgo breaks things down into little pieces so we can accomplish them one by one, and end up [...]

Uranus in Aries Square Cancer Sun, Stepping out of our Comfort Zone to Step Into Our Paths

The Sun squares Uranus tonight, it is time to bring our heart to the universal shifts and go with what serves us, not with what stalls us. The Sun represents our heart, right now it's in the tail end of Cancer. Cancer is all about emotional security and our comfort zones. While the Sun is [...]

February 9, 2017

The emotional energy shifts into something much warmer and more open early in the morning. If you feel a strong need for attention, try to surround yourself with those you love as well as open up your own loving energies. Where yesterday's energy caused tension in the area of freedom, today will be a lot [...]

February 7, 2017

The energy shifts into something emotional very early on. Take some time to tune in to you and your own emotional needs. Relationships may not be flowing well, and you may be struggling to assert yourself in a positive way. Take some alone time to recenter and recharge. There's no need to be around something [...]

February 4, 2017

Today is a good day for healing, especially any pain that has been deep seeded for a while. Let things go where you can, only taking time to nurture and care for the things that matter most. If there's anything you need to communicate afterwords, energy is good for that too.  Late tonight, the emotional [...]

12/20 Horoscope

Overnight you may be feeling pressure from the future. Get to the bottom of what needs work and get things done. Later tonight your emotions may clash with your ego. Don't get carried away with any criticism, especially self inflicted. You'll be feeling pulled towards partnerships late tonight as well. Embrace the comfort others are [...]

12/19 Horoscope

Your active energy shifts early this morning from the rebellious temperment of the past few weeks to something much more spiritual and sensitive. Embrace alone time in order to tap into your true passions. For the next few weeks expect your mental energy to be a little off as well. Now is a time to [...]