LIVE Uranus Goes Retrograde Summit

Uranus is going retrograde for the next five months! Holy Awakening Batman!

Uranus is the planet of awakening. It’s also know as a bit of a rebel, but it doesn’t just rebel for rebellion’s sake. 

It breaks the cycle of what no longer serves, and when the energy is retrograde, it won’t only be about shifting the world, but rather shifting YOURSELF!

If you’ve been going through changes, this energy is here to help you take them even deeper. 

It’ll be in Taurus, so all things self worth, stability, money, practically, sensuality, grounding, and nature. 

This all starts, August 11th. 

And to help you make the most of it, to help you have the best support you can, I am hosting a FREE LIVE Uranus Goes Retrograde Summit, August 12-16th.

Each day at 10:30am EST/7:30 am PST (10:15am EST on Friday), I will be talking to a guest expert who can help shed some light on these energies and help you with this transit. 

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The Schedule:

Day One: Reconnecting with Your Lower Chakras with Julie Blackford of Perfectly ImPawfect
Day Two: Self Worth and Money – It’s Time for Awakening with Jennifer Hourston of Rays of Harmony
Day Three: Flower Therapy and Mother Nature’s Messages with Yvette Munasinghe of The Spiritual Flower Lady
Day Four: Sound Therapy for Healing and Embodiment with Brooke Arceneaux of BrookeArceneaux
Day Five: Breaking Patterns, Living Authentically with Lori Glazebrook of Feel Focus Flow

AND!!! If you are feeling called to hold on to this information for a while, you can purchase all five days RECORDED, for your listening pleasure whenever you may need it… for only $75!

That way, anytime between now and January 11th, when Uranus goes direct again, you can tune in, shift, and open up just like you’re soul wants you to!

All videos will be up for one full week after they are posted! #replay if you are on the replay!

Uranus goes Retrograde Summit Recordings

Have access to all FIVE days audio for as long as you will need it!