Did you know you have a personalized guidance system?

Did you know you have a personalized guidance system?

One that is so specific to you, that in order for someone else to have the exact same system they would have to be born on the same day as you, at the same time as you, and in the same hospital as you, or born under the exact same stars when they repeat in 25,000 years.

You really are something special.

And this guidance system will help provide rich insight into why, how, and what you can do with it.

It mirrors exactly who you are and what you will move through.

It helps you understand how you are meant to navigate your life.

It takes you from blindly walking through a forest, in hopes of hitting something that you don’t know where it is, to being able to see the path and how to walk it, all laid out in front of you.

And this guidance system takes it deep. It sees the big picture and doesn’t miss out on showing you anything that you need to see.

At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice the details either.

It helps you with all of it, and it helps you find your flow.

We all have a harmony that we sing best at.

This system helps you connect to and sing at yours.

And did you know you had this all at your fingertips?

It’s called a birth chart, or a natal chart, depending on your mood. It’s a picture of the sky from the exact moment you came into being. As above, so below.

And you can access it, you can dive into it, and you can learn so much more about who you are.

To find out more: katieturner.love/rediscovering-you/

Ah-Ha Moments Clients Had With Their Birth Chart

*Different Names Used for Anonymity

One of my clients, Samantha, had grown up thinking she was dumb, lived her adult life thinking she didn’t know anything and her mind was no use to her.

In all actuality, Samantha wasn’t dumb at all. With Mercury conjunct her Neptune, she was incredibly mentally intuitive, but growing up surrounded by people who didn’t know this or know how to raise a spiritually wise child, she didn’t even realize this herself.

Mercury rules the mind, and Neptune is connection to spirit, but it also dissolves some of the more logical rules of reality we like to play with. Sometimes spirit sees beyond the physical, but often times we expect our minds to play with the logical.

Now knowing about how her mental energy flow, she can play to her strengths: with trust and spirit, Samantha can channel some amazing information. She can also manifest whatever she wants when she puts her mind to it.

She’ll need to honor her alone time as well because that is when she gets to really understand what her mind is teaching her, but ultimately, through understanding her birth chart, she can honor who she is and start changing the way she views herself and lives her life.

Another one of my clients, Patty, comes from a very logical and masculine career, but one day she realized that is no longer for her. So she quit her job, and completely switched gears. Now she runs her own business where she conducts spiritual healing work.

Because her South Node is in Capricorn and in her sixth house, she has a soul level strength when it comes to working hard and in the logical left brain field.

But, her soul didn’t come to rest in her comfort zone, it came to explore something new, which for her, is her North Node in Cancer and in the 12th house. Cancer is emotional energy, it’s more about nurturance of the self then it is about working hard towards an external goal.

The 12th house takes the 6th house logic and spins it on its head! Her soul is here to learn how to navigate the unknown, using intuition and trust, to live her life. And that is what she is doing, but whenever she gets doubtful, and thinks, maybe I should have stayed where I was at, she can think back to her birth chart and remember, she’s doing exactly what her soul came here to do, so no more looking back!

Now, what can you get out of learning your Natal Chart Astrology? Truly, a whole bunch! I have journals and journals filled with ah-ha moments, empowerment, and self-love as I worked through my birth chart for the first time, and even to this day, I’m discovering new guidance that I get to love myself all over again for, and you can do that too.

For you to get started, I want you to just get on google or youtube and search for your Sun Sign, and then read up on it. What resonates? What about your Sun Sign are strengths? What are things about your Sun Sign that it will be important for you to honor? What do you really like about the way people speak about your Sun Sign? Is there anything you don’t like about the way they speak about your Sun Sign? Is there something you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before? How will knowing this impact your life?

Get curious here. There’s a reason why I’m not including twelve description paragraphs to this. There is SO much available on your Sun Sign, so seek it! Part of the magic of the birth chart comes from seeking out yourself.

Then, when you are done, or even before you begin, if you are feeling the stirrings in your soul right now, the excitement about what Astrology has to bring you, you can keep googling to get you there, or you can join me and an amazing group of students to learn your birth chart in an online classroom environment, where we focus on not only learning all the parts of your birth chart but also how you can empower yourself and unlock what you are capable of with this information.

This will be a course where you discover or rediscover a lot about yourself. There will be healing, sudden realizations, confirmations, affirmations, and harmonizing with who you are on a soul level.

You will also leave knowing you can hold a conversation about Astrology, and bring something new to the table. You will leave knowing how to expand your understanding of self, Astrology, and your birth chart.

Because you are always growing, and there is always more.

Sometimes it’s not about learning how to be the best master, but the best student. This course, helps you find your best student of Astrology so that you can continue to grow, expand, and dance in the light of who you are.

To learn more and join go here: https://katieturner.love/courses-workbooks/rediscovering-you/

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