So, What is Thriving Mar Retrograde?

Hi There! 

So, you are interested in Thriving Mars Retrograde, but aren’t totally sure

  • What it is
  • How it can help you
  • And if it’s for you 

(that last one is SUPER important to me, I only want people who are going to thrive in this type of support to join!) 

FIRST – What is it?

Maybe lately you’ve been feeling

  • Tired for no reason, or for EVERY reason
  • Like you aren’t sure what path to take, and even if you do make a decision, you’re feeling extra uncertain about what you chose
  • Your anger start to manifest in different ways, in particular, it’s directing more inward than out, at yourself, and you either
    • Rationalize it away
    • Or store it until it blows up in a bigger way
    • Or just don’t do anything because you aren’t sure what to do
  • Like you are finding a newer version, more real version of who you really are. 

These are all signs that we are in the shadows of Mars Retrograde. 

When any planet goes retrograde, it covers the same material three times. 

First, before the retrograde, it moves along a certain section of the zodiac, in this case, it’s Aries.

Then, once it goes retrograde, it stops at the end of this section, and then starts to move backward, like a zipper unzipping what you’ve just covered. 

~this is the juicy period were Thriving Mars Retrograde comes into play, more on that later

Last, after it’s done retrograding, it stops, turns direct, and moves forward again zipping up that section that was first introduced long before Mars went retrograde.

The actual retrograde is what is known as the storm

And the period before and after are known as the shadows.

Typically, you can start to feel some of the effects in anticipation of the retrograde in the first shadow, where we are now. You can also get a sneak preview of what material you’ll work with more fully during the retrograde, so pay attention to how these themes are manifesting! 

Once Mars actually GOES retrograde on September 10th, the first day of Thriving Mars Retrograde,

That’s when this material is going to feel extra heightened.

  • You may find yourself battling with a lot of tiredness
  • You may find yourself reevaluating your paths, and maybe even readjusting the direction you are heading in, once you find a deeper alignment with your heart and soul of course
  • You may find yourself looking at anger in a whole new light, and looking at what makes you angry from this new perspective, shifting your self assertion and expression to a new level of healthy manifestation 
  • And, you may do some more work with the new self you have been stepping into. 
    • This means taking it deeper, and taking it farther. 
    • How super exciting. 

Thriving Mars Retrograde can help you during this time by providing the support system you need to navigate this energy. 

  • One of the most helpful things Thriving Mars Retrograde will bring is a daily post talking to you about the energy you are feeling in a more detailed manner so you can tune in and leverage what is available for you, or have compassion for what is ‘required’ of you.
    • This gives you a little bit of knowing so you don’t have to navigate things blind. 
    • You’ll find out when Mars is being supported by a planet, when it’s at a little bit of a war with others, when it’s moving fast, and when it’s moving slow and what all that means for YOU.
  • You’ll also have access to a step-by-step video tutorial and worksheet where you can easily map out where Mars is going to be each day of the retrograde for you, and what that means for your PERSONALIZED chart, no prior self-astrology knowledge is required! 
    • This will help you look beyond the collective, and create space for your unique journey too
    • It will also help you learn a lot about yourself, which is prime mars retrograde energy!
  • There will be THREE live readings, at the beginning, middle, and end to provide you with the insight you need at these pivotal stages of the journey. 
    • These are always people’s most enjoyed aspect of TMR, so I know people will enjoy them here too.
  • Weekly live Zoom calls, where we can gather on an important day of the week (to be determined based on the energy and transits we experience each week!). 
    • This will include a small teaching or insight sharing on the energy
    • And then, a completely voluntary discussion on how this is manifesting for you
    • This will allow you to build some connection to your fellow Mars Retrograde journeypeople, and find insight through talking it out, and listening to other people talk it out
  • The occasional journal prompts, Q&A or action steps when they will support you most! 
  • A private facebook group where you can post questions, share insight or experiences, and connect with those on this journey too!

This is all for TEN WEEKS! From September 9th, until November 13th!  

That is a lot of support available for you, which will allow you to make some big changes, and take this energy deeper than if you had to navigate it completely alone. 

How do you know if it’s for you?

  • You benefit from knowing what you are moving through before or as you move through it
  • You are working on your life path, self expression, happiness, or anger and want to see some major progress
  • You enjoy connecting with others, or at least, you feel better when you move through something with other people rather than completely alone! 
  • You enjoy receiving guidance and support from other people through readings or intuitive messages 
  • You are mars dominate, or have been feeling the energy of the shadow! 
  • You want to find the ability to thrive, not just survive, the energy you are moving through
  • And most importantly, you feel good about investing in this program to get all of these goodies. 
    • It is $155 to join the program, if you bring a friend who joins too, you guys both get a $30 discount! If you don’t join at the same time, no worries, I can send you that credit back. 

Feel into the journey, feel into the support group, does it feel like it would support you?

If you have any questions please let me know!

To join, just go here!

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