Through the Planets: A Five Day Astrology Journey

Are you ready to dive into the mystic wonder and insight that the planets hold for you?

Do you want to know more about who you are? Do you want to be able to better listen to the advise and insight that this beautiful and divine universe holds for you?

Have you been following your horoscope, reading astrologers’ interpretations of what is going on in the sky, but have been wanting to know more FOR yourself about yourself and this cosmic dance that goes on around you?

In this FIVE Day Astrology workshop, I will walk you through FIVE powerful planets and how they show up for you and through you.

On Day 1, we will dive into the energy of the Moon, where this lunar energy takes us through learning about the true essence of self care, and tending to the foundations and soil in which we plant the seeds of our heart to bloom into our gentle desires.

On Day 2, we will journey with Venus, the planet of love, who has a lot more to say about the relationship with yourself than the relationships you have with others. This, in turn, will completely transform and awaken you to a whole new relationship with others and the world, in ways that make you feel so good, and blow you away with their beauty and awe.

On Day 3, we talk with Saturn, who has gentle messages around transforming how you look at your capabilities and the obstacles you move through in life. He will call on you to rise up, but with the knowledge, awareness, and connection with your ability to just that. Where you have felt alone, he will remind you of your true greatness and what you are really here for.

On Day 4, we take a dip into Neptune’s waters, where you learn how to navigate the misty energy that is spirit. No more do you have to feel blind as you move your way through where divinity has left love for you to receive. You are able to connect, transform, and understand. 

And lastly on Day 5, we get to meet the powerhouse that is Pluto, the god of the underworld. And fear not, he is one of the most loving and heart felt energies available for you. His mission however, to strip you from what is not you so you can reveal the God, or Goddess within. He will remind you of your power, and inspire you to use it in ways you have only dreams you are destined.

Each day will be personal and intimate, and they will not be journeys you want to miss! You can be completely new to astrology, or even an expert, you will still have insight to gain from this connection.

And when it is all said and done, we will walk through our own meditative journey, where you get to meet each of these beings, and talk to them to them one on one, hearing, first hand, all they have to tell you, and answer for you, when your questions arise.

There will be plenty of room for questions, so bring your curiosity and your desire to know more.

All of this… for only $24.50.

In your heart of hearts, does that not feel worth it?

If you are ready for self-illumination and conversations with some of the most profound and beautiful energy out there, I gladly welcome you on this journey!

Feel free to invite friends as well. The more the merrier, and you will be so glad you shared this.

With Love,



Through the Planets: A Five Day Astrology Journey

Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, here we come... or maybe, Us, here Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto come!



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