Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

What does a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus mean? 

Let’s break down the active parts at play here. 

Lunar Eclipses occur when we have a Full Moon conjunct the North and South Node Axis. 

A Full Moon is when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon. In Astrology the Sun represents our creative focus and the current spotlight of consciousness. It spends one month in each sign and currently it’s making it’s transit through Scorpio. This means that we’re all collectively going through a bit of a transformation. Something about our daily lives is reaching the culmination of its current cycle and something else is being reborn in its place. The spotlight is also on the heavier emotions, as we are all called on to attend to our shadows. What happens when we can see our fears, wounds, or attempts for control? Yes, we may see a part of ourselves that we find kind of ugly, but when it’s illuminated fully it no longer gets to control us, hurt us, or leave us feeling afraid. Scorpio is all about empowerment, so claim your power and overcome whatever is currently showing up in your world. 

The Moon represents our inner light, emotional needs, and more personal sensitivities. It spends about 2.5 days in a sign and currently it’s making it’s transit through Taurus. Within this bigger picture month of us going through a death and rebirth, we are taking a breath to create a little life. Taurus is grounded and sturdy. It is so full of life and the richness of color of a spring’s blooming garden. It can be unyielding at times, which can be frustrating as change takes a little more force, but this is an advantage when we think about the personal benefits Taurus affords the Moon. Taurus is self worth and self esteem, it’s personal values and the commitment we have to the good. This is the perfect time for us to tend to the garden of who we are and fertilize our soil with the nutrients of self-belief and self-confidence. Taurus is also pleasure and money. It enjoys touching things that feel good with all of it’s senses and having a sense of physical value in life. Take a chance and let yourself feel the undercurrents of abundance running through your veins. Look around your world and see what feels good and immerse yourself in it. 

Full Moons, when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, is a time of harvest and culmination. It’s the peak of a cycle, and it’s the tempering of our creation with the natural counterbalance to it’s force. This is a deep and ritualistic time of year for us to release and heal, but sometimes it’s nice to climb up onto a piece of dry earth and get a break from all of the weaves. Let yourself receive is the message of the Full Moons. 

This Full Moon is a bit different though, because it’s occurring conjunct the Nodal Axis. The nodal axis is a mathematical point using some calculations with the Sun, Moon, and Earth that go a bit over my head. The way we interpret this axis does not though. The North Node is where our Soul is heading in this lifetime. It’s something that we have not yet mastered, that we are here to step into the unknown and learn. The South Node is where our Soul has been. It’s something we have already mastered, and while we have great gifts, there is not much for us to learn left here. 

The North Node is currently in Gemini conjunct the Moon, and the South Node is in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun. 

With the North Node in Gemini, we are all collectively here to learn more about mindset, the community, and our voices. Our hobbies and day to day life are coming front and center as a place that until the past year or so, we really didn’t give as much thought. Meanwhile, the South Node in Sagittarius showed us that we already know how to step outside of our neighborhood and see the big wide world. That ability can greatly support us, but not in our current growth prerogative. 

With the Sun next to the South Node, it shows us that this deep dive stuff, the transformation, death and rebirth, grief and healing… we know how to do that. For what it’s worth, despite how long we as a collective didn’t focus on healing, we’ve gotten so much better! Right now, our shadow work abilities and life truths may help support us, but they aren’t where the real growth is. 

That’s with the Moon in Taurus. For this short, 2.5 day transit how can you explore the untold world of believing in yourself? Of trusting in the good and abundance of your future? What would it look like to really nurture your self worth and realize that your creations can and will be fruitful now. 

Things are changing, and when you go within, and start from there…oh my is it good and sweet. 

Now, the Eclipse factor. The Moon is going to be partially occluded by the Earth blocking out the Sunlight. This means that we’re going to have a harder time seeing the fullness of what this Taurus Moon wants to show us, but it also means that there is a portal being opened, and if we chose to move through it, it will teach us something wonderful and great about who we are. 

Earthly needs may get in the way of your spiritual work. Don’t be confused and think this is a distraction. This is the spiritual work. 

Now, some people may have seen that this eclipse is conjunct the fixed star Algol. Algol is notorious for being pretty nasty. In the most fatalistic interpretation, beheadings, deaths, and other horrible accidents. 

But I’m always one for looking beyond the fatalist point of view and looking for the metaphor here. 

In one version, Algol is the shield used by Perseus, made of Medusa’s monstrous head. In some versions of the story she is this nasty monster with snakes for hair and anyone who looks into her eyes turns to stone. Perseus, the hero, uses the reflection of his sword to see her without looking straight into her eyes and slays her. Because she was pregnant by Neptune at the time, from her body comes Pegasus, and Chrysaor. Perseus then used her head as a shield. 

In this version of Medusa’s myth she is a monster with no redeeming qualities, and Perseus is celebrated for his victory and her defeat. If we interpret the meaning of Algol from this, I would say that this star represents using the head of the monster we defeat to protect us moving forward. Medusa would be a metaphor for something monstrous in our lives, using the sword’s reflection would be a metaphor of using alternative methods to cunningly overcome and cut the head off of whatever darkness we are struggling with at the time. Then, we are able to harness the spoils of what we did and continue to protect us. Our ability to overcome the darkness once keeps us able to take care of ourselves again and again. 

As we think about the Taurus platform we are building for ourselves during this Scoripo season, perhaps what we overcome will continue to be a badge of protection. 

The other version of Medusa is a bit different, coming from a feminist perspective. There is a trigger warning with sexual assault for this story, so if you do not want to proceed, then this article has already given you all the information you need. 

If you are comfortable to move forward, read on. 

In the other version of Medusa’s myth, she wasn’t always a monster, instead she was a beautiful maiden. One day, Neptune rapes her inside Minerva’s temple, and Minerva punishes Medusa by turning her into a monster, transforming her hair into snakes. Another version starts with the same root, but suggests that Miverva may have given Medusa this transformation as a form of protection. 

Either way, Medusa represents the rage and hurt from women who may go through something so traumatic. 

Then, depicted as a monster for her hurt and upset, Perseus slays her and is considered a hero, using her head to protect himself, a very grotesque idea from this perspective. 

In this case, Algol may represent how we treat the wounded feminine in our collective consciousness. She may be blamed and punished, and when she is killed, she isn’t remembered for who she was, but what she became after she was raped. 

With this Eclipse conjunct Algol, from this interpretation, it may be helpful for us to look at who we are making voiceless or who’s voice we are distorting as they are crying out for help.

How could we use this portal to change the narrative?

Perhaps moving forward, with the Taurus Moon we can nurture and refuel the wounded feminine inside of us so that she may get the strength to stand back up and continue to take care of her in the best way she knows how. 

What do you think? What’s your take on this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus?

One thought on “Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

  1. Nice article. I think it is appropriate that Algol raises her head (!) at this point in time. We can’t do anything about something we don’t see. And dealing with it is part of the north nodal moving forward. Also appropriate the sun is in Scorpio. Rape has changed its context. Historically it was a straightforward winner takes all act. The winner, say soldiers, proving their victory and spreading their seed. Fairly basic animalistic stuff. There are still undertones of that today with regard to people in power feeling entitled. Indeed, some women deliberately seek to bask in this power. But with the empowerment of women the mood shifts. Anger and frustration from the men, anger and revenge from the women. Right now society is in the process of redressing a balance but in doing so are metaphorically castrating men. There will be a backlash. Women need to be listened to, covid has made their experience worse but also brought it to light. But to move on we also need to listen to men. All heavy stuff so yes we need Taurus to keep us grounded.


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