Scorpio Mars

Scorpio Mars people have a very powerful energy to how they act. They can be controlling at times. They’re not people you want to upset. 

Their masculine energy comes from a very psychologically oriented place. These people usually have significant exposure to the negative sides of people’s actions. As a result they’ve learned to be weary of others. 

If you make these people mad, you may not realize it right away. They tend to keep their anger private at first, at least until they decide on how to act. Psychological warfare tends to be their preferred mode of retaliation. They are definitely revenge seeking people if slighted enough. When it comes to sex, they like things intense, perhaps incorporating some form of power play. At times they can have an obsessive passion. If they want to do something, they’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish it. They are intensely competitive. They have a lot of energy for intimacy with others, but may have to learn how to let go of some of their past wounds to truly open themselves up to the love they desire. 

Some famous Scorpio Mars people are: Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, Kurt Cobain, Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, Jimi Hindrix, Marilyn Manson, Joseph Stalin, Mark Zuckerberg, Khloe Kardashian, and Charlie Sheen. 

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