Celebration in Scorpio – Full Moon May 18, 2019


Celebration and Intimacy

We have a Scorpio Full Moon this Friday, and for many people, anything Scorpio seems a little scary. Full Moons are a time of harvest and celebration, and that doesn’t change even when we are working through an energy like Scorpio.

Scorpio is about intimacy, connection, and release. It represents human connection, the bonding of souls, and the bliss that can come from that, or the pain.

But this is a Full Moon, so we are in celebration mode.  This is not about the pain, but about the healing and love that comes with it.

The Full Moon will help you celebrate your ability to connect to yourself and others. It will have you dancing and rejoicing for all that you have healed and moved through, all that you are healing and moving through, and all that you are opening up to. It will have you harvesting the joy of going deeper. Think about the Sacral chakra, and it’s ability to drop us into our deepest parts of self. Think tantric sex, or kundalini rising and the intimate bond that is experienced during the interconnection of two beings, or even one being, and all parts of who they are.

That is what this Scorpio Full Moon wants to deliver.

Even if you aren’t in a partnership, you may find this is a great time to get close to yourself, on all levels. Even if you ARE in a partnership, dive inward too. Emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and even social. Get to know yourself. See yourself, explore yourself, no matter what you are feeling, what you are thinking, or how you are looking, because you are magnificent.

The Energy of Balance

Full Moons occur once a month when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. In astrology, oppositions are all about balance.

On one end of the spectrum, you have the Moon in Scorpio. The Moon is your emotions, it’s nurturing energy, and it’s foundational. It is how you feel and the security within and without that you build your life upon. In Scorpio, this security comes from connection. Your emotions seek release and intimacy.

Then, you have the Sun in Taurus. The Sun is your creative force. It’s happiness, light, and joy. Right now it is in Taurus, which is the yin to Scorpio’s yang. Taurus is self-worth, your ability to do something on your own, build value, and have something solid in your life. 

Collectively through the Sun, we are focusing in on creating something that is both sturdy and valuable, but also, something that feels good to who we are.

Emotionally, we are going within, releasing, and connection.

This Full Moon is asking you to find your balance between the two.

Scorpio is about release. So, if there is anything heavy rising to the surface it’s so you can let it go. Let go of the old so you can welcome in the new. Welcome in your inner power, healing, and happiness.

You are reaping something today, you are being rewarded during this Full Moon, for the inner and outer work you have been doing. You have been focusing on building something solid and in the meantime you have been releasing along the way, you have been diving deep along the way, you have been grabbing the weeds by the root, and clearing it down to the deepest level, and you get to rejoice in the power, freedom, and bliss that offers to you.

Scorpio is about opening up your heart and connecting.

Connect to yourself.

Open up your heart to yourself.

Connect to others.

Open up your heart to who you love most.

You love them so dearly, they are worth it, you are worth it and this is a time to celebrate.

Solid Communication

During this Full Moon, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be joining the Sun in Taurus. Communication is slow and steady. It’s a good time to really put thought into what you have to say and what you have to do, and from that a solid garden grows.

With the Sun and Mercury connecting, you can communicate from the heart. It’s easy to talk about your self-worth and what you have been building.

At the same time, the opposition to the Moon is calling in the energy of balance again.

As you do your deep dive and celebration, focus on feeling it. Focus on feeling how you feel, and all that comes with that.

Don’t worry so much from communicating from this space, just feel.

And when you are ready, when you feel called, if you feel called to share what you realized, let your message form in a nourishing way, but after you have danced inwardly.

Speak with flowers, trees, and nature in your words. Speak of and share with others the joy of your inner dance.

Those who understand, will understand.

Those who feel, will feel the joy with you, and in your own beautiful way, you will share and experience that feeling of connection and intimacy all over again.

Moving Forward with Your Emotions

When the Full Moon hits its peak on the east coast, the North Node in Cancer will be conjunct the Midheaven.

The North Node is where your soul wants you to grow. It’s energy that hasn’t been explored in a while, that is ready for the growth.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents emotional energy. It’s nurturance, it’s inner acceptance, it’s safety beyond the physical level, even if it includes the physical level.

The North Node in Cancer wants you to explore the energy of tending to the self. What does it mean to tune into your emotions? What does it mean to nurture yourself? What emotional foundation are you giving yourself in this lifetime?

The Midheaven is at the peak of a chart. It represents the highest point one can shine from. Traditionally, it rules career, public image, and hard work, the yin to Cancer’s yang.

But in this instance, it feels like a calling to look towards the future you want, and rather than focusing in on the career you need to build to get there or the reputation you need to have, focus on the emotional energy.

What emotional energy do you get to tend to? And can you celebrate this process?

Especially under a Scorpio Full Moon, tune in, and celebrate.

This energy feels new.

This energy doesn’t have a guaranteed path forward.

But it feels so good, and when you tune into your inner knowing, you will know.

You are on your way, and you are loving yourself along the way.

Trust in your inner power, trust in what you are building. Trust that all the work you have been doing is being received and expanding.

Full Moon Reading

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