Conversations with Venus

♡ Conversations with the Planets ♡

Katie: Hello Venus! I feel your energy in the air- so I am guessing you would like to go first in these conversations with the planets.

What would you like for me to share with those who are willing and ready to listen?

Venus: Ah, yes! You are feeling me, and you are feeling me through the Nature’s air. Not typically what you’d expect from the planet of love and beauty like me. Diamonds, pearls, and jewels, sure, but the imperfections of Nature and the cold ground on your bare feet? That’s me too, you know.

Katie: But what about balance? Don’t you encourage the energy of symmetry or perfection? This is not where I expected you to show up!

Venus: Ah, that’s where you humans have gotten it mistaken. Yes symmetry is nice, in fact, human beings are programmed to search for it and be pleased by it, but have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘too much of a good thing’?

My transit through Sagittarius is a reminder of this true and best serving balance – and what better example of this balance do we have then the balance of Nature?

Nothing is truly perfect in Nature, but like a divinely orchestrated butterfly effect – it all works together in harmony. And that harmony is what invokes my spirit in this beautiful, cold, winter air you are feeling all around you.

Katie: But what about climate change and environmental issues? Isn’t Nature under a huge balance threat right now?

Venus: That will balance itself out too my beautiful one. Have you not noticed the abundance of advocates showing up all across the globe in honor of the Great Mother Earth and all who inhabit her?

They are apart of Nature too.

And what about Mother Earth rising up?

That is also apart of the balance of Nature.

You are seriously overestimating your responsibilities and you are seriously underestimating what Nature is truly capable of.

You may call them Natural disasters, but we look at is as a reminder of who really is in charge.

And now I know what you are thinking, and it doesn’t mean that we don’t need people to show up for this beautiful planet, or that we can afford to be careless in how we treat her.

We do need people to rise up and we do need people to take their impact seriously.

But it’s also about showing up for yourself, and that is the journey I most want to take people on. Through showing up for yourself, you wield all your power to make those changes you so desperately seek, in nature, in love, and in any relationship you find yourself dancing with.

I am the planet of love, yes, and yes I will show you your energy of relationships, the relationships you are in, how they play out, and what they are meant to teach you, but there is no greater relationship then the one you have with yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself is the seed in which all else sprouts.

Your job, Katie, and the job of all those who join you on this journey, is to rekindle and celebrate, enhance and nurture, that relationship you have with yourself, because it is from this relationship all else springs.

What better place exists for you to shift and change, grow, and bring in more love and harmony into this world than through yourself?

What better place for you to usher in the beauty of my own energy than through the relationship you have with yourself, and the love you hold for who you are?
I want to remind you of the beautiful dichotomy of the individual versus the collective.

There is no versus. You are completely and wholly both.

When you turn inward, the all turns inward.

And isn’t that what we all want?

Others to turn inward?

And, I am the divine mirror. When we want from the others, we truly want from ourselves.

By turning inward, are we not giving ourselves the very divinity we are searching for when we ask from others?

There is no need to search for it outside of who you are. It all rests inside of you, and from inside of you, it will all bloom out, but you are the bridge for it to do so. You turning inward and loving who you are is how you bring more love into this world.

When the self grows, when the self loves, so does the world.

And isn’t that divine?

I do not want to show you your relationship with others, not before I show you your relationship with yourself.

And from my perspective, they are one in the same.

And that is exactly what we will do, through looking at the relationship with the self, we look at all relationships.

Through rekindling the relationship with who you are, you rekindle the relationship of the all.

Katie: Thank you Venus.

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