Pisces Sun

Pisces are dreamers. They build from their imagination into reality, not letting the ‘logical’ side of life hold them back. 
They can be intuitive. They are sensitive to everything. While this can bring them hurt it can also be used to their advantage. Pisces can feel like they have no boundaries. Everything they feel hits them directly. 
Many are known for their dabbles in escapism, but this is often because they need at least one way or another to cope with reality. Pisces feel more comfortable with their heads in the clouds than being analytical and realistic. They need time to recharge away from the chaos of the world. They care from a soul level and their ultimate blessing in life is to learn unconditional love for themselves and the world. 

Some famous Pisces are: Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Justin Bieber, Rob Kardashian, Steve Jobs, Kesha, and Jhene Aiko. 


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