Different Aspects of Your Light: The Differences between the Sun and Moon in your Birth Chart Astrology

“Tell me what is more beautiful; how the moon lets the sun shine throughout the day or the way the sun lets the moon glimmer at night.” -s.b.

One of the easiest things to have access to in Astrology is your Sun Sign. It’s roughly based on the day of the year you were born and anytime someone asks you what sign you are, they are talking about your Sun Sign.

But it’s not the whole story.

The Sun is just one part of who you are.

Today, in this post, I’m going to talk to you about another part of who you are, the Moon, and compare it to the Sun to give you a little insight into what these two bodies mean for you.

Some Key Terms To Know:

In Astrology, we look at where the different planets were when you were born. A snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born indicating where the planets are in the context of zodiac signs and their relationships to each other is known as your birth chart.

Planets refer to the planets as we know them, but also the Sun and Moon (and Pluto too!). Planets are like actors that make up the grander story of who we are and our life.

Each planet will sit in a sign, which is like a character trope the planet will play out. Some signs have fiery personalities, others are much more grounded. Each one is unique and will shape how that planet expresses itself fully.

The Sun and Moon are what are known as luminaries. They are two planets (in astrology speak) that are also a source of light. This will play symbolic importance when we break down a little more about what these two planets mean.

Getting to Know the Keywords

One way to enhance your connection to astrology is to start with the keywords that each planet or sign represent, and work with those. As you add these words to your vocabulary, you’ll start to connect them to bigger ideas which will only expand your understanding of you, others, or the world.

Keywords for the Sun are things like: ego, happiness, self, creativity, romance, fun, children

Keywords for the Moon are things like: emotions, needs, home, family, the mother, past, roots

Starting with these words, what do you notice about how the Sun and Moon are similar or different?

Both represent an intrinsic part of who you are. Your sense of self and happiness is core to you, but so are your emotions and needs.

But, one seems to be more extraverted and the other more introverted. The Sun shines outwards constantly, even when we can’t see it. and that’s true to what it represents in astrology as well. It’s a part of us that is always shining, even if it’s not in a way we can directly see it.

The Moon, on the other hand, doesn’t always shine. It comes and goes depending on its relationship with the Sun and what light is available to reflect. Unlike the Sun, the Moon isn’t its own source of light, it provides light through what it reflects. This speaks to the much more introverted nature the Moon plays in astrology.

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The Day Time vs the Night Time You

A good way to think about the Sun and Moon are to consider how you are affected when each of them are out. During the day, who are you? What do you go through? How do you act? During the night, who are you? Do you do anything differently? Do you show up in a different way then during the day?

You may find you don’t. This really depends on what signs your Sun and Moon are in. Looking to those can tell you the nature of how your day time light shines, or how your night time glow manifests.

Your Sun is going to be something you want to share with more people. The Sun is the center of the solar system, and with each planet revolving around it, it gets to offer a little more light and life. Your Sun is the light that you cultivate and use to help light others up. Or, light up your own life, filling it with things you enjoy.

Your Moon is going to be something that is much more private. You’ll really only bring it out around those you are comfortable with, preferring to save it for when you’re in the comfort of your own home or under the beautiful light of the moon. It’s something that is more intrinsic to who you are, under the surface, speaking less about what you want, and more about what you need. The Moon also waxes and wanes, so you may find how you are feeling has a lot of shifts too, both in how much light you have to offer and the type of emotional light you are feeling in the first place.

Practical Takeaways for the Sun and Moon

With anything in Astrology, knowledge is power, but only if you know what to do with it.

As a key takeaway, besides just learning about what the Sun and Moon are, I want to leave you with some practical translations into your own life.

Whatever your Sun Sign is, this is the area that holds your happiness. Nurture your unique light, create space for what falls under it’s domain, and you will be able to find more happiness in your day to day life.

The Sun is also your key into your boundaries. This is what you need to protect, because if your Sun goes out, there won’t be anything else to reflect.

It may also be important to watch out for ego here, know that you’re going to want to be a source of light, so cultivate space where you can be in a loving way.

Whatever your Moon Sign is, this is the area that will provide you your foundations. Everything you build or do will depend on how good you feel with your Moon sign energy. Ask yourself what would this Moon sign need, and make it a point to add it to your life.

It will also act as a guide to your emotional nature. If emotion work has been calling you but you’re not sure how to dive in, start with your Moon. What does it say about how your emotions may show up?

And lastly, the Moon will guide you in your relationship to the past, both how to reflect on it and how to gain nurturance from it. Whatever you moved through, your Moon will be helpful in moving even further.

What sign is your Sun and Moon in? What does it say about you? Leave a comment down below to let me know!

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