Conversations with Pluto

Katie: Hello Pluto! I think I’m most excited to talk to you today. What messages do you want to share through our conversation?

Pluto: Today we are going to go deeper.

Venus had a beautiful message of self love. The Moon, self-nourishment. Saturn was all about pride in your passions, and Neptune was about diving into your subconscious to manifest from within.

Today, I want to talk to you about Power.

I am the planet of power, although this is not what people typically think of when they think of me.

I rule the shadows. In the Solar System, I am the farthest from the Sun, receiving the least amount of light of all the planets. I used to be shrouded in so many mysteries. As human beings have sought to understand more about me, going so far as getting pictures of my physical body, more and more comes out of the woodwork.

Did you notice that heart?

Katie: I did, and I thought it was a beautiful symbol for you to offer us. You have been so deeply feared in the Astrology Community, and while you have brought me some of my hardest moments, you have connected me to my greatest gifts, and I moved through it all to find my power, with the help of your energy.

Pluto: Exactly. In Mythology, I am named after the God of the Underworld. The underworld can be a scary place.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When you enter the underworld, you do so to transform. You do so to release. To shed old skin.

This process, divinely orchestrated by your Soul and lovingly but powerfully facilitated by my movements through your chart and the sky, does not always feel so nice.

You see, I can manifest as trauma.






I can manifest as everything burning to the ashes.

Katie: This is how you manifested for me. Some people would refer to it as a dark night of the soul. I was raped, just as you were moving over my seventh house. And after that first event, I found myself in a series of traumatic relationships, if you would call them that, and it took me a lot of time to move through that.

Pluto: Exactly, and the reason why I did that was because your Soul needed to, wanted to, and created with you, these events to wake you up to how you approached your relationships- the energy of the seventh house.

You did not think you were worthy. You did not think your Will had a seat at the table in any interaction with others, and this could no longer stand.

With the plans we had for you, you had to learn that you mattered.

Not only do you matter, you have incredible power. To love yourself, and to influence others, but it would not show up through giving away all of who you were because you didn’t think you were worthy of even owning your own sovereignty.

Katie: In the end, it was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. It was probably a build up on top of all the depression I faced as a child and teenager, but it outweighed the pain more than I could ever have imagined.

Yet, I made it out to the other side.

Pluto: Exactly, you traversed the underworld.

And because of the nature of human beings, you tend to remember pain more starkley than pleasure.

Let’s talk about what all you gained from this experience. What all did you have in your power when you made it to the other side?

Katie: Oh my goodness, I gained the whole world!! I gained love for myself. I gained self-empowerment. No longer did I give myself away or look to other people because I knew I had all I needed within who I was.

Pluto: Keep going.

Katie: I learned how to say no, and enforce it. I learned that I was worthy of saying no and having it honored.

For so many years a child version of me would scream no at the top of my lungs, and it was never respected.

Not like it is now.

I gained self-respect.

Pluto: Exactly. You gained self-respect. And think about what happens when you respect someone.

You honor their voice.

You honor their desires.

You honor their seat at the table.

You honor their boundaries.

And you enjoy being with them.

You gave all of those things to yourself.

And, on an external level, you gained astrology- that was the trade off your soul made. You would go into the underworld and on the other side you would find your purpose, self-respect and the greatest tool you will ever know to live true to your purpose.

And, down the line, after you felt even better in your self love, you gained your partner, Will.

It’s no coincidence that I also rule intimacy. As within, so without. As you journeyed through the underworld, you grew to know yourself on such a profound level.

For so long you felt misunderstood, but now you have someone by your side who just gets you, and isn’t it an amazing thing? To know yourself on that level?

Katie: It is.

So, what is the message, the takeaway, for those reading these words?

Pluto: Their takeaway is this.

Your power lies within.

Whatever situation you are going through, or have went through, where you have felt powerless, where you have experienced loss, where you have gone through great hurt, it is not in vain.

Not one ounce of it is vain.

It is all, every single aspect of it, is all about reconnecting you to your own power.

Reconnecting you to the gifts that lie within.

Where in your life do you cry out for a savior?! Where do you cry out for a rope to be lowered down so you can climb your way out of this situation?!

Where are you begging for change, but you feel powerless to in act it?

Take a moment to look at these situations on a deeper level. Just like Katie had to do when she broke down crying in the midst of it all, ‘why don’t they just accept my no?!’ And ask yourself, where are you giving your power away?

Where are you surrendering your worth?

Where do you feel like you are not worthy of advocating for yourself in this moment?

As both the advocator and the advocatee.

And, start embracing it. Start embracing what you gone through, and be your own advocate.

It all starts from within. No one will do the work for you, but once you start doing the work, you’ll be surprised in who shows up to assist you.

Find the power within, and be proud of yourself. Forgive yourself. Don’t hold these moments against who you are.

Remember, your soul planned this so you would remember.

Remember who you are.

Call on who you are.

And embrace all of your power.

With love and heart, Pluto.


Thank you Pluto, for that heavy but much needed message. You show up with such a force and presence. I know it’s not easy, for anyone, to go through the energy that you facilitate for our own highest good, but I can and do stand in true testament to the fact that, when you make it to the other side, you will be grateful for all the power you remember about who you are.

I know I am grateful.

If you have any questions about Pluto, please let me know, or any of the planets. I cannot wait to start working with them in our Five Day Journey.

You can read up more about that and join us here:

With love, journeys, and your inner power.

I believe in you.



2 thoughts on “Conversations with Pluto

  1. This is absolutely stunning ! And so true. I am just coming out of a pluto transit in opposition to my cancer moon, and your words couldn’t be more true to my experience . Bravo !!


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