Reading or Coaching: Is it Right for You?

Hello and welcome to a little intuitive journey! Let’s start by taking a big deep breath. So let’s face it, you clicked on this post because at least some part of you is seeking guidance. But what kind of guidance do you need? First, let’s talk about the types of guidance available. Reading: Readings and [...]

Book Review: Make Your Own Luck, Success Tactics You Won’t Learn In Business School by Peter Kash

Who likes to read?! I just got finished with this book, Make Your Own Luck, Success Tactics You Won't Learn In Business School by Peter Morgan Kash with Tom Monte.  And it was amazing!!! Even if you aren't someone interested in business, there's a lot of great gems in this one I would highly recommend.  [...]

Astrology Readings

Hey guys! I just want to let everybody know that I updated my services page.  Now I have lots of different types of way you can get engaged with an astrologer, without just limiting you to a basic reading. So check it out and email me at for booking or purchasing!  Book this weekend (11/5-11/6) [...]