1/6/17 Horoscope

The day may open up with you struggling to be optimistic. Do your best to work in the big picture, and maybe let your perspective of the other person’s side expand a bit. Energy is good for future security. What ever active impulses you’re finding today will give you exactly what you need to take care of some business. Don’t be afraid to invest yourself fully. Things will ease up on the communication front as well, so if your career has anything to do with sharing your words with others, now is a great time to do so. If not, let yourself express on a more personal level. Mid afternoon, energy settles down a bit. You may feeling less action oriented or impulsive. Let yourself be commit. This is the time to show your staying power for whatever projects you have started this morning and the past few days. Late tonight, expect there to be some positive relationship energies that you can work with if you’re in need of some balance or flow on the relationship front. Things won’t happen naturally, but if you put in a little umph you can find exactly what you need today. And don’t forget about any optimsim you were able to find this morning. It’ll be very helpful.

  • Moon in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra
  • Moon in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Moon in Aries trine Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius
  • Moon moves into Taurus, 3:18 pm EST
  • Moon in Taurus sextile Venus in Pisces


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