February 7, 2017

The energy shifts into something emotional very early on. Take some time to tune in to you and your own emotional needs. Relationships may not be flowing well, and you may be struggling to assert yourself in a positive way. Take some alone time to recenter and recharge. There's no need to be around something [...]

February 2, 2017

There's a lot of active energy today and it may feel a little harsh. Mentally, you maybe struggling with the bigger picture, especially when it comes to your partnerships. Try to lighten up a bit and let someone else's ideas bounce around for a while. If there's any intense emotional energy triggered, take some time [...]

1/15/17 Horoscope

The self improvement energy of the day flows greatly with your mental focus on the future and what all you have done to prepare for some kind of sense of security, whatever that may mean for you. It may also be a great day to connect with another person on a soul level. If you [...]

11/18 Horoscope

Some unexpected changes may greet you first thing this morning. Don't let it shake your grounding Your mind may be feeling a bit disillusioned. Do your best to connect yourself with what is real, and not with what isn't. Later today, your heart may come into focus. Let yourself heal. You need it. Engage in [...]

11/7 Horoscope

You may be feeling powerful this morning. What ever you let go really did the trick. The focus is on the big picture right now, use this to your advantage and make a step towards where you want to be. Later today, you may feel a clash between ego and emotions. Don't hold on too [...]

10/25 Horoscope

You may have been more mentally active over the night, perhaps something came up that can help heal your heart. Later in the day, you may see some clashes in your relationships. Try not to be too disillusioned if someone isn't exactly who you thought they were. You may have had some unrealistic expectations in [...]

10/22 Horoscope

Something unexpected may have come up overnight. In the morning your mind may be feeling a little off. Don't push anything. There may be some clashes between ego and emotions, so watch out. A little after noon, the emotional air shifts to focus more on fun and the self. Do something creative, maybe with a [...]

10/20 Horoscope

If you have a problem, your mind may not be the best at coming up with a solution. Talk it out with a friend and see what kind of weird ideas they propose. Even if you don't go through with any of them, there may still be some good ideas there. Things should flow easy [...]