You Are Whole.

It’s true.

You are entirely whole, complete, and perfect.

When you pull up your birth chart, what you get is an all-encompassing picture of who you are.

It doesn’t define you or dictate your whole being, rather, it simply reflects it.

It also offers amazing insight, knowledge, and awareness into who you are. The whole picture, but also the bits and pieces.

It gives understanding to the way you think, and why you think that way. It gives recognition to your soul purpose, what your soul came here to learn, do, and expand into.

It provides the knowledge of your challenges in life, which we all have, as well as your strengths, something you can use to do so much more.

All of this is already inside of you, your birth chart just puts it all into one picture, so you can work with it with more intention, awareness, and perspective.

And I completely love this.

Because cultivating self knowing is such a beautiful act of self love.

And your birth chart makes it so easy to cultivate that self knowing, whatever you want to know about yourself.

Astrology reveals you to yourself.

Astrology is also complex, and while the resources to learn and understand it are completely available to you, it takes time, dedication, and soul alignment to really dive in and learn the craft.

If you want some help with this, I do offer mentorships, send me a private email if this sparks your interest.

If you enjoy being self lead, stick around, I post plenty with focus on education on my social media (facebook, instagram, and youtube) or on the blog.

If, however, you feel like your focus is better applied elsewhere, or you just want to get deeper insight into your own chart you can either book a reading with me. No knowledge of astrology is required.

My personal brand of readings are completely love filled, divinely guided, and incredibly juicy in insight.

If they call to you, I cannot wait to read your chart!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! You can message me on any of my media platforms, or through email at

Thank you so much for coming to this page, and may you cultivate love, each step of the way.

Massive love and abundance,

Katie Turner-2

“My reading(s) with Katie have been the most informative, clarifying, out of this world experiences – that honestly, no amount of words could describe the experiences.

Katie knows what she’s talking about, her readings have been beyond accurate, she’s compassionate, empathetic, yet grounded & reliable.

Would recommend to anyone seeking these services! 10/10″

-Chloe Charlton-Kemp

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