Natal Saturn conjunct Natal Sun

Can also apply to Capricorn Suns, Leo Saturns, Tenth House Suns, Fifth house Saturns, or any other significant blend of Saturn and the Sun.

The Sun acts like our sense of light. It’s what lights up our lives and our charts, and it’s our source of happiness, joy, and romance. It’s our ability to live in the moment, enjoying all that we can see and feel. It’s our childhood and how we view children. It’s where we seek out love from others, and at times where we develop an ego or an overbearing sense of pride. It is the core of what we are and what we are here to experience.

Saturn is probably one of the most feared planets in astrology, second to Pluto. Contrary to the Sun, Saturn is not all about living in the moment, but rather it rules all of time and most significantly the pressure of the future. It’s what forces us to acknowledge that we exist beyond this moment in time and must be prepared to keep moving forward. It asks us to refine our energy, to work and work and do it right so that what we offer is the best of what we could ever do. It’s what we spend decades and decades building on so that we can give back to the world through our careers and where our experiences have taken us.

Saturn is also maturity. It’s the father figure, the authoritative figure. The disciplinary. It’s the process of moving from immaturity, surviving off of the fruits of our parents labor, to the point of maturity where we take care and provide for ourselves. It’s our inner authority figure, the one that was shaped and molded by our experiences with our outer authority figures. It’s our ability to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.

A conjunction is when two planets are within ten degrees of each other, typically in the same sign or house (though not always). When this happens, there is a blend of the two energies. One is not expereinced without the expereince of the other. When Saturn is conjunct your Sun, the ray of light that is meant to bring you joy and happiness at its highest expression cannot shine without feeling the overbearing weight and responsibility Saturn asks for. In order to enjoy the moment and live in bliss, the native has to be also working towards the future. They can’t always just do whatever their hearts pull them to, they have to think of the implications of their actions. What will they gain or lose by engaging in this moment? What will they gain or lose by not engaging in any other possible moments? They have to weigh their choices carefully, acknowledging that lack of action is just as influential as action and whatever they do, the present creates the future.

These people tend to have a close relationship with their father on some level. Even if the native doesn’t have a positive relationship with the father, he was still most likely very influential on the childhood and the ability to find joy. At times he may even contribute to the ego expression, and how the native battles between ego and heart. Connecting with how the father influenced the native can help free up some of the restrictive energy, and find an understanding for why they have the lessons they are facing.

It can be a struggle though for these people, because sometimes they get so caught up in their fear or anxiety of the future that they forget to relax. They work too hard, are too stressed, but they don’t stop. They keep building, building, building, never looking back. Never stopping to smell the roses or to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. They lose sight of fun. This is when these people have to think of their heart, and what they want for the future happiness. What do they need to be doing to keep their heart healthy and happy in life to ensure that they can always find a sense of joy wherever they go? If they need a break, they  must think of the future and understand how important it is to take one. They need vacations and peaceful moments of just pure happiness. They need to refine what it means to be happy, to find the purest and greatness expression of joy and to live it, to use it to propel them into the future. To make a career out of happiness, out of creating, to make a future from their heart.

Other times these people are caught up in the waves of anxiety coming from the future, but they chose to do nothing. When there is so much pressure to do and succeed and work hard, they can just get stuck in their tracks, not knowing what move to make or just being to down to even move in the first place. The future is sometimes daunting for these people. They have so much they need to do that they just can’t bring themselves to act. These are the people who need to work harder at finding joy from work, but also by building in a system that gets them more accustom to effort, and thus more accustom to results. These people want to succeed, they just may be too afraid of failure to even start trying. What if they put in all of these efforts, and nothing pays off? They have to work in their ability to know their value and to notice the little improvements that they are making that will lead them to the empire they so desire. It’s when they can find this, that they will be able to find their success they so deeply crave. Their hard work will pay off, if they are on the right track, Saturn will let them know, but if they’re on the right track, they will keep seeing those minor improvements. The more those build up, the greater the rewards they receive for their efforts become.

One thing that may influence these people’s reactions to future pressure is the postion between Saturn and the Sun. If the Sun comes first and then Saturn, these people may be more prone to living in the moment and then having the pressure of the future hit them later on, teaching them to push through and start acting in repsonsible ways. This is what I have in my chart with a 4 Pisces Sun and a 13 Pisces Saturn. It’s kind of a loose conjunction, so I find that often times it takes me even longer in the moment for the pressure from the future to build up before  I start to actually buckle down and put in the work, but after I accomplish something it gives me such relief. If it was the reverse though, say a 4 Pisces Saturn and a 13 Pisces Sun, the native would find that first and foremost they feel the pressure of the future, and then after that passes they find their need for fun or happiness and so they would have to work in happiness more into their life.

Ultimately people with Saturn conjunct Sun find that it is crucial for them to be disciplined with how they live in the moment. Their life will shine a spot light on authority and what it means to be responsible, and the more they work towards building something stable and strong for themselves the better off they may be. They may also find that they tend to spend a lot of time in the public eye and their reputation and character is very important for them to take care of. To truly understand how this conjunction will play out though, the sign and house of Saturn and the Sun must be understood in their role in the lessons Saturn brings, as well as any other significant aspects, current transits, Leo and Capricorn placements, or the MC/10th house and the 5th house.

If you want to go more in-depth about your Saturn Sun conjunction email me at to book an appointment! I’m very Saturn dominate, so I’ll be right there with you in all the lessons you are going through!

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