Cosmic Money Love

Hello awesome and abundant soul! 

You are invited on a quest to learn how to connect your soul purpose using planetary alignment to attract more JOY, ABUNDANCE, and MONEY into your life.

You’ve done all the hard work and you are ready to say BUH-BYE, and leave that all behind to receive all the fruits of your labor!

There is a HUGE cosmic shift happening over the next few months that will allow you to tap in to your greatest potential and create the life you always dreamed of!!

Did you know that the planets have their own energy system? THEY DO! When you understand the secrets they reveal and how they dance with your own personal birth chart; that’s where you can tap into to your genetic flow combined with intention so that you can EASILY manifest abundance!

THIS is where your awareness and potential expands so your dreams are no longer just dreams!

Your days of overwhelm and not knowing where to put your energy are over!!!!

If you find yourself…

  • Having high driven passion, but feeling lost on where you really want to take it.
  • Overloaded with information, strategies, and gurus advising you to follow a cookie-cutter program that doesn’t feel like it’s designed for you.
  • Questioning your own decisions and intuition because you fear what others will say or do.
  • Struggling to find balance, (going from too much to just too little).
  • Living a life of ‘have to’ rather than ‘want to’.
  • Drained, exhausted, and on your way to burnout.
  • Neglecting your own self care routine for the sake of helping others, saying to yourself you’ll get to it next week when things “calm down” (even though they never do).
  • Mindlessly spending money on things you think you need (like needless courses and lattes to keep you alert) rather than investing in what will serve all areas of your life, needs and wants. 

It’s time for you to ditch all of the above, and get back to you, letting go of working hard to make room for ease and flow. 

Take a moment for yourself, pause, and imagine instead…

  • Connecting back to your soul purpose, so you can focus on what LIGHTS you up!
  • Creating space for play and adventure in your life, so you can move forward with joy and PLEASURE!
  • Breaking the ceiling that you’ve created around money, SHATTERING every record you have set for yourself!
  • Understanding your birth chart, seeing the cosmic validation in every aspect of who you are, so you can step into worthiness of all you are calling in!
  • Feeling CONFIDENT in every intuitive nudge, decision and choice you make!
  • Knowing how to use energetic and planetary alignment to move through your emotions, ideas, and new opportunities so you can create EASE and FLOW rather fight or flight!
  • Shifting your relationship with money and yourself so that you can receive the things you dream of, like vacations, monthly massages, weekend getaways, and new clothing that you feel amazing in!
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine vibration to rid overwhelm and exhaustion so you can create more, with LESS EFFORT using practical strategy and juicy attraction!

It’s time to put that frustration aside and learn these secrets successful people know, and tap into the energy that is already around you, anxiously waiting to reward you for all the hard work you’ve already put in!

Welcome to Cosmic Money Love: the program where you are FINALLY able to recognize what‘s in your control, where the universe has your back, and where you are SUPPORTED in creating an abundant life that is easy and soul aligned!

We’re here and so excited to show you why the TIME IS NOW to receive and make your dreams your REALITY!!!!.

Cosmic Money Love is a 12 week group program with two amazing coaches who are here to help you explore your true self and reconnect to your soul purpose in order to create more ABUNDANCE, JOY, and MONEY!!

You are working too hard. It’s time to step away and re-evaluate how you are spending your energy. Pushing and forcing is no longer serving you, and it’s time to reposition the tools you have so they can work for you! 

In this program, we take you through this incredible transformation process where you shed the stress and embrace your inherent soul prosperity. We connect you to your own, unique, personal birth map and support you through every step of the way.

So, what do you get?! 

  • Two AMAZING coaches, leaders, and spiritual entrepreneurs:

Jennifer Hourston, Financial Focus Coach, Energy Healer

Katie Turner, Spiritual Astrologer, Energy Coach

  • 12 LIVE weekly trainings to help you shift your perspective, energy, and reality!
  • 12 weekly Friday Wrap-Ups to share wins, move through struggles, and celebrate YOU!
  • Weekly worksheets to help you facilitate transformation on the deepest level!
  • Private Facebook Group, interactive atmosphere with 12-15 like-minded souls creating a powerful vortex for abundance, joy, and flow!
  • Group healing once a week to unveil what’s holding you back!
  • Weekly card pulls and astrology forecasts for some fun and guidance!
  • Fun surprises along the way to continue to support this joyful, abundant, and EASY shift in your life!



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We don’t want anything getting in the way of you saying YES. If you feel like this is a good fit for you, we have options! 

  1. Pay in full
  2. Monthly payments
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Have questions? Let us know!

We can’t WAIT to get started!!