Earth Grand Trine, Saturn Going Direct, Aligning with Trust instead of Fear

The Moon is now in Taurus!!

Taurus energy is all about grounding into what makes you feel good, and letting it bloom like a thick garden. 

This is highlighting an Earth Grand Trine we have too.

Uranus Retrograde along side the Moon in Taurus means that you may notice what feels good is doing a lot of shifting. You may want to stick with security, but flow with value instead. Find the inner rebel in you, connect to why it’s so important to make this big shift, and then do it!

Then, we have Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node in Capricorn. Pluto Retrograde is helping you go inward and really do the inner work necessary so that you feel good about the changes you are making. Where do you have to confront some big fears? Where do your deepest healings need to take place? Saturn Retrograde is helping you to solidify all of this, but if you’re avoiding some work, he’ll also put some stress on to you to push you into action. (This will come from external pressure encouraging you to stand taller, rather then internal dialogue telling yourself you aren’t good enough, fyi!) 

Overall, he’s moving really, really slowly right now though. So in general you may feel really anxious around career energy anyways. Basically, you probably have just recently made a hard yet positive decision moving forward, but things just aren’t moving forward that fast. This may leave you doubting your choice in the first place. Use this time to really see your self as a worthy CEO of your life. You make good choices, the Universe just needs time to catch up with the follow through.

Things will be moving full steam ahead before you know it, and with the South Node here to, there is a great collective reminder that we all already know how to Show Up, so it’s just about trusting ourselves to show up when we need to. Which, isn’t all the time. So if you’re finding yourself not really doing well with showing up, it may be because you forgot the main learning lesson is on the home front. Work with your emotions, and the career stuff will start flowing again too. 

Then, in Virgo, we have the Sun and Mars, with Mercury and Venus having left under the Full Moon, taking off some of the universal pressures here. Virgo rules the day to day life and the routine you have. Basically Taurus is the earthly resources you have to build, Capricorn is the earthly empire you are trying to build (You get to define what kind of empire you have, Empress/Emperor), and Virgo is the daily steps you take to execute and build according to plan. 

The Sun is having us focus a lot on the little details. This has been square Jupiter, the planet with the vision, so at times, when the details just aren’t working, you may find yourself incredibly frustrated. 

Take a breather, and let your guides support you a bit in this process. Just identify what you want more ease in, and hand it over to them. Before you know it, you’ll get the divine inspiration you truly need. Unfortunately, this may not be on your own clock, but if you can truly surrender to your flow, it will be exactly what you need and when you need it. Trust your vision, trust your process, and trust your team! Trust you! 

Mars here reminds us that the path ahead has not yet been carved. This means, there is no right or wrong choices. There is only the choices you make and how you want to make those choices. 

This Taurus Moon is a perfect energy to ask yourself what do you value? What do you want to see more of in your life? Use these parameters in your flow, making your choices based on what you find important, and don’t be afraid to check in and see if they still align too. Remember the lessons of Uranus, if it’s time to shift, it’s time to shift! 

Nurture the good, and the good will bloom.

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