So a Psychic Told You They’re Not Your Twin Flame…

We’ve all done it. At this point, it’s like a rite of passage. Somewhere along your journey someone is going to tell you your Twin Flame is not your Twin Flame. And depending on how important their opinion is to you, or how much you doubt yourself, you’ll do your best to believe them. But it just won’t sit. In this article, I talk about why this is an obstacle and what you can do when you meet this obstacle on your twin flame journey to turn things around.

Or maybe it was a friend or family member.

Either way, it seems like this is a rite of passage all twin flames must walk through.

Usually, you had been torn for a while one way or the other and so you finally decide to reach out and ask someone else for their insight. You seek out that confirmation and validation to quiet your doubt… and instead you get the exact response you were dreading.

The person tells you they’re not your twin flame, or that even if they are, they’re never coming back to you.

And with that response, your whole system feels like it is seizing up. There is grief, sadness, anger, and frustration, and while some part of you may glumly agree, another part of you inherently rejects the message.

And so you leave the conversation feeling no better than when you first started, still filled with doubt and confusion, and you’re not sure to go from there.

Maybe you start doing the work to try to move on, but no matter how hard you try, their name keeps popping up or they are always in your dreams and you still can’t shake off the fact that the message that you received about your relationship just feels wrong.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the point where you either have to fully embrace this other person’s opinion, or you have to fully reject it.

Here are my thoughts on how you could move through this moment to create the most space for union.

Why Is This A Twin Flame Obstacle?

Before we go into how you can move through this, it’s important you understand why you may have to move through it in the first place.

This rite of passage is typically teaching you one of two things, or perhaps even both.

First, it’s teaching you to not put the power of you and your truth in the hands of anyone else.

While getting readings or talking things out with a close loved one can really support us, they can never replace our own inner compass system.

If you’ve been allowing other people, psychics or otherwise, to have this power where their opinion carries more weight than your own, then chances are this lesson is showing up to teach you to draw better boundaries between other people and yourself, and to reclaim your sense of self trust.

When you learn to put your own truth above anyone else’s, when you learn to not ignore your internal compass, then you can declare for yourself that your twin flame journey is true and that can be all the confirmation you need.

Second, it’s teaching you how to honor your doubts with integrity, while also not giving your power away to them.

The twin flame relationship is going to require a certain degree of faith, but there are also real experiences we can base that faith on.

And if we have doubts, we owe it to ourselves to explore them fully and with love.

Sometimes, we can avoid our doubts or try to shut them out, either because we think it is showing a lack of faith, or because we are afraid of what we may find.

But at the end of the day, if your truth is that this is your twin flame relationship, then no matter what doubt you explore, that truth will still stand.

When you allow yourself to explore your doubt legitimately, you take away their power and it becomes less scary, and as a result, you grow in confidence in your own experiences.

When someone tells you that this is not your twin flame, it triggers that fear or avoidance of doubt, which then provides you an opportunity to work through that trigger and find a healthier relationship with your doubt and self confidence.

How You Can Overcome This Obstacle

If you are learning lesson number one, aka keeping the power of your truth in your own hands there are a couple of things you may do to help you move through this.

  1. Shadow Work: where do you think the pattern of not trusting yourself, giving your power away, developed? What would it take to release that? What would releasing that look like? Feel like?
  2. Light Work: connect to your power of truth. Allow yourself to tune into the feelings that rejected the message you received, allow yourself to tune into the feelings that knows this is your twin flame.
  3. Explore Your Sacral Chakra: through meditation, working with the color yellow, yoga, journal prompts, etc.
  4. Cord Cut: Cut the cord between you and the person who gave you this message. Ask your guides to encourage empowerment and independence on both sides.
  5. Practice breath work and mantras: Pick an empowering mantra and practice inhaling and exhaling deeply. Here are some examples of mantras: My power is my own. I trust my inner truth. I see the truth clearly. I am confident in my own vision. I trust my inner vision. I trust my outer vision. I reclaim my personal power.

If you are learning lesson number two, aka honoring your doubts with integrity while not giving them your power there are a couple of things you may do to help you move through this.

  1. Shadow Work: Explore why you may be afraid of doubts, what you may be afraid of discovering, why you feel like you are avoiding diving in? Where did you get this pattern from?
  2. Journal: Write down your doubts, and consider both sides of them. Where does each specific doubt come from? Are they based in facts? Fear? Protection? Is there anything about what they are saying that feels true? That feels untrue?
  3. Releasing Ceremony: After you explore your doubts, release them. Burn them, flush them, shred them and throw them away. Safely release.
  4. Light Work: Make a list of all the reasons why you can trust your twin flame relationship, yourself, and this journey. Revisit it as needed.
  5. Create Anchors: Once you have built up an energy of trusting yourself, and trusting your experience, even after looking at the doubts, envision roots growing down from this energy into Mother Earth, grounding down your shifts and awakening. This will allow the energy and shifts to have staying power.

Need a Little More Help?

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