Jupiter Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – The Expanding and Deepening of the Masculine

Jupiter and Mars join forces January 6th in the lovely and intense sign of Scorpio!


Scorpio energy is the depths. It’s intense. It’s raw. It is something you feel to the bone.

It’s also transformative. It’s walking through a door into something completely new. It burns the bullshit to the core, and leaves you with what is real. Sometimes this hurts. Collectively, we have picked up pain, individually we have been hurt. This sits with us, and when we don’t deal with the anger, the sadness, the rage, the pain, the whatever the fuck you are feeling about this, it builds up and it controls our actions and influences us in the way we control others.

When we control the world around us, bad things can’t happen to us, right?

Well, not really.

The real sweet spot isn’t controlling for the bad, it’s in positioning yourself in a way that if something bad comes up, you can deal with it, but you aren’t centering or limiting your life around that bad.

Fear isn’t a way to live your life and Scorpio is here to teach you that. That may take a lot of healing and internal work. You have to dig through old hurts and express your pains and then clear the way and move forward and this takes time, love, and sometimes grit. You have to be soft with yourself where you need to be, tough where you need to be. You have to work through it.

You need to derubble and break the cycles.

And with Mars in this energy, we are dealing with the masculine energy going through these shifts. These derubbling and tearing down and clearing and healing and being reborn into something new and powerful in a whole new way.

This need for the Masculine to derubble. We talk a lot in society about the feminine wounds, the mistreatment of the feminine energy, and that is because the wounds are so real and so need to be addressed, but so do the wounds of the masculine, and right now, the masculine needs to take time to heal. And to clear out and let go of what is no longer serving it.

Masculine energy is in all of us though. It’s not and should not be read as exclusive to men. It’s in everyone. I repeat, it’s in everyone.

Mars rules action. It’s protection. It’s making your hearts desires come true. We all have these energies in us, and all these energies are going to be worked with. To make your dreams and desires come true, you have to and get to work with the masculine energies.

Take a moment to reflect on the path you have been walking. Where do you feel like your energy is being taken adventage of? Where do you feel like you have put in with nothing in return?

Where have you felt like people manipulated your energy for their own gains?

How can you draw the lines? Who in your life took advantgae of you in the past? Was it your mother? Father? Sister? Brother? Friend? This doesn’t mean these people did it intentionally, but who made you feel the way you are feeling now?

Does that make you angry?

That someone took away your life force?

It makes me angry.

So what do you do about it? You draw the line.

If that person isn’t carrying their weight or providing something worthy of you, draw your boundaries. Say no. Say no, I have to go take care of myself. Even if that means going to play video games or hanging out with your friends. Say no. Reclaim your energy for you.

Of course you can still do things for other people, and you should, just be more selective in who you invest in. Scorpio energy is intimacy, and it is investment. So where do you see yourself investing in a deeper connection with someone?

If you aren’t searching for something deeper, protect your energy and action.

On the other hand, you can also look to see how internally you have been putting way to much pressure on the masculine, and that part of you just cannot handle it anymore. The feminine wants a lot, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to let your masculine work within it’s means! Feminine can attract what they want, you can attract what you want. You don’t have to do, do, do everything you need and want, so relax with the pressure.

It’s okay if you can’t do everything on your to do list. See what you can surrender to your runners, see what you can ask other people, your spirits, your guides, your angels, or whatever or whoever feels right to you to help you with. Let them help you with it, and in the mean time, take a break!!!

At the same time, Jupiter rules expansion. It’s luck and oppurtunity. We may have all been craving to step out of our own confines lately. We want more. You want more, I want more, the person over there wants more.

And who can blame us?

The question though is, are you stalling your more out of fear? Fear of letting other people down? Fear of getting hurt? Fear of bad things happening?

And are you forgetting to enjoy what is right in front of your face?

If you are, stop. Right now.

Work with this.

You want big things, you do. You have big things in mind and it is so time for you to go get them, but that is going to come from a place of building in the now, enjoying what you have in the now. And luckily for you, the going within to clear the rubble so you can go without and make things happen and enjoy yourself are at it’s all time easiest. This will be the easiest time to let things go and make giant moves from only a little bit of effort all year.

Why not take advantage of that?

Say no when you need to. Take space for you. Ask for help when you need to.

Clear out your schedule and loosen up on the expectations!

You’re human! We all are.

Go within.

You may not know where to go. That’s fine. That’s normal. That’s to be expected. Why? Because Mars and Jupiter both show us some unexplored territory. Mars being the pioneer voyage, ruling Aries, the first sign. Mars is the one to show up and say yeah, sure, I’ll go to the Moon. No one has done it before? We aren’t 100 percent sure what will happen? But we want to go anyways? Yeah I’m down!

And Jupiter, Jupiter is the traveler. Jupiter is on a voyage. A journey to learn more, to learn deeper, to learn about the self, about life, about knowledge, about experience, about truth. It’s the person going to countries on the other side of the world immersing themselves in a completely new world to learn something about themselves and this planet they call home.

Jupiter is out there searching for the truth. And yeah, people are already out there set up, and you are just visiting, but the experinences you encounter, there is no telling how it will effect (well, astrology can give us a good hint!) you, what kind of truths you will come to understand and how it will change your persepctive.

And add the energy of Mars in there, exploring the unknown to these new worldly experiences we are diving into, it’s not going to be a prebooked journey through a travel agent. No, it’s going to be something completely new and totally meant for you and your soul path.

This is about your path and all that you will encounter on it.

Jupiter and Mars are very outwardly expressing planets, they are masculine, so a lot of this energy is happening on an external surface. We are talking about real world action and movement here, real life experiences and consciousness. We may go inward and retreat because Scorpio is feminine, but this is still also about tangible, physical action and change. This change may come down the road, but we are still out there making it happen in this very moment by the work we do, both inward and out.

And with Scorpio being feminine, our journey outwardly is going to be mirrored by our inward journey. If you try to make something big happen and bypass the spiritual shift, your physical isn’t going to shift in the way you want it to! And if you make progress, you’ll just be brought back to where you first started!

No one wants that!

So do the inner work!

If you are running away rather than searching for the truth, the physical is going to get blocked. While Jupiter is worldly travels you do not have to leave where you are right now to travel the world, so don’t let your physical limit your spiritual journeys. They don’t have to limit you, so don’t let it.

You can and should travel the world through traveling within. Traveling through spirit, through soul, and through your actual fucking pysche. Go within. Dive, deal with the rubble and everything that is in there.

Because deep down, you and me, we both crave de, we crave connections with others and ourselves. We want to feel good in our bodies, in our beings, and we want to have relationships with other beings too.

What completely normal and expected desires.

And we do, and we will, and we can have these relationships, but to take them further, which right now, they are wanting to go further, we have to shift and sift through this internal build up of gunk and rubble and old world wounds.

What is it that you are ready to let go of?

What is it?

It is time to dive in now.

Want to dive into this process but aren’t exactly sure how? I can help! If you want to work with me so I can help guide you through diving in and clearing the rubble, click here or send me a message to get started!


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