11/18 Horoscope

Some unexpected changes may greet you first thing this morning. Don't let it shake your grounding Your mind may be feeling a bit disillusioned. Do your best to connect yourself with what is real, and not with what isn't. Later today, your heart may come into focus. Let yourself heal. You need it. Engage in [...]

11/11 Horoscope

Things are slow this morning. Later this evening you may be feeling a little unlucky. Let someone else show you the birds eye view of things for now. Some uncomfortable and heavy things may come up tonight. Do your best to go with it. It really may benifit your future if you play your cards [...]

11/10 Horoscope

Your heart and emotions sync up in an easy flow overnight, don't be afraid to create from your core, inspired by your soul. Later today you may feel like your words express what you want fine, but there's still going to be some relationship tension. Push through it, don't forget about the other side but [...]