5 Things You Need to Know About Your Twin Flame During Separation

Separation happens to almost all of Twin Flames who incarnate together and it can be a challenging time period. Not only is it full of heartache and sadness, it’s also full of confusion. As you follow the path before you and do the Twin Flame work, what is your Twin Flame doing? Are they growing too, or are they stuck in their own ways and you’re going to make all this progress while they stay exactly the same?

To help give you a little clarity during the darkness that can be separation, here are 5 things that I think you need to know about your Twin Flame right now that will makes things a little easy, and help you bring about Union a little quicker.

1. Your higher self is guiding them on their journey.

And their higher self is guiding you.

When you are on your journey of self love, it is your higher self that guides you like a midnight moon illuminating the path. As you follow that path your higher self has set out for you you find yourself discovering the powerful experiences of unconditional love and acceptance.

The Twin Flame journey incorporates and expands our journey of self love, but it is a journey of relationship love. Twin Flames takes our inner work and allows us to share it with someone else. Because of this, it’s not just our Higher Self that guides our path, but our Twin Flame’s higher self as well. Your Twin Flame’s higher self will guide and protect you each step of the way. If you ever need their support, they are only a thought or prayer away.

While we can find relief in reaching out to our Twin’s Higher Self, we can also find relief in knowing our own Higher Self is with our Twin each step of the way, guiding them back to divine union. If you ever need to connect to your Twin, send them a message, tell them you released something, or send them some love, your Higher Self can be the one to help get the energy through. You may also find relief in knowing they are protected and guided on their path. They’re not alone, they are always connected to you.

2. If you’re doing your work, your Twin Flame is doing their work.

The fundamental law of Twin Flames is the Mirror Principle. The Mirror principle means that as a Twin to our Soul, our Twin Flame will always mirror our energy. However, mirrors aren’t always direct. They can amplify or shrink something, they can distort it, flip it upside down, or show the polar reflection of what’s in front of it.

Many Twin Flames become worried that even though they are doing all of this work on their end of separation, that their Twin Flame hasn’t grown at all, or will still be asleep and unaware of the true connection when they do return.

As long as you are doing your work and moving towards Union, you Twin will mirror you. This is law.

If you are having a hard time seeing this, remind yourself that Twin Flame can reflect back to us our energy in a refracted way.

You may find that your Twin Flame is incredibly stubborn. This has been frustrating you, because you aren’t stubborn at all! You value flexibility, going with the flow, and compromise, but no matter how much you give, your Twin Flame’s position stays the same. In this instance, your Twin isn’t mirroring you exactly, but showing you the polar image. The opposite of what’s going on with you. Perhaps your work is to borrow some of that stubborn energy from your Twin Flame, and weave it into your strategy. Maybe you are compromising too much, and your Twin Flame wants to reflect that back to you. If you lean into some staying power, you may find your Twin Flame mellows out.

For some Twin Flames, you may be doing your inner work, but your Twin Flame appears to be staying still. Perhaps they are in another relationship or maybe they are just not awakening like you would like to see. Even if you are doing the work, there may be something left to shift that they are reflecting back to you by expanding it. If they are not being present with you but choosing to be present with another, really evaluate how you are showing up for yourself, and if you find that you are doing just fine in that department, see if you need to show up for others a little more. What could they be reflecting back to you by this patterning, and what can you shift so that their reflection shifts too? If they aren’t awakening, perhaps there are things that you aren’t awake too as well. Sometimes in this case it can be a little bit of spiritual ego, but not always. Ask yourself if you’re truly grounded, and if you are, try expanding yourself a bit. If you’re expanded but not grounded, balance yourself out.

Regardless of what the mirror is reflecting, if you are doing your work, the mirror will reflect that back to you. Even if you’re not seeing it fully, keep showing up, keep following your path, and you’ll start to see the manifestation.

3. When you set your internal GPS to divine union, so do they.

When in separation, it’s easy to wonder if your Twin Flame is even trying to make their way back to you. Maybe they were the ones to end the relationship or you departed on bad terms, or even with open communication lines they aren’t reaching out. It’s important to remember that there is always more than what meets the eye with Twin Flames. They may not be reaching out because of the Twin Flame work still left to do, not because they don’t want to be with you or move towards Union.

If you are not with your Twin Flame, then that means there is something that still needs to be shifted and your Twin Flame is mirroring that. But, if you set your sights on getting to that Union, your Twin flame consciously or subconsciously will do the same, because they are mirroring you.

Your Twin Flame will make their way to you if you make their way to them through union and unconditional love energies.

You don’t have to know the path to Union to input it in your GPS, you just have to commit to wanting to get there. Once you input that, your compass will start navigating you the best way possible to get there. You may have a lot of distance or a little, you may have some easy travels or some difficult blocks, either way, it’s the path to Union, and your Twin Flame is walking their half of it as well. When you make that shift, you can trust your Twin Flame is too. If on the surface it appears otherwise, take some time to really think what else this could be reflecting, or give it more time for it to manifest in the 3D.

4. They love you unconditionally, and think about you all of the time.

The love between Twin Flames is eternal, even if physically you are in separation and it doesn’t feel like that love is there. Human beings can be real weird about blocking out their soul or the powerful force of love, especially when met with the intensity of the Twin Flame relationship, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there in their soul.

Know that they love you and allow yourself to feel it. It’s a magical ointment of manifestation and it just feels good too. The truth.

In regards to them thinking about you all the time, you may think otherwise, especially if the lines of communication are open and they’re not reaching out. But, have you ever tried to shut out your Twin Flame and close yourself off from the relationship? And as soon as you did, signs and symbols of their energy appear out of no where? Perhaps they show up in your dreams or you see their name every where you go.

When we try to cut off the Twin Flame journey, our soul does it’s best to redirect us back onto the path. The same happens for your Twin. If they are trying to push the dynamic down, then you will be popping up everywhere, and they can’t help but think about you. If they aren’t trying to resist the relationship, but not pursuing it, then they will constantly have their mind wander to that longing in their heart. You are in their consciousness and subconsciousness. And, with the help of your higher self, inner compass, and doing the work, these thoughts and yearnings will help guide them back to you.

5. You can make their journey easier by sending them your love.

Love is the heart and soul of the Twin Flame relationship, so anytime you can send your Twin love (or let yourself receive their love) you make the journey easier. The journey can be so tough, especially in separation when you are feeling most alone. Send them some love, let yourself receive love, and let the journey be easier. One breath of love at a time.

Leaning into all of these energies will help you bring Union a little bit closer.

If you’d like some extra support on your Twin Flame journey you can apply for a 1-on-1 discovery call, the beta round of my Twin Flame Group Coaching, or check out other Twin Flame resources!

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