Your Zodiac Sign and Flowers

Are you ready to dive into the healing powers of your zodiac signs and the flowers that support you? It is time to step into who you are!

Join Know Your Vibes Astrology and the Spiritual Flower Lady for a Four Day Zodiac Sign and Astrology Workshop this June where each day we will have a guided meditation, group readings, and we will work with the flowers and your zodiac signs!

Day One: Fire Signs
Thursday, June 20th

Group Reading
Guided Meditation

Day Two: Air Signs
Friday, June 21st

Group Reading
Guided Meditation

Day Three: Earth Signs
Monday, June 24th

Group Reading
Guided Meditation

Day Four: Water Signs
Tuesday, June 25th

Group Reading
Guided Meditation

*Did you know you have more then one zodiac sign?! You have multiple! Be sure to tune into all the different signs in your personal astrology and the signs of the people you care about most to take the flower support to an even deeper level!*

To Join:

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  2. Message or and let us know you submitted your payment
  3. We will add you to the Your Zodiac Signs and Flowers group within 24 hours of your confirmation!


UK: Your Zodiac Sign and Flowers

Currency: Pounds June 20-21st, June 24-25th Online Workshop



USA: Early Bird – Your Zodiac Signs and Flowers

Currency: Dollars June 20-21st, June 24-25th Online Workshop