How Your Sign Can Get Grounded

Grounding is important in life. It’s where you allow yourself to connect to the earth, your body, and the world around you.44544EFB-7640-4F6D-970D-CA0FE5394845.JPG

During this Pisces Mercury Retrograde, it is easy to get lost in what you want life to be like, but in order to ever make that manifest, you have to acknowledge, embrace, and move from where you are right now.

This means grounding is especially important when you aren’t completely satisfied with where you are, or you are working towards a big goal.

Remember, you are not a fixed being, you are always on your way.

Getting grounded in the present moment can help you reconnect to the power being on your way brings, however, we all ground in different ways.

Read down below for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and see how you can get yourself connected and empowered in your present, conscious, and beautifully divine moment.

Aries: You have highly active energy, and you often love to do new things and challenge yourself in new ways. Take some time to do something active or competitive, like playing a sport with friends, or trying a new run or workout on your own. Notice how you feel and move through any resistance as you test and stretch your limits. Your ability to move through those moments is what empowers you to move through anything.

Taurus: You are someone who finds security in stability. You also receive the world through your senses. To help you ground, go for a walk somewhere where you can feel the support of the earth. As you walk, take in everything you see, hear, smell, and feel. Can you feel the wind, can you hear the birds, and can you smell the dirt and fresh air? Really allow yourself to embrace that the Earth is here to support and hold you, and you can count on her to always be there for you, in one way or the other. She is your safety net.

Gemini: Gemini, you are someone who really navigates the world through the mind, and when you feel ungrounded, it’s super important to get your mental energy involved in bringing you back to the present moment. Think of a friend, acquaintance, or even professional you can talk to who usually has a pretty grounded perspective and energy and comes from a place of love. Talk to them about things that are important to you in life right now, and see where your own perspective can start to benefit from the energy in front of you.

Cancer: Cancer, you ground through your ability to connect to home. It’s when you feel safe to just be who you are that you are able to feel the most present. For your grounding exercise, go home, if it’s available to you and will be supporting. Or, if you would rather do something else, go outside, in your own backyard if you can, and take a moment to breathe in Mother Earth. You are always at home, even amongst all the chaos of life. The Earth is here for you, holding you, supporting you, and nurturing your soul.

Leo: Leo, it’s important for you to have fun in life, and it’s through having fun that you come back to the present moment. To ground, go on a nature hike with a kid or take on a creative project! Really allow yourself to see the world from that childlike perspective. Or, if you need to go alone, encourage your own inner child to come out and show you a little bit about the world that they see. You may be surprised how peaceful you feel when you let that fun and innocent self out.

Virgo: For you to feel grounded, it’s important to feel like things are moving forward. Take a moment to look at the current ‘chores’ that are available to you. Is there one that is standing out to you? Invite yourself to be present through taking care of this task for yourself. You can do your taxes, laundry, or clean your home. Or, if nothing on your to do list is striking a chord, can you do anything to make the rest of your day or week run smoother? Take a trip to the grocery store and prep some great meals for the day, pick out your outfits for the week, or pack your bag for the day ahead.

Libra: You appreciate a lot of things in life, but some of the most important things for you Libra are your friendships or partnerships, and beauty. Take some time today to go with a friend, or alone, and spend some time in nature. Go visit a garden, and really appreciate all of the beauty, or go work in your own garden, tending to your own flowers with love! Really take the time to appreciate it all, and have a conversation where you share how much you love and appreciate each other.

Scorpio: To ground your energy Scorpio, it’s important to create space for the depth you hold, but also to the safety you desire. Take some time to find your favorite journal and your favorite pen. Really think about which options really fit you. Then, find your favorite spot, somewhere you feel safe, held, and honored. Sit down, and sit with how you feel. In your journal, you can write, or you can draw or doodle. There are no expectations on what you express, just know it’s safe for you to sit with yourself and let yourself express.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, for you grounding may need to be a bit different. You enjoy being in new environments, but what really brings you to the present moment, and the possibilities within, is your ability to explore a little bit of philosophy, or perspective. Find a nice hiking trail or a nice spot in your neighborhood and be with nature. Then, ask yourself what you can learn from what you see. What do trees have to teach you? birds? clouds? rain? grass? What lessons do their perspectives bring, and how can it help you right where you are today?

Capricorn: For you Capricorn, you are someone who is always working harder for more, but sometimes grounding comes from appreciation for what you and others already have. Spend some time donating or giving your time and energy to others who may be less fortunate, and really appreciate what that does for others. Be present with the compassion that can come from this. What you will find is, even though you are giving to others, you receive something too. What you receive will be incredibly important for you moving forward on your journey with love.

Aquarius: Aquarius, you are someone who does well when change happens, even if you don’t always embrace the change. You aren’t a big fan of the status quo, you like to change things up! For you to find grounding, it’ll be important to find the balance in the stable and in the different. Go for a walk somewhere you haven’t been before, and when you find a nice spot, stop and sit for a while. Really soak in the new energy. Allow yourself to feel where things feel different, and know that you can find support and movement with ease whenever you need it, even if it’s not always in the way you expected.

Pisces: Finding grounding as a Pisces can feel like a bit of an oxymoron. It can be hard to come back down to earth when you are always up in the heavens, learning from and listening to the messages of the soul. To help you find your grounding, it will help you to find a place where the earth meets spirit. Find a soft, safe space outside, somewhere where you can completely lean in and be free. And then, close your eyes and breathe. Maybe you fall asleep, maybe you meditate, or maybe you just ‘be’. Either way, it’ll be exactly what you need!


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