CML: Learn How to Boost Abundance and Attract More Money in Just Three Days! Mini Workshop

Ahh… Money!

We all want a lot of it, but sometimes it can just feel so illusive!

This can be especially true when you are working hard on your spiritual truth. It’s like once you start to follow your passion, things start to shift. Where you had no problem supporting yourself before, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore!

Which really stinks, because you’re out here trying to do what you love!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and this is NOT a sign that you should give up.

Not in the slightest.

In fact, this is a sign that it’s time to up-level your relationship with money and how you feel about what you do. It’s time to shift how you feel about yourself and what service you provide for the world.

In Astrology, there is a planet called Saturn, who is notorious for making things harder. The reason he does this is because he wants you to carry yourself at a higher level.

He doesn’t make things harder because you’re not supposed to do them, he doesn’t put obstacles in your path so you’ll turn around and go back, he does this because you are meant to do what you love to do, and you are meant to do it with greatness.

And greatness calls on something from you that’s just a little different than ease.

The good news is, once you align yourself with the energy of rising to greatness, it BECOMES ease!

That’s right, attracting money while doing what you love can become EASY!

In this three day mini-workshop, you are going to learn how to boost abundance and attract more money so that you can find the ease in your greatness.

In only three days, you are going to expand your tool arsenal and shift the way you view what you do so that you can allow more money into your life.

This means, more freedom to do what you want. To explore the world. To learn. To help others. To expand your business. To invest in yourself. To save and support. To feel safe and provided for. To vote with your dollar how you really want to vote.

This means, making more impact. This means spreading your light even farther, because you are finanically supported in doing so.

Making money is all about how you feel and what you believe around how you are supported. Your current relationship with money and how money currently shows up for you is a mirror.

It’s a mirror into how worthy you feel. It’s a mirror into what you feel you deserve.

It’s no coincidence that once you start doing what you love, you start to feel less deserving. Chances are, you were taught growing up you can’t make money doing what you love!

It is time to shift that!

Join me, Katie Turner, and co-creator, Jennifer Hourston, for this unique three day workshop starting September 16th.

It’s time to use this mirror to create attraction. To create abundance, fun, beauty, and love.

So that, your money will reflect all the good you feel and all the good you have to offer the world.

How exciting is that!

How are we going to help you make this shift?

Day One is going to be a Self-Worth Inventory. This will not only help you understand your current starting point (aka why manifesting doesn’t always work out the way you plan), but it will also help you uproot and get rid of the gunk that no. longer. serves. so you are no longer manifesting from that place.

Day Two is all about planting NEW seeds into the newly churned and fertilized soil. This is all about what you want to see grow and bloom. How do you want to feel about yourself? What do you want your money to mirror? What vibration do you want to attract at?

We’re going to be getting into the energy of that juicy goodness!

Then…. for Day Three, we are going to have some FUN!!!

Day Three is going to be a Reading and Q&A day! You will have TWO amazing readers and coaches to help tap into your money story and help you make the shifts you are ready to make.

If there are any blocks that you just can’t get through, if there is anywhere where you just feel endlessly stuck, this will help you shift it.

Bring your questions, or bring your intentions for your guides to show up with the question you need, cause it’s gonna be juicy!

And all of this in an exclusive facebook group… for just $22!

Learn How to Boost Abundance and Attract More Money in Just Three Days Mini Workshop