Virgo Jupiter


*Virgo Jupiter birthdates are listed below

Jupiter in Virgo people can see the big picture through the little details. When it comes to routine energy, little effort goes a long way. They often find success in work, finding jobs they enjoy relatively easy, as well as in their health, being able reach their goals in fantastic time. However, they can get lazy in taking care of work or the body, but this is because their gut feeling is usually telling them they can afford to slack off a bit.

When these people devote themselves to taking care of the daily ebb and flow, they will find they gain a lot of perspective about the world. Perhaps they have a very eye-opening job or they spend a lot of time traveling or in a classroom, taking in knowledge. They need to feel like they can learn deeply on a daily basis and will form their routine around this need.

They may have an affinity for small animals, and caring for a pet could be very influential on their understanding of the world. They may also be the type of person to have an exotic pet rather than your average cat or dog, or they will have a lot of pets, preferring to keep an abundance of animals around them.

At times these people may struggle with their optimistic side. Because they do see the big picture through fractured little details, it’s easy for these people to get caught up in the small stuff. Unless the little things are going exceptionally well, these people may struggle to find a sense of happiness and carefree energy. When this happens, it helps if they try to pull back their perspective a little bit.

When it comes to adventures, these people like to plan. They need to explore routinely and desire to do so in an organized and non chaotic way. They may also find adventurous energy through self-improvement or analytical thinking. Making a to do list and crossing things off may also make them feel good because to them when the little things are taken care of, so are the big things.

If these people go to college, they will most likely enjoy studying something that gives them the freedom to take in bits and pieces of information in order to synthesise what they’ve learned into something bigger and more useful. They usually enjoy something logic based, and they need an avenue where they can flex their analytical skills. They will also be very consious of the job oppurtunites that come with their choice of study, prefering a course that is much more practical than some courses. When they form worldviews it’s based off of the little things, and when they share what they have learned they do so in a very critical way. They have high standards of perfection, especially in their knowledge of the world, but at the same time they tend to have an easy time achieving all of their aspirations.

Some famous Jupiter in Virgo people are: Julia Roberts, Kim Kardasihan, Selena Gomez, Mel Gibson, Bob Marly, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Jessica Simposn, Demi Lovato, Alexander the Great, Hugh Jackman, Taylor Lautner, and Channing Tatum.

  • 1932 Aug 11-Dec 31
  • 1933 Jan 1-Sep 9
  • 1944 Jul 25- Dec 31
  • 1945 Jan 1-Aug 24
  • 1955 Nov 16-Dec 31
  • 1956 Jan 1-Jan 16, Jul 7-Dec 11
  • 1957 Feb 19-Aug 5
  • 1967 Oct 19-Dec 31
  • 1968 Jan 1-Feb 25, Jun 15-Nov 14
  • 1969 Mar 30-Jul 14
  • 1979 Sep 29-Dec 31
  • 1980 Jan 1-Oct 26
  • 1991 Sep 12-Dec 31
  • 1992 Jan 1-Oct 9
  • 2003 Aug 27-Dec 31
  • 2004 Jan 1-Sep 23
  • 2015 Aug 11-Dec 31
  • 2016 Jan 1-Sep 8
  • 2027 Jul 25-Dec 31
  • 2028 Jan 1-Aug 23


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