Midpoints in Astrology

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about midpoints! A midpoint is the physical location between to points on your chart. You can use it for your natal chart, relationship charts (also known as a composite chart), transits, or any other planetary energy you are dealing with.

The midpoint represents the complete balanced expression between two planets. To find your natal midpoints, I would recommend using http://teachmeastrology.com/midpoint-calculator/

Another option is to do the calculations yourself.

  • Since each of the zodiac signs fit on a 360 degree circle, you can assign each to a 30 degree section of that 360 degrees.
    • Aries 0
    • Taurus 30
    • Gemini 60
    • Cancer 90
    • Leo 120
    • Virgo 150
    • Libra 180
    • Scorpio 210
    • Sagittarius 240
    • Capricorn 270
    • Aquarius 300
    • Pisces 330
  • Then, convert the planets you are finding the midpoint into a point on that 360 circle
    • My Sun is at 4 degrees Pisces so 330 + 4 = 334
    • My Moon is at 21 degrees Sagittarius so 240 + 21 = 261
  • Add the two numbers together, and then divide by two finding the average point between the two
    • 334 + 261 = 595
    • 595 / 2 = 297.5
  • Find the sign that your midpoint degree will fall into. To do this, find the last sign that comes before your midpoint. The next sign should come after
    • 297 comes after 270, but before 300 so the midpoint falls under Capricorn
  • Subtract the degree for that sign from your midpoint degree number
    • 297 – 270 = 27
  • Combine the degree and the sign, and you have your mid point!
    • My midpoint between my Sun and Moon is 27 Capricorn

If you don’t want to use this method, that’s fine! That’s what the website is for, but if you want to fun you can do it by hand too.

You can also check to see if you have any natal planets conjunct your midpoint, like I have my Uranus conjunct my Sun-Moon midpoint. This will mean that when you access that planet, you are accessing a blend of the other two, and when you combine the two, you get the energy of the one.

Midpoints are especially helpful when it comes to Squares or YODs because it gives you an outlet for energy that typically clashes.

Let me know what some significant midpoints are to you!


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