How Will Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

(Can read for Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus etc.)

Mercury Retrograde is upon us again, officially starting March 5th! This time, it’s in energetic and feeling based Pisces. Don’t be surprised if communication gets hard and everyone is in their feelings.

We are all busy working through something that our soul finds very important. This is a vulnerable time. Keep focusing on you and your own work, and send love outward. Let any misunderstandings fall to the side.

Focus on the love you feel in the air, and the more love you will find all around you.


      Diving into the subconscious, this Retrograde has you revisiting your dreams, and not just the night time ones. For your higher growth, and to help you manifest what you’ve been working towards, let this energy inspire you to revive your imagination. You know the one, you may have put it on the shelf when you decided you were growing up and had to be more responsible now, but it’s time to take it back down! No dream is too big and all dreams can be responsible too.

     Spend some time alone, really tuning into what energy gets stirred up. The more you can practice and play with how you are feeling and what you are feeling in regards to certain things, the more your intuitive and discerning abilities heighten. When it comes to doing what you are doing, this will be a great thing to have.

     There is no zodiac sign that comes before you, Aries, so sometimes when doing something big and bold, which you are, you just have to trust your gut and go for it. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and stay flexible, the universe likes where you are heading, and can’t wait to see where you will end up.

     This is a time for connecting to your soul center and rediscovering its voice. You may feel like life is moving so fast and you don’t know where it’s heading. You are processing and moving through the winter, before the next spring. Don’t force yourself to decide right away how you want to bloom. Just feel, and when you are ready, you will know.


     Slow and steady wins the race, and boy is that victory sweet! You are the type of person to give things a lot of thought before jumping in. You aren’t one to like a lot of change, and a big change very quickly that you weren’t exactly expecting can really put you at unease. This upcoming change isn’t completely unexpected though, because the universe has been given you plenty of hints.

    How can you best use this prep time to help though? Mercury is calling on you to reevaluate and review your energetic relationship with your friends and social connections. As you may know, a lot of times getting to a great position, having a great opportunity, or having just the right door open can really depend on having just the right relationship with just the right person. And on the other hand, enjoying life and living it to the fullest requires people who spark joy in your heart. Who is in your corner for your fun and who there is to support you on your way to success.

     Spend as much time as possible with those who bring you joy, and if someone can sit in both categories, that’s definitely a plus. Mercury also has been working with you to develop a curiosity for what would happen if a certain dream of yours or desire of yours manifested. To actually manifest it, Mercury wants to now show you the pathways.

      Who can you collaborate with to help add more joy and love to the world? Make sure you take the pathways that hold the most love and bring the most joy. Even if it means being more patient or taking things a bit slower, because I mean hey, that kinda is your game.

     Who brings the most joy into your world? Who has you the most inspired. Who keeps your energy high and your life amazing, and who can you help provide that for too? You’ve been digging the reciprocation lately, and the Universe is too.


      Career, baby! Where do you want to head? Things may have been feeling slightly off at work lately. Even if it’s still 90% on, you can tell something is up with how the last 10% doesn’t fit in. You like movement anyways Gemini, so don’t fear mixing things up to make them feel better!

      You don’t even have to jump ship yet, but reconnect with what you want in life. Give yourself permission to do this, you may have been holding off for a while because you have been a little scared to realize, you’re probably going to end up shaking things up again soon. You feel like you are still recovering from the last shake up!

      You got this! You do not have to play it small. But one thing that will help you is playing it smarter, not harder. You’ve been relying on brute force lately to push you through the career world, and truth be told, that’s probably contributing to your fatigue in recovery too. How can you put your intelligence to great work and find a better way to navigate these career waters?

      Check your beliefs too. Do you feel unworthy of holding certain positions, having authority, or providing through your career? If so, why? How can you take this gentle and loving time you have and just love yourself unconditionally? How do you do this? Whenever you notice a negative thought come up, send it love. When you love all of who you are unconditionally, that means you love even the negative thoughts.

      I’m not saying follow through and sink into those negative thoughts, but love them for the role they have had in your spiritual journey. They taught you what you don’t want from life, and knowing you get to create what you want, that’s a pretty amazing thing.  Go within and care for yourself. Even if it’s not the easiest thing in the world. You deserve trying to figure it out anyways.


      Expansion, my friends. That’s what Mercury retrograde wants for you, but not just any type of expansion. It wants you to expand your thoughts and your perspective. How big have you been allowing yourself to think? What happens when you open up a little bit more? There is a world of opportunity out there that starts right outside of your comfort zone.

      And Cancer, it’s not just about expanding yourself mentally either, but how can you explore the world outside of your own backyard a little bit more physically too? A trip or adventure may just be exactly what you needed, so don’t get stuck in your shell if you don’t have to.

      In fact, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you even approach the energy of safety. Are you only safe when you are comfortable and protected by the four walls of your home, or can you find safety elsewhere in the world? What really makes you feel safe?

      This has been your year Cancer, to explore more of who you are and part of that has meant really getting to know yourself on an emotional and intuitive level. What have you discovered? What are you still curious about? What are you ready to really lean into? Lean into it, and trust that what comes next, will be well taken care of. It’s safe for you to enjoy. What’s to come may feel left open, but it will be totally worth the surprises.


     There have been some tough emotions coming up for you lately, Leo, and you’ve been wanting to prove you are even tougher. There is no need though, darling. You aren’t Atlas. It’s not your job to hold the world up. Life won’t crumble if you give yourself some time.

     I know that you like to be a light for people, and you still are. But what if it’s time to connect to your ability to light the way through a hard time? How could being honest about what you are going through help others in the long run? The cycle you are in is just a part of life, and you know that. Can you inspire more joy there once you surrender to the flow?

      The universe holds you in the most unconditionally loving arms. Rest, cry, take care of you. Let go of any of your fears, lean in. Let yourself be cared for and tended to for a while. You have been feeling pretty alone lately and scared of how things will hold up. What if you lose your connection to support?

      The answer is you won’t. There is always energy supporting you there. It may not have a spotlight pointing you right to it, but if you slow down and feel around you will see it. You are tougher than these emotions, but you will really reveal that by your ability to move through them, not in trying to pretend they don’t exist. The best thing you can do right now, is just to feel! 


      Balance, balance, balance! You keep seeing how you want to grow. It’s blaring at you left and right. And like  most things in your life, you want to fix things immediately, but that’s not how things always work, and it’s definitely not how it’s working this time. This is a slow and steady, make small adjustments when you can, and lean in time. This is a time to trust the flow. 

     Part of the best way to improve anything anyways is to focus on balance. If you go to extremes and try to fix things very quickly, conditions may shift, at first. But after a while, the balance will swing to the other side and things don’t stay very good. This has been your go to reaction in the past, but it doesn’t have to be moving forward. 

      How can you make small adjustments, and how can you take some time to tune into how you want to feel in the long run. Do you want to feel relaxed, well rested, AND accomplished in growing, or do you want to feel burned out, struggling to keep up with things?

      This is a pretty obvious answer, and in the long run, you’re going to have to add in some fun and rest into the mix anyways to find a better flow. Why not start from the beginning? Even though it may scare you a bit to focus on bringing in more fun when you have things to fix, you may find that it will actually be quite enjoyable. Plus, coming from a happy and well rested place, the work you can do gets so much better. Oh, la, la!


     Oh, Libra! It is time to reevaluate your routine, not so much on a logical grading scale though. I know, I know, if it sounds good on paper, it must be good in real life, right?

     Well that’s not always true, and that’s exactly what Mercury retrograde wants you to look at. How does your routine, even if it’s perfection on paper, make you feel when you move through it for a while? Is there anything that needs shifting? Is there any sacrifices you’ve been making that you know don’t feel right, but you’ve been writing them off anyways because things are working and you don’t want to mix things up?

      See if you can step outside of your comfort zone and make a few tweaks where things feel off. You don’t have to do anything dramatic, just follow your gut. Observe and feel things out to see how they sit with you on a soul level. You have the ability to restore the balance to anything you shift in the mean time so relax! 

      Things weren’t working because they were the perfect scenario, they were working because that’s the magic you bring to the table. Now knowing you can shake things up a little bit more to make things even better, and find a great balance, what are you motivated to get working and flowing in YOUR favor, Libra?


     Life is a party when you get to enjoy the process of finding yourself, and this truly can be a lifelong journey. But right now, you also have a special pocket of energy to really sit with yourself even more.

      This won’t go without growth for you Scorpio, but that’s not something you shy away from anyways. Even if you are avoiding confronting some of how you feel, in the end, you already know you will move through it.

      Be gentle with yourself during this time, and really utilize your alone time. Tap into your inner child and get creative, but also take a moment to sit with yourself as you are without the influence of anyone else. Even with a thick shell, it can be easy to pick up and internalize other people’s thoughts and feelings. Have you been doing this, and if so, can you do some energetic clean out?

      This is a good time to look at what you are wanting to create in life as well Scorpio. Did you know you have full artistic liberties? Of course, you are co-creating with the universe, but your opinions and desires lead the way. If you were to give yourself permission to create from your heart, what would you want to bring into this world?

      Now, dive into this a little bit deeper. Ask yourself, am I wanting to create this out of fear or out of love? If it’s fear, open the door for healing, if it’s love, open the door for creating! If you do have some healing to move through, no worries. You aren’t alone, and the creation part is still there for you to enjoy, just this time, you just have a better idea of what you want that to be, not just on a surface level, but on a soul deep level too!


     Part of you feeling okay in this world comes from being able to feel safe to dream and create from the imagination. You have the most amazing ideas for the wildest adventures, and it brings your heart the most important joy to be able to get out there and live it all in real time.

     Lately, in the last few years, this has been a bit harder to do. It’s been a bit of a challenge to get the chance to explore, and this has left you a little disheartened.

     What if, though, things were already changing? What if the energy around adventure has already shifted so that instead of it being difficult, it’s actually now pretty well supported?

     Would that be worth bringing back the dreamer in you? Would that spurs some what if’s in your heart? Would you have some adventures in mind you’d like to explore? Is there any adventures in your mind that you are actually ready to revisit and consider more fully?

      Tune into where you’ve shielded your heart by keeping your wanderlust parked in the garage, and maybe take her out for a joyride again. It’s time to let go of the fears you’ve picked up on, because it is truly time for your adventures again. Let that beautiful free spirit roam free!


      It’s all about waiting on the fax to come in, Capricorn. You’ve done exactly what you need to do, you made sure all your ducks where in order and going in the right direction. So what comes next is just allowing the rest of the world to play catch up.

     They will, but it may require your patience. Don’t get discouraged at this though, you’d much rather be in this position then feeling scrambled to play catch up yourself. In the meantime though, why not use this time to your benefit?

     One way you can do that is to sit with your intuition. Despite building something grand in this masculine world, you are a feminine sign Capricorn, and lately your inner guidance has been wanting to speak to you even more. You’ve already been listening. It’s the drive that pushes you forward, but what happens when you just give it a little bit more attention?

     You may be surprised where it takes you and where it asks you to go, but trust that these places are exactly what you need. Where your mental focus goes is exactly where it needs to be. Look at it as gathering some preliminary information. It’s your prep work! Because as soon as that fax comes in and the paperwork is finalized, you’ll be onward and upward. And what you are learning and working with now, will help you with that in the future. Trust the process, because it’s working in your favor!


      This Mercury Retrograde is all about self worth for you, something you’ve been a little bit unsure of lately, Aquarius. It’s not about how you’ve shown up for other people that has you doubting. It’s how you’ve shown up for yourself.

      You’re the waterbearer, so it’s no surprise that you are always giving to other people. But you’ve also been wanting a little bit from yourself too, and that’s a great thing! It’s time to give yourself permission to explore this a little bit more too. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only benefactor of this work either.

     Don’t just take my word for it though, feel into the energy of yourself. Feel into who you are.  Do you feel like someone who is worthy? Do you feel like someone who would take something for themselves and run with it selfishly, or do you feel like someone who, when you benefit, the whole world benefits?

     You don’t give yourself a lot of credit or thought very often, but during this Retrograde, really sit with who you are. You may be surprised with what you find and how good you really feel. Getting that confidence boost maybe exactly what you need right now too. You are a superstar, here to do some amazing things. Let yourself feel it, believe it, and dance in it to your heart’s content!   


      Identity, Pisces. This is not an easy topic for you to dive into. It’s like oil to water for you fishy folk! What do you do though when you feel called to understand more of who you are anyways?

      You just live. You live your life and be who you are, because it’s not in the passive moments of trying to figure out who you are that you figure it out. It’s through experiencing yourself through the experience of life that you really understand.

      At the same time, you know you are a sponge. So couple this dance of life with time alone, where you do take the time to reflect. Did you feel good about how things unfolded? Did things feel off? If they felt good, what do you think helped make things feel that way? If things felt off, why? What can you do to switch things up later?

      Part of the reason you are doing all this reflection on who you are Pisces is because you can feel this wave of something new on the horizon, and whenever we meet something new, something new meets us. Who will you begin this journey as? How do you want to meet this journey?

      Take your time, feel things out, and remember, you are exactly who you believe you are, so who do you believe yourself to be?




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