Having Trouble With Negative Self Talk?


Having trouble with negative self talk?

Let’s take a moment to see yourself the way your higher self sees you.

Your higher self sees you in divine perfection. She holds a beautiful glowing love for you, one that lifts you up and knows you can do no wrong. It is unconditional bliss, acceptance, cherishing kindness, and love for who you are.

When you are able to step into a higher level of consciousness, it is much easier to tap into this.

Take a moment to ask yourself how you feel about you right now.

Got your answer?

Now, take a few deep breaths. Breathe all the way down to the root chakra and fill your lungs up with as much air as you can. Take your time and let your chest expand in and out for a couple cycles of breath.

How do you feel about yourself now?

When you slow down and take deeper breaths, you are opening yourself up to a deeper level of spirit. It makes it easier to see yourself in an unconditional loving way because it is easier for source to move through you.

Now, take a moment to take this energy, and ground it down. Starting from your heart chakra, move it down your stomach, through your root chakra, through your legs, and into the earth. Take it as far as you need to, and the anchor it into the ground.

Now, move your attention back up, from your root chakra, your sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra, and then up into your throat, your third eye, and then your crown.

From your crown, keep moving your energy up, until you feel like you are seeing your body from this higher perspective. Like your body is below you, as you rise up and above.

From this angle, you can better see what your higher self sees.

What do you notice about yourself from here? How do you feel about yourself from this angle?

From this higher perspective, your higher self does not wish to criticize you or reject you for any flaws you may think you have.

Instead, your higher self sees you as that blissful, worthy of unconditional love self you are.

She recognizes that the power is not in the mind and the thought it has for you, but rather, the mind is just simply a tool.

You see, the reason you came here to earth is to grow and expand. The mind is often great at noticing where that growth and expansion is meant to take you next, but when we only sit in this awareness of where we need to grow without also being able to see ourselves from this higher perspective, outside of the mind and in the energy of source, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the negative self talk.

It is important to remember the love, forgiveness, and worthiness that we always have available for ourselves.

We think we aren’t perfect, that we are wrong and flawed because our attention rests solely in where we are ready to grow.

But in our ability to move beyond the mind, we recognize we are so much more.

You are not meant to be done growing today. A tree that no longer grows is a tree that is dead. You are meant to be alive.

There is no need to be perfect, because you already are perfect. You don’t have to do anything to be worthy, because you are already worthy.

You are exactly as your higher self sees you.

Spend as much time as you can today viewing yourself from this higher perspective. When room for growth enters your awareness, acknowledge it and embrace it. Grow, but with this gentle loving approach combined.

You are perfect, and it’s important that you know you are so.


Need or want some help taking a higher perspective look at all that you are? Feeling like it’s time to dive into your fullest potential and love even more?

In my Natal Chart reading, we approach the road map to who you are from this higher perspective. Complete and total unconditional love as I walk you through a deeper understanding and intimacy of yourself.

From this angle, you get to see and feel your most aligned self, and the steps you will journey on your path through it all, with love and with complete celebration of you. We dive into what the growing and loving path looks like for you, and it’s completely magical.

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