January 2017 Horoscope -All Signs


This month will have you finding luck in your relationships and unconventional energy in your sense of independence. Use your ability to balance in the big picture as you passionately walk your own unique path. While you are notorious for being the sign of independence nothing helps you more than having a strong foundation of partnerships, so don’t be afraid to invest some of your energy into others. It’ll only help you even more than doing things alone.

Within the first week of the month, you’ll find that your partnerships shifts from an erratic and unattached energy to something much more reflective of your soul. Don’t be afraid to be more sensitive, especially around those you love. You may find both you and they benefit from you going within for a bit. You’re not going to be gone for good, so don’t be afraid of taking some alone time. Use this energy as an oppurtunity to reflect on the way you work with other people. Use what you have learned and get ready to apply it to the real world. It will really greatly benefit you in the long run.

Your own sense of drive and energy will also feel a little subdued this month, but you can expect your passions to be back full force and more ready than ever right before the end of the month. In the mean time use some of that personal time you are taking to reflect on your relationships and your independence. Clean house now because before you know it, things will pick up stronger than ever and you’ll be so glad you did the work.

You may have been feeling your mind has been kind of off lately. This will continue on, and you may find yourself focusing on future security, but in an introverted and unusual way. Don’t expect thoughts to come easy, but rather focus on the heart of the matter. Once you have a good idea of what the essentials of your future plans are, you’ll feel yourself pulled back to rethink some of your old life philosophies and your experiences. This is a good time to re-educate yourself, re-research, and re-discover any understandings that may later contribute to your big plans. Allow yourself to go on a mental adventure and take stock of what is at the core of the big picture. A little later, you’ll feel like your mind goes back to normal, so finish up any other learning and mental adventuring you need to do, before you keep moving forward on with those future plans you have. Pay attention to anything you’ve gained through your mind the first few weeks this month and how that contributes to what you build. When you push through all the temporary mental chaos first, you may find you’ll have an easier time pushing past mental struggles once thing are said and done.

About three-fourths into the month, you’ll find that your heart and your spot light shift from the same responsibility oriented, career focused energy your mind is operating at to something much more rebellious and unconventional. You may be feeling the pressure and weight of all that people expect of you and this is a time to break free from all of those expectations. Allow yourself to get weird, maybe engage in some of your social groups. Get involved in some humanitarian efforts. You may really want to help society in some way, and now is the time to do it. Let yourself explore a side of yourself that you didn’t know was there, and keep away from the opinions of others. It’s okay to stick out a little bit, you’ll find that people don’t mind as much as you thought they would.

Overall January is set to be a good month for you, as long as you step up to the plate Aries. I know you prefer just pursuing your own desires, but now is a time for responsibility. Things do eventually ease up and you’ll find that this month has been helpful in defining who you are in the world, so make sure to use this energy wisely. It’s a new year, and a new you Aries, and I can’t wait to see what you can do.


This month starts off feeling adventurous for you Taurus. You’ll find that you’ll have an easier time taking on new understandings about the world this month. You’ll be feeling optimistic and big picture oriented for the majority of the time, until energy shifts three weeks in to something whole lot more serious. Don’t be afraid to get down to business. Focus on what you want to build for this world. Let yourself commit, but don’t rush things. You know that’s not your style. As soon as you set your sights on what you want, you’ll have no problem getting it.

You may find that your mind feels a little off at first but don’t fret. You  may feel like you have to relearn or re-experience some big picture ideas. Rethink your philosophies now, before you get pulled back into some darker energies and thoughts a couple days in. Don’t get frustrated if you aren’t as mentally free as you’d like to be. Just focus on the psychology of the thoughts that are coming up. It’s possible you already dealt with any mental hurt that is resurfacing, but it’s going to demand that you deal with it again. Anything you heal this time around will be healed for good, so don’t get too caught up in the heaviness. This whole process is only going to benefit you Taurus because about two weeks in, you go back to the carefree energy of mental exploration. Let your mind lead you on new adventures and learn as much as you can as you go along, freer than you could ever have expected.

While you have a lot on your mental plate this month, your relationships may lose a little bit of their serious. You can expect some unexpected energy popping up now that the pressure is easing up . You’ll be feeling like you need to break free of the pressure that has been coming in from the relationship front lately. Don’t get too carried away with the change, you know how much you like stability. Try to be careful, but don’t be afraid of trying something new. Just remember to consider the implications these actions will have on your heart in the long run. Your own energy will have that rebellious air to it until it shifts into something much more diffuse right before the month ends. Expect to get suddenly passionate about things for a while. These things will be coming from your soul, so don’t be afraid to listen to what is calling you. You’ll have an easier time balancing in the realities of life, especially those concerning your relationships, so now is a great time to take care of any energy that needs work. Self-improvement will also be greatly beneficial, though you may be kind of lazy in that regard. If you can motivate yourself into even a little bit of work, it’ll go a long way. Also expect some powerful new understandings of the world to come to light. Let yourself develop what you are curious about, and you may find yourself in just the right place at the right time for some magical things.

This month’s energy is good energy for you Taurus, but it may just be much more fast paced then you prefer. Don’t let yourself get stagnant. Working with the currents will help you the most. You may find that relationships aren’t exactly what you want them to be. Don’t stress out, just focus on you. It’s a new year, it’s time to be the best you can be, so don’t be afraid to put in that work you know you can handle. I know you can do it.


Early in the month you may feel your relationships develop a more serious tone, Gemini. Maybe you start to connect with a strong authority figure or your already established relationships get some light from the pubic eye. You may be struggling to understand what people want from you, but all that matters is what you want from you. Take some alone time and ask yourself what it is you truly desire, and follow that. This may also clue you in on some big career moves that you may need to be making sometime in the near future. What and when is up to you though.

Your active energy spends most of the month in the same disciplined energy that your relationships pick up. Your energy doesn’t usually have a lot of focus, so don’t try to force yourself too hard. Have a couple different outlets that can build towards your future so that you can jump around as your energy shifts. Right before the month is over, your drive shifts into something that is deeply craving rebellion and a sense of breakthrough. Allow yourself to do something unexpected. Get involved in your community. Do something that gives back in your immediate world, where you shine the brightest. You are challenging the world in just the right way right now and you’re having an easier time acting from the heart and will get a pretty good reaction from other people. Now is the time to be different and provoke some change that you know you and everybody else is ready for.

Your mental energy may be stressing you out the first half of the month, so try not to lose your head. At first you may be feeling like you’re trying to focus on healing some deep psychological wounds that have been seriously effecting your mojo, but things aren’t going as well as you like. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself rethinking your relationships and re-communicating some much needed hot topics. Whatever has been bothering you from deep within has a source coming from your relationship dynamics with others. Don’t worry though, because before you know it, your mind will be moving forward again, you’ll finish up any harmonizing you need to do with others in order to communicate what you know you need to bring to the table. Then, you can go back to work healing all those old wounds. Try not to get too down in the dumps throughout all this, however. Your normally happy and carefree disposition will meet some challenges. Just push through it and you’ll be fine. For a while, you may find that your heart is also caught up in all this heavy energy. You will be going through a sense of death and rebirth, Gemini, but fear not because three-fourths of the way through the month, you’ll be feeling freer then ever.

Take some time during the rest of the month to explore who you are and to explore the larger world you live in. It’s easy for you to get caught up in what’s close and now is a time to challenge that and look at a larger scope. Let the big picture that you see widen your horizons and expand your understandings. This may be a heavy month for you Gemini, but you’ve never been more powerful.


You may be feeling like your public image and future security is a little uncertain right now, Cancer. There may be some unexpected authoritative lessons here to teach you something so even though you’re thrown off your guard try your best to respond with responsibility. It will really save you a whole lot of heart ache, which we all know is something you want to avoid. Whatever you do, you can at least be reassured in the fact that you have plenty of lucky energy coming from the home front and your relationships there. For now, let yourself build a stable foundation and let the future reveal itself to you. Life is a mixture of making it happen and letting it happen and for right now career moves are going to have to happen on their own. You’ll find that at the end of the month, things may settle down and you have a lot more energy for the ‘making it happen’ side of things, so don’t be afraid to start putting in work and following your impulses later on. They’re going to lead you exactly where you need to go, so don’t be afraid to build something big right now. It’s all within your power.

Your general focus is going to be your relationships for the first few weeks of the month. During this time, focus on fairness. Typically, this isn’t really your forte so try to work in the other sides point of view. Even if you don’t agree with them, you still have to work with others if you want to get anything done. At times, this may feel like it puts your home front in jeopardy, but remember that you have a lot of supportive energy coming from this area of your life. It’s okay to concede some of the control, it’s okay to be a little vulnerable. People will support you. After this, your heart shifts into a darker part of who you are for the last piece of the month. It’s a time of shadow work. You may be feeling like a lot of things you’d prefer to keep hidden and untouched are starting to bubble up to the surface. Do some healing work. You deserve it.

Your mental energy will be feeling off right now. You’ll probably start the month off focusing on other people and balancing energies, but things aren’t going as well as you’d like them to, even though it feels like things should be going well. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll find yourself taking a break to focus on self-improvement. Take this time to re-evaluate who you are. You may be feeling extra critical, but use what you are noticing to provoke change. Don’t worry about perfection, just focus on challenging yourself and growing the best way you can. That way, when things straighten out again and your focus returns back to your relationship front, you’ll have an easier time balancing in with other people in a fair way. Sometimes it’s important to know that we are the only ones we can change, so if something isn’t working the way you want it to, you have to look at what it is you are doing. Even if it seems like its other people doing things to you, look to what you are doing that may be provoking them.

You’ve had a lot that has come up between you and partners lately and you may have even experienced an end of a relationship recently, yet you are oddly finding a sense of hope through your partners. Let yourself adventure out into the world now. Move past all of that and work to gain a deeper perspective and understanding of what relationships are and who you are in a relationship dynamic. This is a time of journeying through the soul of another. Be careful to open up your mind throughout this whole experience, because despite how much you’d like to be great at relationships, they really aren’t your forte.

You may be feeling like this month is just not being fair to you. Don’t be afraid to open up a little bit and learn about who you are through some self-reflection and deep seeded healing. You’ll get through things, just know that right now it’s your time to focus on others and your relationship with them, not just your relationship with yourself. Do your best to be selfless, but don’t neglect the self. Be fair to everyone and you’ll be just fine.


You may find yourself focusing a lot on work and self-improvement for the first part the month. Don’t stress yourself over perfection. We all know you’re perfect already, Leo and the stress really isn’t worth it. Besides, the real strength lies in your ability to adapt and improve as you move through life, not by you trying to achieve a stagnant ideal of what you should be. Use whatever critical energy you have now to point you in the right direction. This energy will shift into something much more diplomatic and relationship oriented about three weeks in to the month. You may find that it’s a bit harder to shine without others around you, but you’ll also find that one-on-one dynamics become the perfect platform for you to express your heart in the happiest of way. Let yourself embrace your feminine side and don’t be afraid of love right now. It’s okay to have a little fun and be a little bit soft, you don’t have to always push yourself so hard.

You may have been feeling like your happiness has been restricted lately, especially if you’re worrying a lot about future security. These are some career defining years for you, but you can’t forget about taking care of the rest of who you are along the way. You’ll find that your month will start off with you focusing on rehashing some of your energy for the little details and that self-analysis we talked about earlier.You’ll start out rethinking how you do you, but then a few days in you’ll be called into rethinking your sense of fun. Fun is who you are Leo, so don’t be afraid to reconnect with this side of you. You can let loose and still take care of business, as long as you know that letting loose really is taking care of business in the long run, especially when you’ve been too stressed to do your best lately. After you’ve had the chance to rethink what it means to be happy and have fun, maybe spending some time talking to children or siblings, you can go back to focusing on improvement and work, but in a way that doesn’t make you lose your light. When your energy gets as fractured as it is now, it’s easy for you to lose sight of the entire picture. Don’t forget how bright your heart is.

Relationships have been a little confusing for you lately and that won’t exactly let up this month. Something is brewing from worlds unknown and you know it. If you want to get a clue of what to expect, spend some time alone and maybe mediate a little. Let your soul speak to you. There are things deep within who you are that you are ready to let go of, and there are pats of you that you are ready to discover. Heal yourself and you’ll find exactly what you need to understand your relationship energies.

You’ll be spending a large part of these month’s energy actively transforming your own path and sense of identity. You’re moving through the world in powerful ways. Go explore, learn, and understand. You’re never going to guess what it is you’ll discover. You’ve had a lot of weight on your shoulders lately, and it’s time for you to get reconnected with yourself and the fire that’s inside you. Shine bright Leo, you know you want to.


Now is a great time for personal finances, but be careful not to get too lazy with your money. Just because it’s always there when you need it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in a little extra effort and really rack up that bank account number. Your intimate relationships have been having some unexpected things pop up lately. You’ll have more energy for this towards the end of the month, so focus on healing anything that comes up and try to loosen up your grip a little Virgo. There’s no need to control your routine that much. Just work with what comes up and heal as you go.

Your relationships overall are going to get a lot more balanced this month, shifting from the previously more detail oriented and critical energy to that of harmony and love. You’ll have a lot of energy for your partners, however if there has been any imbalances you’ve been ignoring or trying to push to the side lately, they’ll probably come up now. Don’t get too frustrated when areas that you want to be harmonious are a little rocky for a while. You’ll get everything flowing peacefully again, and this time things will be much more balanced than they were before.

For the first few weeks you’ll be feeling happy and focused on fun, so don’t be afraid to bring this in to the relationship front. It’s a great time to let yourself get creative as well, so branch out and try something new. This will be a good time to create from the heart something that has tremendous longevity, when done right. Around the three-week mark, you’re going to shift into the same critical energy that your relationships just recently left. While normally this can be a hard time, you tend to do well with the analytical side of things. Just focus on improving one piece at a time. You’re perfect the way you are, Virgo, so just keep working to create the reality that you want most.

On the mental front, your mind starts things off with some backwards energy that is ultimately trying to communicate from the heart in a very fun and pure way. This may not be going as well as you’d like, perhaps your ego is getting too caught up in your message and what really matters isn’t being heard. Don’t worry, because soon your mental focus will shift to your emotional security. Make sure all your needs are met, and do some re-thinking concerning your home and your past. You may have already been feeling some strain here for the past year or so, so don’t be afraid to put in some work. Make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be to make you feel grounded and before you know it your mind will go back to normal and you can go back to fun and creative thoughts and communication for the rest of the month.

This month is a great one for relationships, though you’ll have to be on top of your game. You can’t let the idea of fairness and love slip away from you right now. It’ll help if you focus on having fun, and when you run into a creative block, try to rethink your basic needs. Do something that makes you feel comfortable and get in touch with your most vulnerable energy. Things will be pretty quiet on the career front, but you’ll find that you have enough personal resources to get you through this quiet period. It’s a new year and you’re not quiet sure what to do with it, Virgo, and that’s perfectly okay. We both know you’ll be more than fine. You always are.


This month continues the positive energy you’ve been feeling towards your self-expression. You may be feeling a lot of luck towards your own path, and while people may be attracted to your energy others will come to you in unexpected ways. This is a good time for you to address and balance issues that may unexpectedly come up, as you’ll find getting your side across will be much easier. The people who come to you may just be short connects, however you may find that you don’t really mind the level of detachment you are experiencing. You may also be feeling the pressure of other people’s opinions of you. Don’t stress. You may stand out a bit, especially in the relationship department, but it’s nothing permanent or bad. You may find, however, that early on in the month you get much more critical of your partners. Don’t be afraid to work in a little unconditional love. We’re all human here.

There may be some intensity on the home front this month, and for the past few years or so. It’s nowhere near peaked, however, so take some time to feel out what is stirring from down below. This is coming from a very private and hidden part of who you are, Libra, a part that you don’t let out all too much. Don’t be afraid to deal with things from the past that may help you with your future. If you aren’t making as much progress as you’d like securing yourself, check your relationship with loss. Heal what needs to be healed. You’ll be glad you did when it’s over.

You’ll start the month out trying to piece together thoughts concerning your emotional and future security. Don’t get too stressed. A few days in you’ll be pulled back into thinking about your thoughts in general, how you form them and the basic ideas that make up what you are working with. This is the time to clean house of any mental energy that may be holding you back. Take the time to re-converse with others, especially community members and siblings, those that help you learn a little bit about the world that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own. Then, once the energy shifts about two weeks in and things starts moving forward again, you’ll have no problem really focusing on what ideas you need to be secure.

About three weeks into the month, things start to get a bit more fun. Let yourself let loose. Maybe get a little weird and just live in the moment. Now is the time to let your heart shine and maybe do so with a bunch of other great people around. You may be spending a lot of the month being critical of yourself and your partners, so let yourself have a break from that. Nobody gets to where they want to go without taking breaks and having fun along the way. It’s all about balance, and you know that. Right before the month ends, you’ll find your steam for partnerships and establishing harmony with others picks up. If you have any beef with anybody that you’ve pushed to the side, expect things to come up now. Don’t forget about the other person though. There is an art to the ebb and flow of relationships, and if anyone is going to figure that out it’s you, so don’t get too carried away.

Overall, you have a great month for focusing on you, but also without neglecting your partnerships. Most importantly, you have to be careful with how you define perfection and the expectations you have on yourself and others. Try your best to work in fun and optimism while integrating balance, and you’ll do just fine.


This month is going to be focusing a lot on mental energy for you, Scorpio. While you’ll find happiness through communication, socialization, and learning there is also a heaviness and intensity to this energy. Expect your shadow side to come to light, especially the darker side of your thoughts and words. The good news is you’re no stranger to this energy, so just do your best to heal and move on. You may find that your mind is going through powerful transformations. Do what you can to go with the intense changes, using this energy for healing rather than trying to suppress and control what surfaces.

You may find that your mind struggles to flow at the beginning of the year, especially when it comes to basic thought formation and communication. Don’t get upset with yourself if you can’t think or speak like you want too. You’ll benefit greatly from putting in a little extra work in and carefully forming the energy of your mind. Shortly into the month, you’ll find your focusing going back to your values and commitments. Re-think and re-evaluate any ideas or notions you are attached to and ask yourself if these thoughts are the best energy to invest your mind in. If not, switch things up and find out what you do value. That way, when things go back to normal at around the two-week mark, you’ll have a solid grounding for all of your mental energy and any development of thought you have after this point.

Once you get your mind cleared up you should find that you have no problem having fun, and that you have a lot of energy for engaging in happiness. Let yourself embrace your creative side and live from the heart. You may also find that your relationships become another outlet for your light. Allow yourself to connect to someone else on a soul level. You may find yourself gaining a lot of optimism and perspective from doing so. You’ll also find this energy through spending some time alone with your own soul. So much of your energy lies below the surface so let yourself dive in to who you are. You may also find that you benefit from any healing energy at this time. As you go within, things will come up. Whatever is there is showing itself for a reason. Work with it and tap into your true power.

You may have some unexpected energy pop up relating to your routine, health, or work, especially at the very end of the month. You may be much more critical at this point as well, especially of yourself. Whatever is coming up is letting you know that you need to work on something, improve something, so do your best to incorporate what reality may be trying to telling you. If you’re feeling the pressure of perfection, try your best to not stress too much. True perfection isn’t possible anyways. This is a time of self-improvement, so just let your critical energy point you in the right direction of what you need to focus on and you’ll be fine.

Overall, this month is about your heart and your mind, so do your best to heal any energy that may be influencing the expression of these parts of you. Getting in touch with the soul and the essence of energy will also benefit you greatly, so don’t be afraid to expand your understanding of yourself and your soul.


This month may have you feeling just as restricted as usual lately. Just keep pushing through, embracing your inner discipline and developing a deeper sense of maturity. Now is not the time to avoid thinking about your future, so do what you need to now so you’ll be better off tomorrow. The good news is you might have some favorable connections or ideas pop up seemingly out of nowhere this month. Let these energies help you build up your dreams and secure your future comfort and position in life. Enjoy what a little random socialization or the meeting of strangers can bring to you. You may also be sticking out a little bit more lately, but not in a bad way. Whatever unconventionally you have, let yourself have some fun with it. There is nothing wrong with being different, and right now, you may need the outlet for freedm that being a little rebellious can provide.

Your general focus for most of the month will be on your sense of self worth and material assets, which for the past few years may have been going through some powerful changes. Perhaps you’ve gotten yourself in some tricky debt or have experienced a lot of physical loss. Focus on what you truly value and work towards building up a positive and healthy material relationship between yourself and others. Keep letting go and purging what isn’t serving you and then regrounding yourself in a healthy way. Make sure your garden has fresh and nutritious soil, plenty of sun light, water, and fresh air so that your flowers have the best foundations to grow.

You may also find that relationships become more important to your emotional security, which hasn’t been feeling so secure lately. Perhaps it feels like your connection with home has dissolved, so work to find a sense of inner mother in yourself, giving yourself what it is you need most while not relying on other people for providing what you need. That way, if they can do something to take care of you, it’s an added bonus and not something you need for survival. Take some time as well to let yourself go within and to connect with your soul, and maybe let your partner help you in the process. They may be able to really reflect something to you that you could benefit from understanding on a very deep, feeling level.

Spend some time thinking about your path this month, Sagittarius. Focus on what you want for yourself, what you value, and what kind of future you desire for yourself and the steps you need to take to get there. Let your partnerships reflect your soul back to you, and give yourself time to connect with the more personal and private energies that sit at your core. As long as you put in work, and focus up, you can unlock so many good things this month, so don’t be afraid to invest some energy in yourself and your life. On a big picture scale, things will be going well but moving fast, so just keep the efforts high and you’ll be fine.


Things may have been feeling weighing heavily on your soul lately, Capricorn. It’s crucial that you’re disciplined in taking time for your self and working with your soul and subconscious. Now is not a good time to avoid going within, or just escaping for escapism’s sake. Meditation, yoga, whatever it is you do to clock out from the world, engage in that energy in a healthy way. You may be going through a lot of very powerful changes lately. Your entire path has been transformed and you may be going through a lot of hardships. Keep pushing through, letting go of what you need to let go and you’ll get exactly where you need to go.

Your mind lately has been focused on those powerful transformations, but you may be having a hard time actually understanding what has been going on in a very direct way. Focus on re-thinking about what has been going on lately and try to come to a new understanding. Shortly into the month you’ll find your mind shifts back into a much more hidden and private part of your mind and subconscious energies. Spend some time here diving into your core energy and what is that your mind truly wants to share with you. That way, when things go back to moving forward again, you can keep going, full steam ahead, on your powerful path.

Relationships will move into a much more social and mentally focused energy this month. Take the time to let your interests fuel how you enjoy yourself and others. The past few weeks you may have had a lot more staying power, so don’t get frustrated with yourself if you just don’t have the same energy as before. If you find you need some space, but still want to interact with others, take some time to spend with friends or get engaged in some community activities. The variety may help you in all the right ways.

Towards the very end of the month, you’ll find your focus on the home and your foundations picks up, so spend some time focusing on your own emotional needs and what gives you comfort. When it comes to the career front, things are going well for you so spend some time focusing on the home front for now. Just focus on going within, and learning more about yourself and the world. Let go of what needs to be released and keep moving forward.


Some powerful energy has been brewing underneath the surface for you lately, and you know it Aquarius. You may have been called to go within and let go or to find a deep understanding of your shadow side the past few years. This will be even more highlighted this month, so take this time to shine a light on whats been going on in your world for the past year or so. Really dive in and connect with your soul and what it is you truly desire and what path you’re here to embrace. Now is a good time to set up some plans for how you’re going to start setting things in motion, as well as clearing anything out that may be holding you back because come January twentieth, things are about to get rolling full speed ahead. You may also be feeling like your mind wants to focus on these similar energies, but it’s been having a hard time doing so. Understanding the hidden meaning of things may be more difficult, but shortly into the month your mind will be pulled back into a more social sphere. Let what ever unusual or innovative thoughts or conversations pop up and happen. Then, when things get moving forward again, you’ll have an easier time going within and focusing on your soul because of the new and unique insights you have gained.

Even though you may have something to gain, things may not be going so well for you on the friends and social front. Be disciplined in the connections you make. Work hard to think about how the future plays a role in what you want for the world and yourself. Figure out how to work towards the future you think we need, and put in the work. The good news is you should be having time seeing the big picture right now, so hold on to that powerful energy. The more you spend working with ideas and the world at large, the more helpful epiphanies will pop up. Do what you can to incorporate them in a positive way, and don’t be afraid to experiment, just do so in a mature way. This is some powerful energy for you Aquarius, if you just put in the work. Doing something to connect to the collective or to invest in some humanitarian work will also help, so don’t be afraid to get out into the world and do something for the greater good.

On the relationship front, you may be feeling fiercely independent or you could have just started a new relationship cycle recently. Focus on what you really want out of your partnerships and how balance and harmony may play in on your path and journey. Don’t forget about the other side though. Make sure you are doing enough for them too. A couple days in, things get a lot more serious as things start to settle down and commitment starts to flow. Now is a great time to find what you value and make it happen. It’s a great month for grounding your energy, so let yourself plant some roots and find some stability, even if it’s only temporary.

Overall, discipline is going to be your best friend this month, as well as the ability to change and grow forward. Try to be flexible, but also try to be ambitious as well. Both traits will serve you well, and if partnerships aren’t exactly what you want right now, don’t worry. They’ll get there.


The month starts off with you finishing off your yearly relationship review. Focus on what you want and don’t want in your relationships and figure out a plan to set the boundaries you need to make clear. Take the time to distinguish other’s energy from your own, get a feel for what the ideal balance is, then when things move forward a couple of days in, let yourself start fresh on a new cycle. Give yourself the chance to assert yourself where needed, and to take the time to reestablish any balance that may have been off lately. Whatever hasn’t been working for you in the past, now is the time to correct it.

Your general spotlight starts the month off in a very social and universal sphere. Allow yourself to find joy connecting with other people and to make new connections. Find an unconventional sense of fun. This may be a powerful area of your life lately, with a lot of unexpected energy coming up to teach you about detachment and how you connect to the world as a whole, how networks help you, and how you help others. Let yourself get a boost from these energies, and invest back into those around you. Then a couple of weeks later, the spotlight shifts to follow the same energies your relationship focus has gone. Take this time to go within, connect with your soul and how it relates to your current position in life. Focus on cleansing the soul, release what needs to be released, before things start fresh again next month.

This may be a good month for your independence, Pisces, so don’t be afraid to act in new ways to further you along your own path. Your personal worth, stability, and finances may be a little rocky or coming in in unpredictable waves right now, but you may find that when it comes to joint finances, intimacy, and relationship values things are doing just fine, even with little effort. If you want to get a leg up though, you may deeply benefit from investing yourself into others so that you can benefit later. Do your best to find value in yourself, but don’t be afraid to recognize your combined power. It may actually help with any self worth issues that may have popped up unexpectedly for you to deal with in the past.

On the career front, things may be a bit tougher lately. This is a time of maturity for you Pisces, so do what you can to step up to the plate and put in the work you need to find some sense of future security. There may be a lot of pressure coming in from that front, especially from your mental energies. Don’t worry, just connect with your soul and you’ll be fine. This is a month for self exploration and your own unique journey. Embrace your path and take responsibility for yourself and you’ll be just fine.



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