Reading or Coaching: Is it Right for You?

Hello and welcome to a little intuitive journey!

Let’s start by taking a big deep breath.

So let’s face it, you clicked on this post because at least some part of you is seeking guidance.

But what kind of guidance do you need?

First, let’s talk about the types of guidance available.


Readings and coaching will differ with each reader and coach, and with each client.

Readings are great when you need to tune in, get some clarity, shift some energy, and get a little pick-me-up.

In a one-on-one with me, I pull up your birth chart and connect to your energy. I start with the age-old question: Do you want to look into something particular or do you want to see where the magic takes us?

Whatever you decide is what we go with, and through conversation, I’ll bring up and pass on any messages that are important for you to hear, and if your guides want to work with you to move through something, we’ll do that too. It may be releasing grief, guilt, or trauma, shifting your mindset or perspective, working through a tricky problem, or whatever else your soul may need.

Each reading will be different. They are a reflection of your energy and what you need in that moment. Wherever you are in life, a reading responds to that.


Coaching is different because you get to work with energy consistency and over a longer time period. More movement and shifts can happen on this larger scale.

Coaching involves some reading, but the bulk of it is around coaching you through your real life situations and circumstances towards your wants and desires. Coaching is set out to transform your way of looking at things and moving through things so that you can live a more empowered and fulfilled life.

Coaching is great if you need support facilitating change.

Before we even get started on coaching, we’ll have an initial conversation. I may read for you a bit for more clarity, and together we will decide what shifts you want to make, what energies you want to work on, and what your intentions are in working together.

From there, I sit down and connect to my guides, use my cards, the knowledge of your birth chart, and our intention setting and channel a coaching package for you.

Each coaching package is custom tailored and designed to move you through the transformation you want to experience. Once I’ve channeled the outline, I’ll send the proposal over to you so you can read about the process we’ll go through, how often well meet, what’s expected of you, and the investment.

If you tune in and are happy with the package, we’ll move forward with coaching. If you aren’t, no worries! You know what is best for you, and I want you to follow that.

Once we start the coaching, it’s just about meeting, working through energy, some homework here and there to work on each week, and making change. Any time doubt, fear, or external problems arise, we’ll work through them, and through that you find empowerment.


Sometimes what you need is neither a reading nor a coaching session, but rather time with your own guidance system. However you work with me, my goal is always to return you back to your self, so if you feel called to not work with me, it’s my greatest joy for you to follow that.

Sometimes we do need readings or coaching. There are certain things we can’t see or shift, and sometime other people are meant to help us with that. There are certain changes that are hard for us to facilitate, so being supported in those changes is life altering.

But other times, we need our own support, and that’s okay too.


Now that you know the options, sit with yourself. Take a few breathes. What kind of support or guidance are you needing?

Which of these options are lighting you up?

Which one can you just not ignore?

Go with that!

Do you feel called to just get some answers in this moment? Then book a reading!

Do you feel called to put more into a bigger transformation and change? Then explore coaching.

Or, do you feel like right now, you have the answers you need? Then keep working with you.

Wherever you feel called, it’s perfect.


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