Stepping Into Self Love Coaching Session

Self love isn’t easy, but it is a powerful motivator.

It’s an electrifer.

It’s a vibration that when brought onto the scene, simply shocks things open,

However, you don’t have to be completely in love with yourself to experience the shifts and changes self love brings.  

You just have to invite the self love in.

Self love is a catalyst, and as soon as you let the universe know, your higher self know, source, god, yourself, whoever you trust is holding you, that self love is what you are calling in,

Mountains begin to move.

Mountains move to eliminate any resistance you have to self love, but they also move to illuminate your path for you.

A path of healing, empowerment, and joy.

A path inward, a path back to you, and then, from you, out into the world.

Yet, moving through this path, walking this journey, isn’t always an easy one.

There are days that feel like you have nothing but mountains in the way.

There are days where you feel like you are stuck in the middle of an ocean of emotion, struggling to just stay afloat, let alone, swim to safe shores.

Somedays, the sun comes out and you feel so blissful, but when the clouds are back, it can be hard to even remember what sunshine feels like.

Sunshine feels like you.

It feels like your love for yourself, and your journey inward.

This turning inward to love yourself is some powerful energy. It is vibrations that will change your whole world, and if you need help seeing things a little bit different, shifting energy, or finding the path of least resistance, where the mountains are moving and there is nothing to climb, so you can tap back into your power and ability to love yourself and harness your energy,

I invite you to work with me in a Self Love Coaching session, during the month of February, for only $133.

In this session we take 60 minutes one on one to reveal blocks and start the shifting process so you can embrace healing, embrace your path, and embrace you.

Self love is a powerful thing, and you have the ability to harness a powerful vibration of it.

Self Love Coaching Session

Ready to shift some blocks and step into a deeper self love? 60 minutes, 1-on-1, recorded audio for you to revisit as much as you need.