Pisces January 2017 Horoscope

The month starts off with you finishing off your yearly relationship review. Focus on what you want and don’t want in your relationships and figure out a plan to set the boundaries you need to make clear. Take the time to distinguish other’s energy from your own, get a feel for what the ideal balance is, then when things move forward a couple of days in, let yourself start fresh on a new cycle. Give yourself the chance to assert yourself where needed, and to take the time to reestablish any balance that may have been off lately. Whatever hasn’t been working for you in the past, now is the time to correct it.

Your general spotlight starts the month off in a very social and universal sphere. Allow yourself to find joy connecting with other people and to make new connections. Find an unconventional sense of fun. This may be a powerful area of your life lately, with a lot of unexpected energy coming up to teach you about detachment and how you connect to the world as a whole, how networks help you, and how you help others. Let yourself get a boost from these energies, and invest back into those around you. Then a couple of weeks later, the spotlight shifts to follow the same energies your relationship focus has gone. Take this time to go within, connect with your soul and how it relates to your current position in life. Focus on cleansing the soul, release what needs to be released, before things start fresh again next month.

This may be a good month for your independence, Pisces, so don’t be afraid to act in new ways to further you along your own path. Your personal worth, stability, and finances may be a little rocky or coming in in unpredictable waves right now, but you may find that when it comes to joint finances, intimacy, and relationship values things are doing just fine, even with little effort. If you want to get a leg up though, you may deeply benefit from investing yourself into others so that you can benefit later. Do your best to find value in yourself, but don’t be afraid to recognize your combined power. It may actually help with any self worth issues that may have popped up unexpectedly for you to deal with in the past.

On the career front, things may be a bit tougher lately. This is a time of maturity for you Pisces, so do what you can to step up to the plate and put in the work you need to find some sense of future security. There may be a lot of pressure coming in from that front, especially from your mental energies. Don’t worry, just connect with your soul and you’ll be fine. This is a month for self exploration and your own unique journey. Embrace your path and take responsibility for yourself and you’ll be just fine.

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