So a Psychic Told You They’re Not Your Twin Flame…

We’ve all done it. At this point, it’s like a rite of passage. Somewhere along your journey someone is going to tell you your Twin Flame is not your Twin Flame. And depending on how important their opinion is to you, or how much you doubt yourself, you’ll do your best to believe them. But it just won’t sit. In this article, I talk about why this is an obstacle and what you can do when you meet this obstacle on your twin flame journey to turn things around.

Venus in Aries: Mirror Work with the Masculine

Venus’s transit through Aries represents a significant journey for the feminine. Venus and the Feminine Venus represents the feminine, which in spiritual terms is defined by the energy of reception. Venus is partnership. She is mirror work. She brings reflection and awareness of the self through the understanding and experience of other people. Feminine energy [...]