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Bring yourself into Divine Union

The Twin Flame Journey is not an easy one. However, it is the truest journey to self-love we will ever know.

The journey is known to bring a lot of heartbreak, frustration, and pain. It has left so many people jaded around the concept of Twin Flames themselves, true love, and love in general.

However, this isn’t the only way the journey can be. 

And, if you are going through your Twin Flame experience, if you are on the Twin Flame journey, at ANY stage, it is because you are meant to make it to the other side.

You are meant to be in Union with your Twin.

To tap into the joy, bliss, and infinite love available from this type of relationship. 

The Twin Flame is the Mirror to the Soul. Your Flame is manifested in your moment of truest self-love. Usually, you have just successfully navigated your way through the Dark Night of the Soul, and you have made it to the other side, knowing yourself at the deepest levels, and loving yourself for who you are.

When your Twin Flame shows up, they are a complete and entire mirror to who you are, but now the energy gets amped up.

You get to walk that journey you just moved through, on an even deeper level.

When you meet this person, will you remember what you have learned before?

Will you remember how fulfilled and in love with yourself you were?

Will you remember to honor yourself in the ways you did the days before they showed up?

Or, will you, try to seek that love outside of who you are?

Will, when dangled with the ability to escape from yourself through someone else, you run towards that carrot as is so easy to do?

And, even if you chose that carrot, can you slow down and remember what you learned instead?

Will you know that that carrot is yours, and it will continue to be yours as you continue to be yours?

Will you embrace, that the secret is and has always been within yourself.

The trick to any Twin Flame Union is to be in Union with yourself. They are a direct manifestation of our truest self-love.

When they run, when you are in separation, it is because you are in separation from yourself.

You are running from yourself.

The solution?

Stop running.

End the internal separation.

Find the peace and wholeness within yourself.

When, despite the pain, you can walk around with joy in your heart and an inner knowing that your Twin is always with you because they are you, you will manifest the physical Union you seek, but not because you seek it.

But because you seek yourself.

It will test you, and it will call on you to grow.

It is not an easy journey, but you do not have to walk the path alone.

Yes, the work will be yours and yours alone to do, but you can call on the help of a guide.

Within twelve months of manifesting my Twin Flame, I moved through two different stages of separation, and ended both, having stepped into Divine Physical Union, three days before the anniversary of our first meeting.

And we have been together ever since.

Each time I felt that separation, it wasn’t easy, but I took a look at the truth of where I was, and how I was running from myself.

And as I stopped running, so did he.

I still get reminders here and there when I’m running from myself. It’s not physical separation, but I may get a cold shoulder or he could get stuck at a friends place for the weekend.

Always the reminder to turn inward, and give myself what I am seeking in him, and I am blessed to have that reminder.

I also know, you are blessed to have the reminder to turn inward too.

It’s so easy when someone else shows up, to give yourself away for them and to them. But this cannot happen in a Twin Flame Union.

It is Law.

And, I want to help you navigate that, I want to help guide you through the process so you can connect to your Twin.

No matter where you are in your Twin Flame Journey, having not met them yet, just meeting, in your separation, or even in the late years of Union, learning to navigate the bumps in the roads here and there, I want to help you.

I have helped many Twins that have crossed my path, and I can’t wait to help even more.

If you’d like to start this journey with me, we can get started.

If you feel called, and you are ready to change the way you look at yourself, this connection, and step into Divine Union with yourself and your Twin, I am here.

All you need to do is fill out this application. I’ll reach out to schedule a discovery call and we can move forward from there!

I look forward to hearing from you. 

I crossed Katie Turners path close to two years ago when I was trying to find my way out of a major tower moment that I was experiencing. I was referred to her by a coworker of mine. I was lost and had gotten diverted off my original path that I tried to lay out before myself to pursue for my future, but fate had other plans. I had just left a 12 year relationship and was trying to find out who I was outside of that marriage. I learned that Katie was not only an incredibly talented and intuitive empath with very deep inner wisdom that was an also astrologer, but she was very gifted in understanding and helping guide others who were experiencing the twin flame journey. I at the time didn’t really believe in twin flames… who would that just got divorced?? Until… about a year and a half later after my first reading with her, that I ran into mine. Everything kind of…. stopped. My world literally turned upside down after trying to turn it right side up from the divorce I had gone through. I had to humble myself because I was convinced TF’s weren’t real, and reach out to Katie because I knew her understanding and teaching/training of the twin flame connection is very different from what you would learn from a lot of what circulates the internet as well as what other intuitive coaches who haven’t met their true twin flames teach. Katie reassures and coaches you on how you have to do the inner work yourself even if you’re in or out of connection with your twin while still having LOADS of faith and trust in the universe. You kind of go through another awakening when you meet your twin, and you start to experience things that you really can’t explain, so it helps to have someone be able to guide you with trust through the stages of this unique and intense connection, especially in the beginning. It’s hard to remember that such an intense physically/emotionally/spiritual connection that creates so much deep pain from old wounds resurfacing to come out for healing, can also bring the deepest, purest love of all. Katie is a rare gift, and consider yourself blessed, and well looked after if you choose to have her on your side.

Grace Roberts

More about my style of coaching:

My Twin Flame coaching is designed to help you manifest your Twin Flame back into your life but that’s not the only thing you will get.

My goal is to help you build back that vocabulary of self-love that we often lose when we enter into the Twin Flame relationship.

I focus on teaching you more about the Twin Flame relationship, not in a way that adds more rules or complications, but frees you to see that Union is attainable, and it’s attainable for you. Union is already within you, you just have to start letting it flow more and more.

I incorporate attachment theory to help you heal the wounds that are keeping you in the runner-chaser pattern.

When you are in contact or Union with your Twin Flame, I use Intimate Relationship psychology to help you navigate the real and often messy 3D experience that comes with that, helping you to build the relationship tools needed to create the happiness you seek together.

We look at awakening and shadow work, we look at self love and alignment, and we look at where your Twin Flame is mirroring you and what lessons you have to learn from that space.

If you’d like to learn more through a free discovery call, you can fill out an application form here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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