Saturn Retrograde!

As you may or may not know, Saturn has gone retrograde!

I wasn’t originally going to write about Saturn Retrograde. I didn’t feel inspired, I didn’t feel like I had the energy, and truth be told, I saw people sharing posts about Saturn Retrograde and thought, there’s enough voices, mine isn’t needed and it’s too late anyways.

And then a friend reached out.

And said she wanted my point of view, because everything she read played on fear, and she knew that just wasn’t my style.

So I figured, maybe my voice is needed.

But then the energy wasn’t there, and so as more and more time passed, I kept worrying that I’m missing the boat, Saturn turned retrograde too many days ago, and what if it takes me too long to feel inspired?

But then I got inspired!

Saturn represents what we are building.

He also represents discipline and hard work. He is the 30 year careers and projects and empires that we create, that we are creating.

Our soul has a plan for us, in fact, we were the ones who picked it; so if we are getting off course for our intentions for ourselves, our soul may through some road blocks to get our attention, but for the most part, Saturn isn’t this great punisher like he is made out to be.

He is a tool for you to use as you build something that really matters to you.

Something that matters so much you’re willing to do it even if it doesn’t pay, stick with it beyond the first day, month, year, and decade, something that you are so passionate, or determined to create.

Even if that passion is determination is hiding under the surface.

Retrogrades happen because we look at the planets from our position on Earth, and even though they orbit around the Sun in a pretty regular circle, from our vantage point, sometimes it looks like planets are going backward!

Saturn goes retrograde every year for about 5 months, so it’s pretty standard and something you’ve moved through before long before you learned about Saturn, Retrogrades, or Astrology.

When this happens, the energy turns inwards. There is a lot of reworking with things, especially stuff that came up between now and January 20th, but it’s not just reworking to rework.

It’s reworking to decide. What is worth your time? Attention? Resources? Dedication?

When a planet goes retrograde and the energy turns inward, it takes some redirecting things to get it to go outward again.

That means some of the energy you’d normally have available, has to go towards the reworking process.

So you don’t have as much energy for everything.

But that’s not a bad thing.

It’s a good thing, because you get to understand your priorities on a deeper level.

What do you want to build in your life?

Is your attention going towards that? Or do you expend yourself elsewhere?


Pluto is dancing in Capricorn with Saturn too, so maybe there’s some healing in that, so let yourself heal too.

And focus on what you want to build, re-dedicated or dedicate yourself to your inner convictions and truths, desires and passions.

Still trust and flow and surrender and all that jazz, but don’t be passive in your desires for your life.

Act on them.

And, on a very positive note, Saturn is also conjunct the South Node. This means, collectively, we already know how to do this Saturn stuff. We already know how to build what we want to build.

We just have to let ourselves build.

The true focus is on the North Node, in Cancer. Tending to the self. Nurturing your foundation. Loving yourself through all emotional vulnerabilities.

That is the lesson our souls are called to focus on.

So even if you aren’t getting instant results, especially if you aren’t getting instant results, dedicate yourself to what’s most important to you, and then trust in yourself to show up.

Saturn ends his retrograde on September 18th and leaves his shadow period on December 24th.

There is no rush, just ease.

You got this.

And, if you want support, guidance, or encouragement moving through this, I can help you with that.

I can support you through a reading, or through a coaching session.

Reach out, and we’ll get talking.

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