Self-Love and Spirituality Virtual Care Package

A weekly e-mail subscription and community providing tools and resources for your growth and wellbeing.

Life is hectic.

Self-care can be hard.

The tools you need can feel out of reach, inaccessible.

Yet, still your soul yearns for your inner work.

The Self-Love and Spirituality virtual care package is a weekly email and community designed to make this journey easier for you.

What’s Included in Each Email:

Delivered every Monday morning at 8 am EST.

Free Resource:

A website, practice, video, freebie, audio, podcast, challenge, etc. that is available to you at no cost that you can use to support yourself each week.

DIY Astrology:

An easy, digestible tutorial on how to find something in your birth chart and find interpretations about what it means. Expand your self-awareness and embody more of your truth, healing through self-acceptance along the way.


A few symbols for you to explore and find meaning throughout your week, plus one powerful symbol you can look out for and a suggested interpretation behind what it means. Allows for a deeper connection to your guides and the messages around you.

Food For Thought:

A powerful quote, idea, image, saying, question, situation, etc. to contemplate and think about. What meaning will you gain from this each week? Designed to help you expand your spiritual consciousness while making sure it stays your own.

Journal Prompt:

A question for self-exploration and reflection, bringing more meaning and insight to your practice.

What’s Included in The Community?

A private facebook group to come together for expansion, healing, and witness.


Use this group to support yourself throughout the month. Share anything you are going through, ask for insight, or listen to others.

Free Resource:

Share how you used the free resource throughout the week and what it offered you. Read about how others used this tool, and see if it can help you expand your practice.

DIY Astrology:

Share your placement and interpretations! Feel free to share your favorite meanings, or even your least favorite. What did you discover about yourself? What aspects do you really identify with? What didn’t really feel like you?


Share the meanings you find behind each symbol and read about what others interpreted too, expanding your own understanding. Suggest symbols for the community to explore in future weeks.

Food For Thought:

Share your thoughts and meaningful experiences related to the topic, and engage with others about their thoughts, learning, listening, and sharing in a powerful flow. Practice open dialogue, explore similarities and differences, making important connections with others.

Journal Prompt:

If called, share your realizations or reflections with others. Experience what it’s like to be witnessed, and witness others too.

To Join:

Making resources and tools affordable and accessible is an important part of this subscription service, so it is only $10 a month to join or $100 for one year. This includes a weekly email and access to the SL&S Community.

Click below to join at what level feels good for you.

Monthly Subscription:

Yearly Subscription:

Once you have joined, look out for your welcome email within the next 24 hours!