Running a Spiritual Business Has Honestly Felt Like an Oxymoron…

Running a Spiritual Business has honestly felt like an oxymoron for such a long time.

The goal of a business is to make money. Even if you started a business to make an impact or solve a problem, the intention is still to make money doing so.

Otherwise, you would have just started a non-profit, right?

Spirituality, on the other hand, while it can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people, for me, is a tool for helping others.

It’s a tool that I use to connect to the soul, to form a relationship with spirit, and to have the energy of unconditional love dance through our bones.

It’s something that I have used to help heal, empower, and guide myself and others.

This is important stuff, and truthfully can help solve a lot of problems.

I know how to connect anyone in the world with a personalized guidance system that celebrates who they are and empowers them to do anything they want, especially their soul mission!

Imagine what that would do for you! Imagine what that would do for the world! If everyone felt empowered enough to live out what their soul came here to do!

If you are unhappy in your life, confused on your soul purpose, wanting to heal after some trauma, or seeking love, spirituality is a fantastic tool. Astrology is a fantastic tool!

And I’m very passionate about helping people connect with these tools.

But, to charge money for helping people? To charge people for this guidance?

Well, that just felt stingy.

My Energetic Backdrop

If you’re like me, you were taught that money is the root of all evil.

Growing up, my dad used to point out how our local pastor lived in the wealthiest neighborhood, with a pool in his backyard, and took yearly vacations to Europe, but this wasn’t in celebration of those achievements.

Our pastor said all of this was a vehicle for him to reach more people, but my dad wasn’t buying it! In the bible, Jesus said give until it hurts. That’s what my dad thought our pastor should do.

It’s what my dad did!

And so, I learned, to be a good person, to spread the energy of love, in whatever form you call it, you had to be broke.

You had to be so broke it hurt.

You had to give away all the good you have, without anything in return, and live life in PAIN.

And to be wealthy, especially as a spiritual person, is wrong.

And unfortunately, this is something that was echoed by a lot of spiritual communities I was in.

So many of my clients said they didn’t want to charge too much because no one could afford it, that it wasn’t right to charge for the help they provided.

So many of my friends were afraid to go big in their spiritual business because they thought it was wrong to make money, to be abundant.

Even I was terrified every time my guides pushed me to raise my prices!

What will people think of me? Will people stop booking? Will they think I’m just money hungry and don’t care about them?!

We were all afraid of one day becoming wealthy and in turn, losing our soul! We were all afraid that money would overpower the love we wanted to offer the world.

But eventually, I realized something wasn’t working here.

Something Had To Give

Because I was giving so much that it hurt, I found myself depleted. Both my cup and my bank account were empty. I couldn’t afford to put a roof over my head, so I had to depend on my parents. I didn’t know how to care for myself, so I snapped at everyone in my personal life.

I fought with my boyfriend over my business and how I should be making more.

I was afraid to ask for help, scurrying around like a cockroach in the dead of night trying to avoid everyone in shame of where I was financially.

I fell into depression. My energy shrank. I became miserable. At times, I just wanted my existence to be over.

Yet, at the same time, I was being guided to share the truth with my clients.

I was guided by their road maps and spirit guides to let them know how much they deserve their dream. How much their soul mission is meant to manifest.

How much, they can even support themselves doing it!

My dream was never to have an office in my parents garage, without enough gas money to go thirty minutes down the road.

My dream was never to stay in struggle, to stay in lack, with what felt like no way to get out of it.

My dream was to own a beautiful home! My dream was to be able to travel the world. My dream was to be able to help people on a massive level.

I wanted to move out of my home state. I wanted to open up my own spiritual shop! I wanted to be able to turn around and buy my parents a new car, house, or vacation.

Back before I opened my spiritual business, I had no problem moving towards these things! I had no problem loving my dreams and ambitions.

But when I became a spiritual business owner, I started to play it small.

I had shrunk my energy because it felt like I had to to be a good person, and in turn, my impact shrank too.

A Little Perspective Shift Goes a Long Way

I’ve always loved learning and reading, so I found myself reading a lot of self help books during this time. I especially loved the ones with millionaire in the title.

I don’t remember where I came across this practice, but one of these amazing books recommended to me that I go through the list of wealthy people in the world, and write down the names of any millionaires or billionaires who I thought were good people.

Essentially, if I could find just ONE person who had money but wasn’t evil, I’d have what I needed to start breaking down the belief that money is the root of all evil.

I thought of two people. Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. Both wealthy, both generous, both amazing, both living their soul purpose, both using money as a tool to fuel their good.

I realized then, that I could use money to fuel my good too!

Money doesn’t have to be the root of all evil. Money is what you make it, and I wanted to make it good!

The Deeper Issue at Hand

Even though I now knew that I could do good things with money, it still wasn’t flowing in!

So what gives?

The thing about money is, it’s a mirror.

Everything in life is a mirror really, but money in particular is a mirror for how worthy you feel, and how worthy you feel about the work you are doing.

My childhood pastor obviously felt very worthy in what he was doing.

My dad, not so much.

For the longest time in my business, I didn’t feel worthy, and it SHOWED!

I often asked myself, who am I to make an impact?

I’m not Oprah! I’m not Ellen!

I’m just Katie!

But, in all honesty, who am I NOT to make an impact?

And, who am I NOT to get paid for it?

Who are you NOT to make an impact?

Who are you NOT to get paid for it?

Listen, you came into this world with a mission, a purpose, and a plan. You also came here to live abundantly and beautifully.

You don’t have to play it small. You don’t have to buy into the narrative that money is evil. And you don’t have to live life feeling like you aren’t worthy and that you don’t have something powerful to offer the world.

Your light is amazing, and it’s time for you to share it with the world.

And this is exactly why I co-created Cosmic Money Love with Jennifer Hourston.

Cosmic Money Love is a 12 week program where you connect to your soul purpose, you connect to your ability to manifest so much abundance, and you let them dance together.

You find ease and FUN in your relationship to spirit, money, and where they intermingle.

And it’s going to be life changing!

If you would like to join, or learn more, you can read ALL about it here, or shoot me a message here to get on the phone and talk a little bit about if this is the right fit for you.

We start September 23rd!

You can also join both Jen and I in a little sneak preview of Cosmic Money Love!! In this three day mini-workshop, you are going to learn how to boost abundance and attract more money.

In only three days, you are going to expand your tool arsenal and shift the way you view what you do so that you can allow more money into your life.

What a perfect way to get your feet wet!

To learn more about this or join, just go here! That’s starting September 16th, so you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time, beautiful and abundant soul!

Love, Katie

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