Mars goes Retrograde September, 9th, 2020

We’ve all heard of Mercury Retrograde. A few times a year, communication is a little harder, technology may fail, you may run late to all of your appointments, and you have to adapt and find flexibility in responding to all the daily mixups.

Maybe you’ve even heard about the hidden opportunity of Mercury Retrograde… where rather than just feeling like everything has to go wrong, you instead realize it’s an opportunity to take communication deeper, really rethink the structure of your life, and create flow that better represents your intentions.

Well, Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes Retrograde.

In fact, all of the planets do.

Mercury Retrograde isn’t the only retrograde that can cause hiccups.

All of them do.

And, Mercury Retrograde isn’t the only retrograde that is actually here to offer you something that you can use to take things oh so farther.

All of them are here to help you.

So, what does Mars Retrograde look like, and how is it different from Mercury?

Mars is the masculine energy within all of us. It is our warrior spirit that protects us and honors our boundaries. It represents our anger and how we express ourselves when we are angry.

It’s our action taking energy, especially when we are going into the unknown. It’s the force you can use to put your heart into the world.

Often times, Mars is pioneering new territory, and with that comes this dance with fear and trust in the self. It brings both naivety, but also courage to trust your instincts.

Mars is a very independent energy, representing your identity and soul path. It shows you where you came to break new ground and do something that no one else has ever done before.

When a planet goes Retrograde, any planet, it directs and sends that energy inward.

Now, in the context of Mars, that means your inner warrior is going to be pointing its focus at you instead of others. This means you may find yourself getting angry with yourself, rather than other people, even when it’s other people who are causing the problems.

Sometimes this anger will even build up, until finally it explodes, taking the inward and moving it outward like a volcanic eruption.

You may also find that motivation and action taking energy feels a little… limited. It’s like you have to convince yourself that it’s worth convincing yourself in the first place, so by the time you actually get to doing the thing you wanted to do, the energy may not feel entirely there.

This retrograde may also have you reworking your sense of identity. Who are you? What did you come here to do?

In that same breath, it may have you relooking at fear. Can I really do this? What if something bad happens? What if I can’t actually do it? What if it’s not meant for me?

And all of this, this is just the surface level symptoms and experiences.

Underneath all of this, Mars Retrograde is here to give you an opportunity.

An opportunity to explore all of these themes and their practical role in your life.

Mars Retrograde is here to help you relook at your identity. To invite you to explore those questions of who you are and what you came here to do.

It’s offering you a pocket, a few months, to really contemplate and think. There is no need to move forward full steam ahead, you have time.

It’s here to help you look at your action taking energy. It’s going to invite you to really consider what is important to you and where you WANT to put your energy. If you have to work within an energy budget, will your expenses change?

You’ll also find yourself looking at anger from a different perspective. How does anger serve you? What gets you angry? What is the best use of this angry energy?

If you are someone who has a lot of wounds around anger, this Retrograde will help you with that too.

It will have you relooking at and bringing your warrior spirit back into your life in a totally different way.

All of this is happening in Aries, which is the sign Mars rules. This is a very straightforward journey we are all going to explore.

To help you on this journey, to support you in these tough questions and reflections, to support you during the frustration of having to adapt to a different style of energy, you are invited to join Thriving Mars Retrograde.

You may be familiar with Thriving Mercury Retrograde, a support group I’ve run for several Mercury Retrograde groups now. Even if you are not, that’s okay.

Creating a space to support yourself, support others, and be supported by others is incredibly powerful when navigating these transits.

That’s exactly what Thriving Mars Retrograde is, it’s a place to support yourself and connect yourself with the tools, insight, and compassion to really dance with this retrograde and all it has to offer.

Mars is retrograde for a bit longer than Mercury, so this support group will be a bigger extension, offering a deeper look into the well that is you.

It will run from September 9th until November 13.

In this private group, there will be tons of information around WHY Mars Retrograde is a good thing and WHAT the lessons are, and HOW you can best move through them.

There will be daily posts with insight into the energies, reflection questions to help you think things through and work things out, there will be LIVE readings to help you gain clarity, insight, and guidance on what you are moving through and how you should do it, tasks you can do to help you avoid the more surface level symptoms, and Q&A’s throughout the transit so you can ask all you need to ask and receive the answers you need.

This time, I’ll also be adding something special.

Each week, during an especially potent time we will gather together via Zoom.

There will be a short teaching on what is going on in that moment or other important Mars themes, and then there will be a chance for some open dialogue together.

You don’t have to share if you don’t want to, but the space will be created for us to discuss together our very real experiences with these energies.

In this space, we can learn from each other and teach others, and I find that in speaking about what we are going through, we also learn things that we wouldn’t have learned if we just kept our mouth shut.

Can’t wait to join?

The investment in this space is $155. This averages out to be $15.50 a week. Payment plans are available if needed, please reach out!

If you are excited about what can come from this space, and you also think someone else you know may really benefit from this journey as well, as a bonus, if you invite a friend who joins the program you BOTH get a little discount. If you are interested, reach out to me and we’ll get chatting!

To join, click down below. I’ll get an email notification and add you to the group shortly!

Thriving Mars Retrograde

A 10 week support group to help you thrive Mars Retrograde!


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