The water signs have an interesting complexity to them, that often gets over looked in Pisces. Everyone knows Cancers are crabby and can be private and Scorpios are a complex force to be reckoned with, yet people talk about having Pisces all figured out.

Delusional, emotional, empathetic, passive, submissive, romantic, creative, and spiritual.

However this is really not true.

You have to remember that Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that brings fog and confusion, it brings illusion. It warps reality into something out of a fairy tale, but makes it feel real.

When someone interacts with a Pisces, they see an illusion, a fairy tale version of what is really there. And because a Pisces exists on a subconscious level, a Pisces who has not explored their subconscious will see themselves as an illusion as well.

The fish who isn’t afraid to dive into their subconscious is the one who uses their romanticism to dream up great worlds, but also has a good sense of the grounding that Virgo brings to the polarity.

For a Pisces, all it takes is believing in something to make it real, but for those who are unable to believe and can’t see past the mist of Neptune see them as delusional. Reality is just a projection of your energy, a Pisces knows this on a subconscious level and can use it to make reality exactly want they want.

Another popular notion of a Pisces is that they are naive, innocent, too trusting. Pisces, like all water signs, are in tuned to the emotions of other people, however being the last sign, this understanding is on a deeper, subconscious level. When a Pisces is able to reach into their subconscious and realize that they are seeing the hurt souls around them and that is why they see the best in other people, they can begin to draw boundaries in a physical sense. These boundaries are important not only for the Pisces, but also the other people.

Neptune blurs lines and it’s easy for one soul to feed off of another. When a Pisces empowers themselves they prevent this, saving not only themselves but the other person. True unconditional love, one of Pisces beautiful traits, is to always act with self love, because you can only love others as much as you love yourself. When you always act out of self love, you can love anyone, with no judgement. That does not mean you let them get away with hurting you, that isn’t acting in self love, but you love them for who they are by protecting yourself.

A Pisces has to learn to balance half their time between their subconscious, spiritual world and the physical world. They are symbolized by two fish tied together swimming in opposite directions. One wants to escape to the heavens and the other wants to immerse themselves in the earthly experience. When one fish pulls to hard in their direction, the other feels threatened and you begin to see Pisces self sabotage. Think of the escapist tendencies a Pisces is known for. They are ignoring their subconscious and spiritual self, not giving it a healthy outlet so they find more physical ways to escape psychical reality, to try to achieve that balance in an unhealthy way.

Meditation and alone time is great for a Pisces. It doesn’t have to be guided or anything, but just lay down and get really familiar with your mind, get intimate with what is running in the background. This isn’t just for sun sign Pisces either. Each person carries the archetype of all twelve signs in them, and everyone can benefit by giving their inner self some time to speak.

To all my fellow Pisces, keep dreaming. You aren’t delusional and you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you leave your mind every once in a while to make things happen.

~Positive Energy~

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